Rachel rushed down the empty hallways of McKinley High, her fists clenched around as much of the heavy fabric of her skirt as she could. She had just made a quick costume change after her Black Student Union Club yearbook picture and had approximately 2 and a half minutes to get to the parking lot where the Renaissance Club picture would be taken. Her idea of course. The green foilage of the trees would certainly make the burgandy fabric of her dress pop.

Her lovely and exquisite dress. Her Daddy had really gone all out this year, bringing home a a dress from a New York City costume house for their Renaissance activities of the season. She didn't dare think of how much the intricate costume cost. It certainly felt expensive. She would definitely be the center of attention for this particular year book picture. As it should be. For EVERY yearbook picture.

"Eeepp!" she squeaked as she rounded a corner, nearly running into a solid wall of red lettermen jacket. She looked up anxiously and began an earnest apology, "I really do apologize for my heedless running through the halls...it's just that I'm going to be late for a very important picture...oh."

Noah Puckerman managed to lift one perfect eyebrow as he stared down at Rachel Berry in the most intricate princess dress he had ever seen in his life. It looked like it weighed eighty pounds and had frills and chords and some sort of hoop skirt underneath it. It looked like it could take a well-intentioned guy hours to strip it off of her. He frowned unintentionally, knowing that whatever douchebag she had to do the job, HE would have gotten her out of it faster.

Rachel took his frown as a bad sign and she looked down at the slushy he held in his hand. She bit her lip and said softly, "Noah, I would literally do ANYTHING for you not to ruin my outfit this afternoon with that horrendous beverage."

"Don't like the Coke flavor?" he wondered.

"It's not that...it's just...please?" she begged, her cheeks staining pink under the effort of begging. She despised having to ask this Neanderthal for an ounce of mercy, but it had to be done. Coca Cola slushie would NOT go with her ensemble.

"You'd do ANYTHING?" Puck's frown disappeared and was replaced with a lecherous smirk. "Like anything, anything? Cause...I kind of like the look, Princess."

Rachel's mouth opened slightly in shock, her eyes slowly lifting and zeroing in on Puck's own. She expected to see mocking. She felt the flush on her cheeks deepen and drift down her neck at what she did see. It wasn't mocking. It wasn't annoyance. Was it...wanting?

"PUCKERMAN! You're going to be late if you don't get your keister in uniform, now!" Coach Tanaka yelled down the hallway.

Whatever spell Rachel had held over him immediately broke and his eyes were annoyed and angry once again. He shrugged at her and said, "You owe me one, Princess."

Rachel blinked at her tormentor curiously before watching him meander down the hall. A flash of burgandy caught her eye at the end of the hall and she saw that awful Melissa Wingenroth heading towards the club's assigned meeting spot. Her focus resharpened and she sped off once more, determined to be the main attraction of the Renaissance Club's yearbook photo.

Just a short little something I wrote for Sharna due to a tag she put on a photoset on tumblr. : )