Martha sat in her room in the TARDIS silently reviewing her feelings. She felt crushed, almost as if the Doctor had ripped out her heart.

It had all started with the 22 year old princess of Langerak. Scarlett Talisman. An adventurer that proved many myths to be reality so of course the Doctor idolised her, and on top of being a princess she could manipulate the air around her so she could fly. FLY! Ugh.

She had only left for a drink, but when she returned she found the Doctor pinning Scarlett to the wall, viciously kissing her. Then he invited Scarlett to join them on the TARDIS.

Martha leaned forwards resting her hands on her head and her elbows on her knees. And simply sighed. The TARDIS hummed quietly sounding almost concerned about her. Martha smiled sadly and patted the wall behind her.

Martha stood up slowly and walked out of her room, heading towards the console room where loud laughter radiated from.

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