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Chapter 4


"NO!" Astrid screamed at Edward.

Edward got off Jack, and Astrid saw that he had killed him. She knew all about Jack being immortal, but she was still disgusted at Edward for actually killing a man, even though that man is immortal.

"Bella, can't you see? You're my girlfriend! This man came out of your parent's time machine and tried to kiss you!

"You know what, Edward? Just shut up. This man is my boyfriend!" She screamed at him. It was like one of those things in movies when it gets all quiet and the word boyfriend just echoed of the trees and the birds fly away.

"Your, b-b-b-boyfriend?" He spluttered.

"Yes! He is my boyfriend. Now get back or he will grab onto you with his life when he wakes up," Astrid told him.

"What?" Everyone was confused with her saying he would wake up.

"Bella, you should know this. When someone dies, someone dies. They don't wake up," Carlisle insisted.

At that moment, Jack gasped for air as he woke up. All the Cullens jumped.

"What? That isn't physically possible!" Carlisle said in hysterics.

"It is if you're a time traveler," Rose said to them all.

"You're the guy that killed me!" Jack said to Edward as he got up.

"Yes, I did kill you! Only because you kissed my girlfriend!"
"Your girlfriend? She's been my girlfriend for the past two years!"

"Yeah and excuse me but, I love this man! I have never, ever loved you Edward! I only stayed here because I wanted a change in scenery for awhile! I. Love. Jack. Harkness. Not you!" Astrid yelled at a panic struck Edward.

"Come on, Astrid, you know I don't like fighting. Let's just go. Or I could wipe Edward's mind of you… I you want," The Doctor said to his daughter.

"Ooh! Dad, could you wipe his mind for me?"

"Woah, woah, woah! I'm not having my mind wiped! No way!"

"Yes way! Wouldn't you just like to forget everything that has happened? All the hurt you've just been through?"


"Edward, don't do it! This is Bella, your love! Do you want to forget her, my best friend!" She insisted.

"Edward, son, do whatever you think is right for you. If you think that forgetting her is the best, then you should do it. We're all fine with whatever you choose," Carlisle said gently.

"Thank you Carlisle."

They all anticipated for his answer. It was silent for a few minutes while Edward thought.

"I want to have my mind erased," He finally said. Astrid was surprised by his answer. She thought that he was going to be difficult as he always was.

"Ok, then. Come here," the Doctor said. Edward walked over to the Doctor. Edward waved to Astrid as to say goodbye. The Doctor placed his fingers on Edward's temples. It was quiet for a bit and then Edward collapsed.

The Cullens started to freakout, but then calmed when the Doctor said it was normal. They all said goodbye.

Astrid, Jack, the Doctor, and Rose all got into the TARDIS and left.

I know that was the worst ending ever, but I really can't think of anything else! Anyone can adopted it, but until then, the story will be ended. BYEEEEEE!