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Rukia sat on the toilet seat, waiting for the results of what these humans called a "pregnancy test". She had been feeling sick, after what Renji had said " we're just rolling around hugging and naked". Dear God, if he had gotten her pregnant she would kill him. And if he didn't take try to care of it then she'd dance on his grave, and then turn it to ashes. But Byakuya would do that for her anyway.

The timer rang and she walked over slowly to the fate changing device. She picked it up and read the results, shortly after comparing the results to the instructions. She was pregnant! She was careless, throwing away the test without concealing it. She stated to dial the number of Urahara's Shop. I wonder how Renji's going to take this…

*Ring ring !* Tessai stood up wordlessly to speak to the person on the phone.

" Hello, this is the Urahara Shop, how may I help you?"

" Um, Tessai-san, this is Rukia. Is Renji there? If so may I speak to him?"

" Yes Rukia-dono, just wait for a little while. Renji-dono, Rukia-dono wishes to speak to you." Those ten seconds it took him to walk over to the phone felt like forever in Rukia's world.

" Yeah Rukia? What's up", he sounded as aloof as ever.

" Um, ah, meet me by the park at 2 o' clock and don't you forget it," she exclaimed while slamming down the phone, frustrated with herself.

Now that I've gotten that out of my system, I should go get ready. And she ran down the hallway.

Renji was sitting on a bench waiting for Rukia to arrive. Dammit! She told me to be here, but she's the late one! Rukia sat right next to him, looking him in the eyes.

" So Rukia why'd you call me out here?" She gripped the hem of her skirt.

" I came to tell you something. It's really important." He sat up.

" And what is it? " Rukia's heart started to pound faster.

" Um, Renji, if I was pregnant, how would you react?" He rolled his eyes.

"Well what I'd do, hm lets see… I'd be surprised and may pass out. Why'd you ask Ruki…" By the expression on their faces, Renji had figured out she was pregnant, and Rukia knew that he knew. His eyes rolled to the back of his head and he passed out.

" Oh, great, now I have to drag him back to Urahara's place" She lifted Renji onto her back and then took him home.

" Go and annoy someone else Dad", Karin said while kicking Isshin through the bathroom door.

" Aw! What's wrong with hugging your daughter? IN THE PARENTING BOOK YOU GOT ME IT SAYS I HAVE TO DO THAT OCCASIONALLY TO RELAY TO MY CHILD THAT I LOVE THEM! Huh what's this?", he said while picking up the mysterious object in the wastebasket with two lines.

" I-chi-gooooo…"

Renji sat up in bed, not realizing where he was.

" Uh, where the hell am?

"Renji, are you alright. Do you remember what happened earlier", Rukia asked sitting right beside him.

" Uh, yeah. So what are we gonna do? I mean the baby…" She put a finger to his lips, then replace them with her own.

"Don't worry, we'll work this out in the morning," she said while laying a futon beside him. Renji put his arm around her small, but growing waist.

"Goodnight, Renji."

"Goodnight, Rukia." They both whispered, before exiting the state of consciousness, and onto the path of dreams.

It was dinner time at the Kurosaki house, but the head of the family was silent.

" Uh, since everyone's done eating, I'll go wash the dishes," said Yuzu.

" Wash them later, I need to speak with Ichigo alone." Yuzu and Karin stood up and walked up to their room. Isshin leaned back in his seat.

" So Ichigo, tell me why I found this in the bathroom," he said pulling the pregnancy test out of his pocket.

Ichigo looked down. He shrugged.

" So your lying to me huh? Ichigo, you've disobeyed my rules. I said you could lose your virginity at eighteen, but it seems you have ignored that one, Ichigo, you have broken the second most important rule in this family!"

" Oh yeah, and what's the first?"

" You can't embarrass me in front of others."

" Dad then would've been kicked out already."

" Ichigo, you have lost you're virginhood."

" Is that even a real word? And are you drunk?"

" This is your child, so you take care of… Oh my God, did you do it with Rukia? No! There is incest inside of this house!"

" Dad, Number one, all me and Rukia are friends we don't even hug. Number two she's going out with some other guy. And number three, she's not your daughter, so there's no way we couldn't have committed incest."

" I guess I'll speak to Rukia later."

"Oh and dad, you have to wash the dishes, you were the last one at the table."

" Fine then…"


"What is it Ichigo? Did something happen?"

" Yeah. You took a friggin pregnancy test and didn't even wrap it up! And then I got blamed for it!"

" So… Go on…" Ichigo stood there blinking.

" I was up all night cuz my dad was crying how ' My daughter is growing up, what do I do? It was freaking annoying!" She sighed.

" I wonder how he'll take it…"

" Don't he always forgets important things, so he'll probably forget before Yuzu and Karin come home." She looked down at the ground.

" Seriously! Cheer up. In two weeks we have a long break, so you can go to the doctor, go shopping, and the like so don't be upset." Rukia smiled and nodded.

Orihime walked up to Rukia handing her one of her famous rice balls.

" Rukia, you should have one of my rice balls. This time it has jelly filling with mustard and curry! It's really good! Rukia took a bite.

" WOW. That was the best rice ball I've ever tasted! You have to give me the recipe!" While Orihime wass giving out the instructions to the "delicious" rice ball, the teacher stepped up.

" Ok class, quiet down! We have a new student today!" Ichigo group graoned inwardly. If there was a new student, it was always someone who knew a lot about the Soul Society.

" Introducing, Renji Abarai. Everyone make him feel welcome and don't give him the cold shoulder." Renji took his seat right next to Rukia. Rukia gave him a " what are you doing here look."

" To help you out."

" You didn't have to come to my school," she said whispering.

" Shut up! I'm trying to help you. Be grateful that I love you to much to abandon ."

" Dude, you look like your freaking twenty in tenth grade class! You look out of place." Ichigo turned around and gave them a " shut the fuck up talk this out at lunch". Rukia placed her head on the rough wooden desk and thought. Well I guess we will talk this out later.

Rukia and Renji sat on top of the roof, Uryuu decided to be nice (he was actually forced) to nail the doors so no one can come up and interrupt the couple.

" Renji what do you plan to do?"He directed his attention to the clear blue sky.

" I guess I get we an apartment move in and then we can drop out of school."

" Yeah But we're Shinigami, and you're a lieutenant… And there's one more thing, Byakuya. How are we going to tell him?" Renji answered quickly.

" You do it. He goes way easier on you since you're his sister. He'll castrate me."

" I guess we should do all that by the next break shouldn't we?" He nodded Renji overlapped his hand with hers.

" Don't worry, I'll be here. Always."

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