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Danny's POV

On my way to school I was growing extremely irritated. There were cameras surrounding me everywhere and people asking me "what ghost was going to strike next", "where did you get your ghost powers", and "what color underwear do you have on?" (Okay the last one was an exaggeration, but they were in my space!) I held my girlfriend, Sam's, hand tight because I was ready to just fly out of here. I was sick of this paparazzi attack. They were worse than the friggin' ghosts!

I'm just a kid who happens to have ghost powers! That just happens to save your butt everyday! But that doesn't mean you follow me like a sick puppy! I thought.

"So Mr. Fenton, what do you think of this ghost, Skulker, who attacked yesterday?" One man asked as he put his microphone up to me.

I gritted my teeth in irritation, but did my best to hide my reaction, "Skulker has attacked on multiple occasions, he's a hunter ghost, I happen to be one of his prey, I've gotten used to his attacks by now."

"Ah I see, and when did you first encounter this evil ghost?" He stared at me intently.

"Umm, over a year and a half ago? It was around the time when I first became Danny Phantom." I responded making an attempt to keep my cool.

Another reporter jumped in, this one was an obviously obnoxious woman with flaming red hair and cheeks as high as Mount Everest. (Was Botox an everyday activity for this lady?) She smacked on some gum as she asked, "So why didn't you just destroy this ghost back then? Why don't you trap them in that little thermos thingy and leave them in there? Are you trying to constantly get attacked so that you'll have attention? What are you really up to Phantom?"

Oh… she was one of those reporters.

I swear I could hear Sam growling beside me, "Excuse me? I'll have you know that Danny has tried his best to save everyone in this town by putting himself at risk every day! Why don't you get your life together and stop messing with someone who has saved your ass constantly and-"

I shoved a hand over her mouth with a smile, "Thanks, I've got to get to school now." I muttered and sped up pulling Sam along with me.

"Have a good day Mr. Fenton." The nicer male reporter chimed with a smile.

How can I have a good day? That lady totally just ruined it!

"Ugh! I hate those reporters! They treat you like you're some piece of meat! Well I'll have them know that when a ghost attacks that women's house that we can just let it!" Sam ranted as we entered the school.

I paused and she caught up and stood beside me, "I'm sorry Sam, we should've taken an alternative route. They're all starting to get on my nerves."

Sam raised an eyebrow, "They are annoying, but didn't you expect this when you exposed your secret? You were a celebrity before, and now that you're basically a 'superhero' you're going to get even more attention. And hopefully more positive attention unlike that stupid witch of a…"

"I get it Sam. I guess I should've expected this." I sighed.

"I think it's better this way though, Danny, you're finally getting the credit you deserve. Plus your parents won't hunt you anymore, Vlad's somewhere in space, Dash doesn't beat you up anymore, and Tucker's doing great as the mayor. I'm defiantly grateful for that asteroid." Sam said.

"You're right… but just saying, Dash doesn't mess with me anymore because he knows I can kick his ass." I added.

Sam snorted, "Yeah okay tough guy. C'mon, we have to get to class."

I sat in the classroom, barely awake…ugh. I could feel my eyes drooping lazily until I suddenly gasped as icy breath released from my mouth. "Oh great…" I murmured.

"What was that Mr. Fenton?" Mr. Lancer asked.

I jolted and began to stutter, "Um…well…"

His demeanor became panicky, "Is it a ghost?"

I nodded, "Yes sir."

"Well don't just sit there! Go get rid of it!" He demanded.

I gave a two finger salute and pounced into action, "Uh, yes sir!" I bounced up and thrusted my arms into the air. Two glowing blue rings appeared around my body and I transformed into my alter-ego, Danny Phantom. I zoomed out of the classroom, turning intangible as I sped through the roof.

Well…at least I don't have to run into the boy's bathroom anymore…

I looked around then turned my gaze towards the top of the school, and saw a ghost floating around above it. I rolled my eyes and sighed heavily, The Box Ghost…

"Box Ghost… really? What're you doing here?" I moaned.

"Beware! I am The Box Ghost! And you will now face your doom!" He cried.

I cocked a brow at the annoy specter, "How'd you get out here? Aren't you supposed to still be punished by Pandora?"

"Yes! But I escaped to bring more terror!" The Box Ghost screeched.

"Look I'm trying to learn, even though I'm not paying any attention, so let's just get this over with." I said pulling out the Fenton Thermos.

"No! I, The Box Ghost, will not be forced into your round cylinder of doom!" He protested.

I lulled my head with a groan before uncapping the lid and The Box Ghost was sucked inside. "He never gives up…welp back to Pandora you go." I said with a smile, "Um…after school." I added.

I soared back into Casper High and appeared back in front of Mr. Lancer's classroom. I sighed from exhaustion before placing a hand on the doorknob. I was going to pass out so hard.

"Who was it?" Sam whispered.

"The stupid Box Ghost." I murmured through gritted teeth.

"Well, I believe you took care of it Mr. Fenton?" Mr. Lancer asked.

I waved my hand to brush off his question, "Yup, just The Box Ghost, not much of anything." I replied.

Mr. Lancer nodded and spun back around before continuing to write the English assignment on the board. Was he the only English teacher in this high school? How'd I end up with him as my teacher for a third time?

Geez this sucked! I can't pay attention, I'm so tired. I guess Skulker wore me out yesterday more than I realized. Maybe Lancer won't notice if I…

"Mr. Fenton, wake up!" Lancer demanded.

My eyes shot open and I sat up quickly while sputtering out words, "Ah y-yes sir!?"

"I know you have a much harder life than the rest of us Danny, but you will at least need to try to pay attention." He scolded.

I nodded in understanding and tried to focus on the board, but I just couldn't. I had too much racing through my mind, those dumb reporters, not seeing Tucker much anymore, all the ghosts, which one would attack next, trying to get my grades higher again, and so much more. I was only sixteen; it was still hard to balance all of this. I felt my eyes drift again.


"Ah! What!? I'm here!" I yelped.

The entire class burst into laughter, except Sam who stared at me with concern. I glanced down at the floor in embarrassment (being Phantom still didn't prevent me from being a dweeb apparently) and then turned my head back towards Mr. Lancer.

"Sorry…" I whimpered.

"Mr. Fenton, if you need to, I will allow you to go to the nurse's office and rest. I did hear about that fight you had last night. Therefore, I'll have to give you detention for sleeping in class, but during that time I'll go over this with you then." Lancer told me.

My eyes widened in awe as I nodded in appreciation and stood, "Thank you Mr. Lancer."

I left the classroom and started down the hallway to the nurse's office. I reached the door and slowly opened it. I stood in the doorway and the nurse spun towards me in her chair.

"Oh, Danny Fenton, did you have a ghost fight? Are you injured?" She asked.

I shook my head, "No ma'am I'm not hurt… but I did have a ghost fight. I'm just kind of tired so Lancer told me to come here and rest. He told me he'd go over everything with me after class." I informed her.

She nodded, "Well there's a bed right over there." She replied as she pointed to another area of the room.

I smiled and thanked her; I then walked over to the bed and sat down on it. I stared at the floor and sighed. What was I going to do…?

I rotated myself onto the bed and laid down there. Lancer never would've let me do this before. Maybe Sam's right this is all for the best. I mean the only downside is the reporters right? And the fan club... but I technically had that when my secret was still safe. The reaction was positive at first, but now it's gotten a lot harder. Some people are literally afraid of me now. They don't want to "piss off the ghost kid that could kill you." But that is completely ridiculous because I couldn't imagine hurting people.

More and more thoughts continued through my head until I finally drifted off.