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"Can you believe this is our last summer before we graduate?" I groaned as we walked down the sidewalk.

"As long as it isn't like a previous summer we once had... I'd say we're good." Tucker replied while fiddling with his PDA.

I nodded, "Agreed."

Sam shrugged, "Freakshow is still in jail anyway. So, we don't have to worry about that. He also had the biggest case of ghost envy I've ever seen."

I chuckled, "Yeah." I paused, stopping my steps for a moment. I gazed up at the sky, wondering, "Guys... what do you think happened to Danielle...? I haven't seen her since she helped out with the Disasteroid."

Sam placed a comforting hand on my shoulder, "It's okay, I'm sure she's fine. She just wanted to explore the world, remember? Wouldn't you like to do that someday?"

I sighed, "Yeah. I know we stabilized her and everything... but I'm just worried she might've ended up as a puddle of goop somewhere."

"Wow, you're really like her big brother or something. It's okay. She's fine, I know it." Sam replied wrapping an arm around my shoulder.

"I guess, but what about Frostbite and all the others? I mean, I haven't visited them in a long time..."

"What's got you so worked up about all this? We were just talking about summer and now you're going into a depression."

I began walking down the sidewalk again as my friends followed, "Maybe I should make a summer resolution to go visit Frostbite and maybe get in touch with Dani somehow."

Tucker cocked a brow at me, "Really? You want to visit Frostbite in the summer? Isn't the entire point in summer to be able to swim and be outside in the heat?"

I smiled, "Eh, it'll give me time to recuperate from almost having a heat stroke."


"So, you're not completely opposed to my idea?" I asked.

"I'm cool with it, how about you Tucker?" Sam replied with a nod towards our friend.

Tucker sighed, "I guess, but only because I don't want to be alone while you two are visiting a bunch of ghost friends."

I grinned, "Awesome, so we'll have to work it around your mayor schedule."

My best friend groaned, "Don't remind me. I'm a mayor of a town that just finished his junior year in high school. I wish I could get someone to take over for my senior year. But I just don't trust anyone."

"Are there any ghost that we could trust?" Sam suggested.

"A ghost… Are you serious? A ghost in charge of Amity Park?"

I chuckled, "That fits doesn't it?"

"No way! Besides Frost Bite and Dani, who else could we rely on that won't try to burn our city to the ground?" Tucker replied with a scoff.

We both jumped when Sam snapped her fingers loudly, "What about Pandora?"

I cocked a brow, "Isn't Pandora a little too busy to run a town? I mean with protecting her box and her castle I mean…"

"That's just it! She has guards all over her castle, but the only reason ghosts try to break into her castle is for the box anyway. If Pandora comes to Amity Park to help us out, you could both protect the box! No ghosts can steal it if you're able to sense them here."

"Doesn't this all seem a little extreme? I mean if you really want to see Pandora we can go visit her on this 'ghost checklist' we're making anyway."

My girlfriend sent me a glare, "Fine, I was just making suggestions. If Tucker really wants to enjoy a senior year…"

Tucker held a hand up, "Don't worry about me, Sam. I can handle myself. I've got my right hand man that takes care of things when I'm in school anyway. He'll understand. And if I'm really having trouble I could always talk to Pandora."

"Wait, what about Jazz?" I suggested.

"Um, I think Jazz is a little too OCD to take care of Amity Park…" Sam replied.

I paused and thought about it for a moment, "Eh, yeah."

"Speaking of Jazz, how is college going for her?" Tucker asked as we arrived at my house.

I let out a chuckle, "Take a look for yourself." I said as I opened the front door.

The living room was a disaster. It looked as if it had gone through a ghost attack itself. Books and papers were scattered everywhere, somehow they even managed to get on top of the TV. And in the middle of this entire disaster was Jazz, fast asleep on the couch with her laptop in her lap. Her head was tilted back and her mouth wide open. Yup, just where I left her this morning, except now she's out like a light.

"Damn, that bad, huh?" My friend said with a sigh.

I rolled my eyes, "Yeah, it's horrible. She decided to do some ghost research again for a project she's doing. She woke me up at 3:00 AM to make sure all the information was correct. She wouldn't tell me what the project was completely about though. Just the fact that it was about ghosts."

Sam groaned, "Geez, she's gonna work herself crazy."

"I know." I sighed as I dropped my bag and stalked over to my sister. I shook her shoulder, "Jazz, wake up."

My sibling woke with a start, "Ah!" She sat up and spun her head from side to side.

I grabbed her arm, "Whoa, calm down. Good lord."

Jazz heaved a sigh, "Oh, sorry about that. What time is it?"

"About 4:00, why?"

Her eyes widened, "I was out that long!? I'm going to get behind!" She jumped up and raced around the room collecting her papers before dashing away to her room.

Sam cocked a brow, "What was that about?"

I shrugged, "Dunno, guess I'll find out eventually."

The fact that we're now all 17 and my parents still allow both Tucker and Sam stay the night amazes me. More Sam's parents allowing it than mine. The fact that Sam's parents actually now loved the fact that their daughter was dating the ghost boy was beyond insane. Sam and I figured it was because if we got married or something that they'd get the honor of being the 'town hero's' in-laws. That itself was pretty creepy. Wait, what was I saying? Oh yeah, Sam and Tucker staying the night. Yeah, obviously some trust in these 17-year-olds. Probably because I'm…well me and Tucker's the mayor. Sam just gets special privileges because of that.

Sam smirked as Tucker poured globs of toothpaste in his mouth. I nearly gagged; this was defiantly our most disgusting Truth or Dare game yet. As Tuck finished the amount of toothpaste he had to consume, I turned my head away quickly to prevent vomiting. I heard Tucker gurgling, "Why did I have to do this?"

Sam grinned, "I couldn't make Danny do it. He'd use his ghost powers to cheat somehow."

I nodded quickly, "That I would."

"He admits he's a cheater, watch out Sam." Tucker chimed while wiping his mouth.

I glared at him, "Shut up, toothpaste face." I smacked him in the back of the head.

"Ow! You two are so evil to me! I'm just a third wheel, don't hurt me!" He groaned as he plopped back on the floor.

"You deserve every bit of punishment we give you. What if the town knew their mayor was actually just a teenage pervert?" I teased.

"Well, at least I don't look at porn like someone." He retorted.

"Hey! That was one time and it was a dare!"

Sam sighed, "You two bicker like an old married couple. Who's the girl of this relationship?"


"What!? Why me?"

"I got a girlfriend first."

"Not fair!"

"I hit puberty first too, if that helps."

"Don't bring that up again! Just because your balls dropped first means nothing. It has nothing to do with my masculinity."

"How did we get on the topic of Danny's balls?"

"Why do you want them? Hmmm Sam?"

"Oh God, please shut up."

I burst into laughter and rolled over on the floor. My friends stared at me for a moment like I was crazy before I spoke, "It amazes me how our conversations just change so quickly. All this started with Truth or Dare."

"Can I make up a dare that has to do with the conversation we were just having? I was having good come backs." Tucker said.

Sam snorted, "Which brings us back to the perverted comment, good to know that you only have the power to retort when it has to do with private parts."

"Don't act like you don't want to keep talking about th-ow!"

"Shut up."

I grinned and let out another laugh, "Wow okay. We have no lives."

Sam smiled, "We used to, but since the Disasteroid all the ghosts have been pretty mellow. Besides Skulker…and the Box Ghost."

My eyes widened, "…The Box Ghost… he's still in the thermos. He's been in there for days."

Tucker snickered, "Can't you just keep him in there permanently?"

"Isn't that like taking away rights or something?" I asked.

"He's a ghost, not an American citizen. And I think he's technically a criminal." He replied.

I nodded, "True. I'll let him out later. He's supposed to be paying off debt to Pandora still."

"Oh. Right."

Suddenly there was a quiet knock on the door, "Danny, are you in there right?"

It was my mom, I noticed immediately. "Yeah." I called back to her.

"Well I wondering if you could-"

There was a bang, "Son, get out here! We need some help! Please! Pretty please!" I heard mom groan and sternly say my father's name.

I sighed and stood, "Yeah sure." I walked over to the door and opened it, "What's up?" I paused, green ooze covered everything in the hallway. I'm assuming it was ectoplasm. I groaned, "Why?"

Mom sighed, "Your father over loaded the circuits of one of the new machines and this happened."

"And you need me because…?"

"You're the only one who can get to the ceiling."

I sighed once again, "Ghost hunter turned house maid. How fitting." Two glowing rings appeared around my body and trailed in different directions. My parents stared, they're still not quite used to it yet. Mom handed me the vacuum and I flew up to the ceiling.

"Thanks Danny, we'll clean up the stairs." Mom said as she and Dad walked down the stairs and out of sight.

I groaned, "Great…"

Sam and Tucker emerged from my bedroom, "Wow, this is disgusting." Sam said.

"Tell me about it. Ugh, I didn't even have anything to do with it and I have to clean it. Gross. It's like something that exploded out of a nose." I gagged.

"Can't be worse than Spectra, when she actually was a snot rocket."

I shivered, "Don't remind me."

As I continued to clean the ceiling and speak to my friends, I began thinking about the fact that ghost really haven't been around much lately. I guess they're being nice to me for the time being before they start wreaking havoc again. I don't know… but while I'm using ghost powers to do chores… it's making me pretty nervous.