Hi fellow castaways! Is the beautiful island treating you all well today? I decided since I have no ideas for my NCIS stories I may as well finish GI tales.

I hate to disappoint but the fics I do only have to do with the show episodes or the first movie. Still can't find anything else and I learn better by seeing not reading. Need both to get a good image.

Ginger smiled at the scientist. "All right, but it's not a very long story" she answered.

"Oh tell us Ginger…wasn't it glamorous being on stage again?" Mary Ann squealed.

Ginger huffed. "Depends on what you call glamorous Mary Ann" she answered her roommate.

The petite brunette gave her a puzzled look. "But I thought…." she said and suddenly her ideas of Broadway felt like a sham.

Ginger sighed. "I know what you're thinking Mary Ann and believe me…it was the way you imagined…now I'm not sure what Hollywood is" she answered.

"Sounds like you had your eyes opened as well my dear" Mrs. Howell said and took her hand.

Ginger smiled at the old woman. "I suppose your right Mrs. Howell…I forgot just how many vermin lived out there…" she said with a sadness in her voice.

"Well, least we have each other" Gilligan piped up and Ginger smirked.

"Your right Gilligan…I hate to admit that but….your right…I mean if those people only want to see my naked body then forget them" she agreed.

"Oh wow…I always thought it was about the acts and the music…" Mary Ann whispered.

"Exactly Mary Ann…it was…guess I'm a nobody now" she replied.

Mary Ann shook her head. She knelt in front of her roommate and lifted her chin. "You'll never be a nobody to us Ginger…we love your performances and hope you'll continue them now that were back on our island" she said.

Ginger felt a tear turn down her cheek and then fell onto her roommate hugging her tightly.

"Oh I will Mary Ann…thanks for being the best friend I ever truly had…I wouldn't trade you for any woman in the world as my roommate" she said.

She sat back and brushed her face. "I said it on the boat and I'll say it again…I think you people are wonderful…the very best friends I ever had"

"I couldn't agree more Ginger…like Gilligan said, least we have each other and we'll survive here again…we know what to expect now" Skipper agreed.

"Well I guess that's that then…should we go to sleep now?" Professor asked.

"Aren't you going to talk about those cool toys you made Professor?" Gilligan asked and the scientist groaned.

"Thanks Gilligan…" he muttered. "Your welcome Professor…I wish I had that skateboard it was fun"

"Little buddy there isn't any sidewalks you can ride it on" Skipper told him.

"Oh yeah…well it was still pretty neat" he replied.

Professor rolled his eyes and excused himself. He went off to his hut and returned five minutes later with the board, frisbee and other stuff he 'invented.'

"After you two visited I put all my stuff in this bag…you can have everything Gilligan…" he said as he put the bag in the first mates lap.

"Oh neat…Skipper look all the neat toys" he said and Skipper chuckled. "I see your still a child at heart Gilligan"

Gilligan only shrugged. "I just think Professor's stuff is neat and I can't wait to play with it all"

Professor sighed and the six turned to see he was looking glum. "It's not your fault Professor…least your stuff is new to us" Mary Ann said.

Professor chuckled. "Yeah…I suppose that's true Mary Ann…I guess my story doesn't need much explanation…" he said and beckoned to his bag.

"Besides inventing items that already existed, I too realized just how much the world changed while we lived here on the island" he added.

"Sounds like we all had another crazy adventure then…but least you all saw your worlds again…mine got destroyed again" Skipper said.

"Sorry big buddy" Gilligan murmured. "Forget it little buddy…what's done is done…now I say we go to bed and just pretend we never left this island" he said.

Everyone nodded in agreement. But it wouldn't be easy to forget. Not for the seven castaways still wishing they could live in their world again.