Hi everyone, here is my newest story for Gilligan's isle.

I'm tagging the rescue movie as I take a small break from the chronicles being only ten remain.

This one is different as Gilligan and Mary Ann become a couple. But it'll remain true to GI. Anyway this is what happens after the seven return and how they lived in the main land.

I was going to wait and put it in diary chronicles but there is no diary scenes here. Just a friend MA/G fictional story. I made Gilligan a little more mature here but still keeping his goofy character enjoy.

Skipper had caught Gilligan this time as there wasn't much escape in the water besides going far out to sea.

Skipper smacked him a few times with his hat before storming out and glaring at him from shore with the others.

Gilligan moved in a little till he could sit on his knees and stared at his friends. He noted all their expressions of anger as once again a simple cruise was turned into catastrophe.

"Look…I'm sorry…I'll go live in a cave I guess" he stuttered as he looked at Mary Ann last. Gilligan's only hope rested on her he decided.

Everyone didn't object for once. They were too angry. She watched in horror as he waited a minute for arguments.

When none came he stood and walked out of the water and past everyone before heading off into the jungle.

"Come on everyone lets go make camp at our old site before he returns" Skipper said once he was out of sight.

"Returns? Didn't you hear he was leaving us for good Skipper?" Mary Ann asked stunned.

Skipper rolled his eyes. "You're too soft on him Mary Ann, besides I know Gilligan, he'll return" he objected.

"Yeah, once his bottomless pit of a stomach rumbles and we're serving dinner" Ginger agreed.

The other three didn't speak in favor of or against the argument as the Professor and the Howells were too exhausted but Mary Ann knew if they did they'd be on Skipper's side.

'Well, I guess it's up to me to find him then' she decided. She had to find him before he did something reckless.

Mary Ann waited though till everyone had stood up and took calming breaths as they tried to get up enough strength to do what was needed before they could sleep.

She followed behind them making sure to walk slowly. Everyone was too busy either muttering about Gilligan or trying not to faint from exhaustion to notice.

Gilligan also watched the group as he hadn't traveled far. Like in the fifteen years of living on the island he climbed a tree to eavesdrop, hoping their love for him would weigh out their anger.

But as each passed below them he heard no shouts for him. No, they were too angry to care right now. Gilligan would just have to be on his toes for a while he saw.

He frowned and was about to give up when Mary Ann walked up. He looked to where the tree's and bushes were moving and saw she had purposefully held back.

'So she does still like me' he thought with a smile. He had hoped Mary Ann would at least worry and his wish seemed to have been granted.

'And I don't even have that rock' he thought still the only one who knew about it.

Mary Ann had stopped and was looking around the jungle. When the bushes had stopped rustling and she was all alone she began calling out a name.

"Gilligan? Oh this is silly, he's probably far away" she scolded herself and then heard a chuckle. Gilligan couldn't help it and the laugh escaped his lips.

"Then you don't know me very well" a voice answered and a second later the first mate jumped down with a grin.

Mary Ann jumped back in surprise then hit his shoulder. "Very funny Gilligan, trying to scare me?" she asked and he shook his head, the grin leaving.

"Actually I was hoping to get you alone" he said and her anger was taken over by confusion.

"Come on, before they notice you're gone too" he added and led her back to the lagoon by taking her hand.

'This is it Willy Gilligan, you can tell her how you feel' he thought but wasn't comforted.

'Yeah, but then I can risk ruining my friendship with her' he argued with the voice but knew the voice was right.

Mary Ann smiled as Gilligan gripped her hand and pulled her along. 'Come on Mary Ann, now you can tell him how you feel' she thought and knew it was now or never.

When they got back to lagoon Gilligan dropped her hand but he then couldn't speak. He had no idea what to say though he knew what he wanted to say.

"What's wrong Gilligan? Do you not want to talk anymore?" Mary Ann asked after a minute of silence as they stood there awkwardly avoiding looking at each other.

"No…nothing's wrong…I guess…I…" he stuttered. Mary Ann looked at him finally and picked up his arm. She snuggled his warm, thin body hugging his side putting her cheek on his chest.

"Come on Gilligan, you can tell me" she urged. Gilligan looked down at her small, pretty frame and knew she was right. He tightened his arm around her shoulders and took a deep breath.

He sighed. "That's just it…how come you're not mad like them?" he asked pointing to where their friends went. "You're stuck here again too."

Mary Ann leaned away but Gilligan's arm stayed on her shoulder.

"I guess…" she said and stopped too feeling shy. She bit her tongue.

"What? You can tell me?" he asked urging her as she did him.

She sighed and decided to tell him. "Because…I kind of don't mind being here again" she said and Gilligan chuckled which turned into a laugh.

"It's true" she said putting her hands on her hips which ended the laugh.

Gilligan had let her go to double over in laughter but he quickly stopped when he saw she was only getting mad.

Mary Ann turned and started to storm off but he grabbed her arm.

"No wait, I'm sorry, I just don't get how you can love it here, you wanted off as much as us" he said.

She sighed and looked back at him. "Not anymore…not to the life I went back to anyway" she answered and Gilligan nodded.

"You mean cause of that man? But Skipper and I stopped the wedding" he asked and she nodded and shook her head.

"Yes and no Gilligan, after that I had to face the guilt from my family…when I was on the boat with you all again was my first feeling of happiness since I came home" she admitted.

"Wow and I thought I had been the only unhappy one" he muttered.

"Really? Didn't you see your family?" she asked and he nodded.

"Yeah, found my parents home and mom fainted then Mark tried to kill me when I took her to the couch" he said then shrugged.

"I mean after I got it settled out it was great, all my family was hugging me and stuff but then…." he went on and stopped. "After everything was settled I met my nieces and nephews and felt like a stranger looking at photos and videos of them" he finished with a dejected look, one she could sympathize with.

Mary Ann nodded. "Yeah, I guess we were gone too long, but I guess I don't really care anymore because I'm really glad to be with you again on our island" she said.

"Really?" he asked surprised and she laughed.

"Don't sound so shocked, you're a wonderful friend Gilligan, I know I felt lucky being with you" she said.

Gilligan scoffed. "Yeah, because I'm way better than those three" he said and she nodded.

"Ten times" she said and he raised a brow at her. "Has Mrs. Howell been trying to set us up again?" he asked and she laughed.

"No, but I wish she would, face it Gilligan you're my favorite man here" she answered but the mate still didn't believe her.

She sighed and went on. "Professor has his mind, Skipper's got his boat and Mr. Howell has his money and a wife, and on top their all too old for me" she said and he chuckled.

"But…I" Gilligan started and Mary Ann nodded

"But you have always been there for me whether to deliver mail in a bottle or just to make me feel as important as our movie star and rich wife" she said.

"Well I…of course Mary Ann, because you are special. For one you're the only one who ever wants to butterfly hunt with me and you're always the first to side with me. I….love you so much" he said then froze.

"You love me?" Mary Ann repeated, stunned to say the least.

Gilligan winced but then sighed. He let it out, now to tell her the whole truth. Gilligan took her hand and found some rocks and told her to sit.

They both sat, leaning against the rocks.

"Okay Mary Ann, this isn't easy because I'm not romantic and stuff, I'm just a goof-up first mate who feels lucky for meeting the prettiest girl in the world" he said and Mary Ann gasped.


"What? Not pretty, because you are and you don't even have to try at it, you make everyone feel special including me and you're so smart but you never have to brag like the professor" he said.

"Oh Gilligan, only because you make me feel special, you're the first man I met who's seen me at my worst and says nothing of it. You know my own goofs and still think I'm special" she said and he nodded.

"Because you are. I'll say it a million times if it'll make you happy but you don't need to ever change or pretend or anything because I think you're amazing and remember when I said I'd be your boyfriend I still will to make you smile because I love your smile and…" he said and would have kept going but Mary Ann was suddenly kissing his lips.

She jumped up to her knees and wrapped her arms around his neck to kiss his lips.

It wasn't a long kiss but it was a start. A start to hopefully a good relationship that started from being two best friends.

She took his hand after the kiss. "Come on…lets go help out our friends" she suggested and he nodded. He stood up and helped her up.

"That mean we're a couple cause I still don't like that mushy stuff you girls do" he whined.

"We're a couple of friends Gilligan who may end up marrying each other someday when we never get rescued and have a beautiful child who will be another castaway" she answered.

Gilligan could live with that as he squeezed back. "Sure Mary Ann, thanks again for coming back, I'd have missed you" he said.

"Me too Gilligan, me too" she agreed and she moved to put her arm around his waist and they walked back to camp like that. Holding on to each other once again and probably forever and always.

Okay probably not entirely realistic but I was watching the rescue movie and I wanted to put a scene in and I so want these two to hook up.

Hope you liked it.