Me: Hai! *waves arms*

Choco-Neko-Chan: New story I see?

Me: *nods* This is after Phantom Planet.

Choco-Neko-Chan: Urm...that would explain the title...

Me: What? Aftermath? Yeah, Danny didn't prefer the star life as just Danny Phantom, so being a star as himself and Phantom without anyway to hide it made me think about what Danny would do. Knowing him, he'd get annoyed after a while. But no Danny, you can't fix it this time xD. Plus I like the fact the whole world knows. It'd make some things better for Danny.

Choco-Neko-Chan: You done with your speech now?

Me: Urm... *nods*

Choco-Neko-Chan: Good, all credit goes to Butch Hartman!

Me: Yup! Roll the chapter!

Danny's POV

I was on my way to school and I was extremely irritated. There were camera's everywhere and people asking me what ghost was going to strike next. I held my girlfriend, Sam's, hand tight because I was read to just fly off. I was sick of these camera people.

I'm just a kid who happens to have ghost powers! That just happens to save your butt everyday! But that doesn't mean you follow me everywhere! I thought.

"So Mr. Fenton, what do you think of this ghost, Skulker, who attacked yesterday?" One man asked as he put his microphone up to me.

I gritted my teeth, "Skulker has attacked on multiple occasions, he's a hunter ghost, I happen to be one of his pray, I've gotten used to his attacks by now."

"Ah I see, and you've won each time against him?" The man asked.

"Well if I didn't I wouldn't be here right now would I?" I snarled.

"Well I guess not…"

"Thanks, I've got to get to school now." I muttered and sped up pulling Sam along with me.

"Have a good day Mr. Fenton." He replied.

How can I have a good day? You totally just ruined it. I thought.

"Danny, what was that attitude all about?" Sam asked.

I paused and she came beside me, "I'm sorry Sam, it's just…they're all starting to get on my nerves."

Sam raised an eyebrow, "Danny, didn't you expect this when you exposed your secret?"

"I guess I should've." I sighed.

"I think its better, Danny, you're finally getting the credit to deserve, plus your parents won't hunt you anymore, Vlad's somewhere in space, Dash doesn't beat you up anymore, and Tucker's doing great as the mayor. I'm defiantly grateful for that asteroid." Sam said.

"You're right…"

"I know I'm right, now come on we have to get to class." She said and we ran into the school.

Me: Short lame chapter, D:

Choco-Neko-Chan: Aw I liked it

Me: Aw thank you Neko-Chan!