"Do you have the willingness to kill your mum?" Draco asked out of curiosity.



"Is your Mum drunk?" I looked over to Marcus.

"Nah, she just got hit in the head too many times!"


"Mum this is a disaster!"

"What is?"

"You get Marcus's birthday cake! That was our cake!"

"I saved you from getting fat!"

Turned Off

"You turn me on more" I said to Marcus.

"No you turn me on more!"

"I just got turned off!"


.Past, Present, Future

"Mum if you are "Married" to the dark lord explain!"

"Our past was..Our present is love, our future is get rid of you and dad and have kids!"

"Love you too!"


"Aunty why is my mum so…"


"Yeah that's the word!"

Men(I had a hard time with this one)

"Men are so-"

"so sexy!"

"Mum, you better be talking about t dad!"

Behind My Back

"How dare you flip me off behind my back! I am you're mother and I raised you better!"

"I'm being raised?"

Study Sessions

"Study session my ass, more like sex session with Marcus! Im not stupid!"

"Yes you are because Marcus is in France right now!"

Cut It Out


I looked at mum, "Cut what out?"

"Being my daughter! Uhh your always in my way!"


"I had a weird dream!"

"What?" Mum asked

"I dreamt I had a mum!"


"My childhood memories suck!"

"I'm sorry that you're a loser!" Mum said to me. What a bitch!