This was for the challenge 30 words or less!

.Reality Check

"Mom could you please settle down? The dark lord didn't say anything about kissing you!"

"What did he say? Huh?"

"He wanted to meet with US at seven, get a reality check!"

.Absolutely Alone

"I'm Absolutely alone." I looked at Mum.

"Mum you do have a husband!" She looked at me happily, "IT IS NOT THE DARK LORD!"

Prince Charming

"Who the hell is he?" I looked at Mum.

"Prince Charming!" Looking at the photo of my boyfriend.

"He's Ugly!"


"Marcus I love you." I smiled at him before he did anything.

"Hey! Go to bed your making too much noise!"


.Good Question

"Mum where is dad, he's been missing for a week!" I asked worried

"Good question!"

"You are his wife! Shouldn't you know?"

Can you Hear Me?

"Can you hear me?" I yelled through my Mums door. She was acting like a baby! All I said was that the Dark lord didn't love her, then so went all emo.

I'm Telling

"I'm telling you dad, Mum needs a doctor!"


"She is insane; she bought an ant farm, then brunt it down!"

.Out of Control

"You are out of control!"

"Why my dearest daughter?"

"You pushed daddy out the window!"

I Love You

"I love you!"

"Mum are you feeling okay?"