Good evening! I'm going to post all of my completed Puckrachel community drabble memes here from now on. They are highly addictive to read and to write. I look forward to being able to fill many more.

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This first one is prompted from SMC27 "Some people will always hate you, no matter what. They are called stupid bitches." Thanks for the awesome prompt!

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Here's the thing…everyone thinks that Noah Puckerman can't handle a girl crying. He's a bad ass, right? He doesn't deal with girly, weeping, hormonal emotions. His body is chock full of testosterone and people just know that there isn't any possible way for him to deal with a sobbing woman.

People don't know shit.

His dad abandoned his mom when she was three months pregnant with his younger sister. Basically he's been dealing with crying women since he was eight years old. He felt terrible the first two times he saw his mom crying her damn eyes out and then he figured out that if he sang her a song or recreated her favorite scenes from Gene Kelly movies, she'd giggle and wipe her tears away and be fine. And when his baby sister would cry, he figured out the exact combination of goofy voices and stuffed animals that would get her cooing and laughing. And when that hot ass desperate housewife crumpled into a mess of tears, he intrinsically knew what would turn that frown upside down.

So not only can he deal with crying chicks, He fucking OWNS it.

So after the 2010 Regionals competition, he's the one to find Rachel crying in a corner after the disastrous results. Her nose was bright red from wiping it at least a million times in the span of fifteen minutes. Her eyes were cloudy and bloodshot as tears endlessly leaked from the crinkled, sad corners of her eyes. He knew the other kids in the Glee club had turned tail and run away immediately when faced with this huge ball of fucking intense emotion. He probably should have as well, but instead he sat down next to her silently and waited for her sniffling to quiet before offering a very quick speech,

"Vocal Adrenaline are a bunch of losers with wires running where their fucking veins should be. They're nothing and they didn't deserve this. You deserved this. We did. The judges were assholes. Some people are going to push us down no matter what. And you know what we call those people, Berry?"

Rachel sniffed in response and looked at him questioningly, her big brown doe eyes chock full of a mixture of sadness and desperate hope at his next words.

"We call those people stupid bitches, Berry. Say it."


"SAY IT, dammit!" Puck demanded. "Scream it!"

"They're…they're stupid bitches," Rachel whispered.

Puck smirked and ruffled her hair obnoxiously as he rose and began to walk away, leaving Rachel considerably brighter than she had been before, her cheeks retaining the flush that the swearing had induced.

The years rush by, as the years tend to do. They make it to Nationals the next year and don't even show up on the radar. He swears that he hears Rachel mutter 'stupid bitches' when the winners are announced, and he couldn't be prouder. For his senior year, they make it to Nationals and they tie for second place. Lose by exactly half a point. Mike Chang and Finn actually had to hold him in his place on the stage, as he was sure there was a conspiracy going down and he was going to beat the piss out of someone in order to find out how that other team managed to give blowjobs to every judge in order to win. They take their still overly large trophy and make it off stage where Rachel has organized their team.

Despite being second best in the nation, the entire club, save Rachel and Puck, are crying their eyes out in mourning. Even the little freshman who had joined that year and would no doubt come back to Nationals eventually and take home the HUGE trophy were crying as if someone had just told them their Nana had kicked the bucket. Rachel cleared her throat and commanded everyone's attention, even Puck, who had silently been plotting to completely destroy every single one of the judge's cars.

"We did our absolute best, everyone. Rest assured, we can hold our heads high, because believe me, we did not lose first place by half a point," Rachel assured them, her confidence so steely and true that each one seemed to sort of believe it. "We were the best out there. We are the best that any of that audience had ever seen and the judges know it."

"We didn't win, Rachel," squeaked a freshman. "They didn't think we were the best, even though we were. Why would they hate us and not give us first?"

"Some people will always hate you, no matter what," Rachel insisted strongly, a world of experience forming her words. She smiled indulgently at the freshman for one split second before her mouth formed a hard and cold line before vehemently muttering, "They are called stupid bitches."

"Rachel!" Schue admonished.

"S'true!" Noah insisted strongly, glaring at the club director. He then smirked at Rachel, who had outgrown her flat out aversion to profanity, but she was still blushing. "STUPID BITCHES can't hear right or can't tally points out right. We were first. And we know it. It's all that matters. Stupid bitches can jump off a cliff, right Berry?"

Rachel let a small smile set on her face before she turned to the freshman and demanded, "New Directions, we call these judges stupid bitches. Repeat after me please, Those stupid bitches…"