Hope you all like it. Enjoy :)

This is for Indy-x's Second Best Challenge.

Character is Lucius Malfoy

Prompt: Isolation

Quote:They can't hurt you unless you let them-Everclear

Leto was that type of girl who you couldn't help but like her. She was so kind and nice to people. Since she was so nice to everyone she became very popoular in the school. This made Lucius her second best friend. Which was why Lucius was waiting for Leto in an abandoned classroom. She was going to tell him something important and he knew it.

Lucius paces back and force as he waits for his best friend. He is her second best friend, though he was there for her more. Then walks in his friend Leto looking very worried. Her fine features creased with worry.

"What's wrong Leto?" asks Lucius.

"Lucius, I'm engaged," she says trying to hold back tears.

"That's wonderful," congratulates Lucius.

"No, its not wonderful," said Leto, "it's an arranged marriage, but I'm pregnant with someone else's child."

"Who's child," exclaims Lucius, wanting to know so he can mess up the chap who did this to her.

"Yours," she replies quietly.

Lucius looks at her in amazement. "You're kidding, right?"

Leto shakes her head. "I'm not kidding Lucius."

Lucius looks at her. "When are you going to see him," he finally chokes out.

"I'm going to see him during the winter break," Leto said, quietly.

"That's next week," exclaimed Lucius, "how is the chap not going to see something's wrong with how you look?"

"He's as blind as a bat or so I'm told," replies Leto, simply as she becomes calmer.

Lucius mentally slaps himself as he walks around the room trying to stay calm. Then Leto walks in front of him and hugs him.

"I'm so sorry Lucius," she says quietly.

"No, you don't have to be sorry," he says as he hugs her. "How many months is it till you have the baby?"

"Three months to five months," she whispered quietly.

Lucius's eyes go wide at that information. "Wait three months to five months," he thought, "that's the same as Narcissa."

"I have an idea," said Lucius.

"What is it," asks Leto eagerly.

"Narcissa is around the same time as well, when you give birth we have to make sure the both of you give birth at the same time, when you two do then we will give your baby to Narcissa, ok."

Leto nods. "Wait, wouldn't she question how the baby looks and that she isn't supposed to have twins."

"No, actually she was supposed to have twins but one of them died before it could fully develop but we didn't tell her that fact," said Lucius quietly.

"So basically, I will never see my child again, am I on the right track," said Leto, looking at Lucius.

Lucius nods and says, "Is it a deal?"

"I guess but if I ever want her back I can get her back," said Leto quietly.

During the next week Leto goes into isolation until she finally sees her fiancée. Then when the two women are ready to have the baby it's the eve of June 4. Through the night they go through a long labor, the next morning the babies are born, two boys and one girl. The one boy and girl could almost pass off as twins. The other boy looked like her fiancée, so she was going to keep him.

Many years later Leto walks into the Malfoy Mansion and sees her beloved child.

"My you have grown, so much, I remember when you were in your mommy's belly," said Leto. "Kicking and giving mommy aches and pains."

The young girl looks at her strangely and walks closer to her brother, who looks at Leto menacingly. As Leto leaves Lucius walks out with her.

"They can't hurt you unless you let them," whispered Lucius to her.

Leto nods, "Well they will see each other in Hogwarts this year so they will not be totally alone."

With that Leto apparates back to her family.

Hope you all like this sad tale.