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Chapter 1

I woke up this morning feeling the same as always. Fine, just fine. I started me daily reuteen. Wake up, go to school (in this case, its the weekend), go to the Cullen's, Edward takes me home, I make dinner for Charlie, go to bed, and fall asleep in Edward's arms as soon as Charlie is asleep.

Oh! By the way, everyone thinks my name is Bella Marie Swan. Everyone including my boyfriend, Edward, and his family. Carlisle, Esme, Alice, Jasper, Emmett, and Rosalie, that is.

By the way, before I move on with this story, the Cullen's are vampires. Rosalie was always so jealous of how I'm supposed to be human.

But of course, I'm not.

My real name is Astrid Gallifry Tyler. I am half Time Lady, which is an alien species. My dad is a Time Lord, so that's why. Well, my mum is one also, but she didn't become one until after I was born, so I'm only half. My mum's name is Rose Marion Tyler, and my dad's is the Doctor. It's not his real name, just a title. No one knows his real name except him.

I only age until I'm eight-teen so here I am eight-teen forever. It's hard to be shy girl, Bella. To me. Mum always said that I get too much from my dad. I'm to smart and can blabber on and on just like dad.

I have mum's straight hair, but dad's brown color. I have brown eyes like both. I have a huge smile like dad, but I do it the way mum does, with my tongue in between my teeth.

You may ask, 'were are Rose and the Doctor?'

When I found Edward in 2005, I told my parents I wanted to stay, even though I love the TARDIS. Mum understood and had to convince dad a lot though. So when I left, mum gave me her mobile and told me to phone her when I wanted to go back.

I got up and walked over to the bathroom. I shed off my clothes and jumped into the shower. The Cullen's seemed like they were getting suspicious of my Englishness. I mean, of course I've had a few slip ups. It's like an American pretending to have an English accent.


I was at a surprise visit to the Cullen's and I needed to call Charlie.

"Does anyone have a mobile I can borrow? I need to phone Charlie." I asked but then realized what I had said when everyone gave me a funny look.

"What I meant to say was, does anyone have a phone I can borrow? I need to call Charlie." I said again

I called him and he said he was fine with it. He also said he needed to go because there was a disaster. I wonder if it's on the news?

"Hey Alice, can you turn on your telly?" I asked

"What?" she asked confused

"I mean… Hey Alice, can you turn on your TV?" I asked again

*End of Flashback*

I got out of the shower, wrapped a towel around me, and sauntered over to my room to find something to wear. I picked out some jeans, a blue sweater, and my mum's old trainers. I nearly ran downstairs and grabbed a granola bar as I hurried out the door into my old red pick up.

I followed the all too familiar path to the Cullen's hidden mansion. It was big and white with the whole back made of glass for some reason I don't know.

If you are wondering why the Cullens can't hear my double heartbeat, it's because you can't hear them beat, you can only feel them with the exception of a stethoscope.

I got out of my ancient truck and walked up to the front door. Alice had opened up the door and pulled me into a hug before I could knock. Typical stuff with the Cullens. She put me down and started talking so fast I couldn't understand her.

"Alice, calm down!" I heard Esme yell

Alice calmed down. I felt arms around my waist.

"I missed you." I heard Edward say

Next thing I knew, Emmett swept me up into one of his bear hugs and lifted me off my feet onto his shoulders.

"I missed you lil' sis." He said

"Oi! Put me down!" I yelled

Emmett pulled me back a bit so we were face to face.

"Huh?" he said

He put me down. Another slip up.

Carlisle finally spoke up.

"Bella, its time we had a talk." he said

I sat down

"Whats wrong with you? Youve been talking like your from England for weeks." he said

"Practical joke?" i said. it sounded more like a question

He shook his head.

i sighed.

"I guess I would have had to tell you guys sooner or later."i said

"Tell us what?" Jasper asked

"Rosalie?" i called

She looked up from her nails, surprised at why I called her name.

" What?" she asked

"You hate me becasue I'm human, right?" i asked

"Correct." she said. Edward growled at her.

"You should really save that hate for someone else."

"Why should I?" she hissed

"Because, Rosalie, I'm not human!" i yelled

"What." They all said

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