Beginning of a Legacy

"Maishul, help!" Princess Sandy cried as the evil Witch Queen Lucy had her held over a pit of melted chocolate.

"BWAHAHAHA! Prepare to die, Princess!" Lucy cackled as she lowered the rope holding the princess. "With you out of the way

"Don't worry, princess, I'm coming!" The Shining White Knight, Michael rode on his white horse, racing into the dark cave. "Lucy, stop this!"

"…NO! You think I went all this work to stop! Do you know how much this dress cost? The rope! The chocolate?" Lucy screamed, before letting go of the rope and dropping Sandy into the knee high pit.

"Sandy! NOOOOOOO!" Michael screamed, jumping off his horse and running to the pit. "I've got you, its okay," he whispered, helping her out and trying to untie her, before she suddenly pulled away from him. "Princess Sandy?"

"Maishul, you jerk! Look what happened to my dress!" she yelled, looking down at the chocolate stained dress that was once pink. "Attack him, my army of undead cockatoos!" she commanded, as a group of flying, zombie birds attacked Michael.

"AHHHH! Lucy! Help!" the grey cat boy begged as the birds pecked at him.

"…Attack my army of cyborg pimp beavers!" the Witch Queen ordered, as an army of cyborg beavers teleported in front of Michael and began to slap him with their tails.

"I should have known I would die like this! Being pecked by cockatoos and pimp-slapped by beavers! Oh why didn't I listen to my parents and gotten my flu shot!" Michael screamed, before dying.

"AHH!" The real Michael awoke from his dream with a start, panting. "What was that…?" he whispered, wiping his head of a cold sweat.

"Hello." The boy's eyes widened and he turned his head, before his green eyes saw a floating, red triangle by his bedside. "Please, don't scream. I am not here to hurt you."

"AHHH!" he screamed, but found a white bubble appear around his head, making him the only one able to hear his voice. The bubble popped when he was done screaming and the floating triangle floated closer to him. "W-what the heck are you?"

"Do not fear me. My name is Hotok Gryuk. Your name is Michael, of the planet Earth, correct?" Michael nodded in fear, grabbing the bed sheet and trying to hide under it as the glowing triangle floated closer to him. "I am a Wise One. I am here to give you a gift."

"A gift? Wait. What's a Wise One?"

"To put it simply, I am what you would call an alien. From the Andromeda Galaxy, to be exact. My species, the Mindful, have existed for thousands of years. For many years though, we were at war with another race on our planet known as the Soulless."

"You're an alien?" Michael whispered. "Wait, then how are you speaking English?" he asked, pointing at the creature.

"As I said, we are a very advance race. Every word I tell you is being translated into words you can comprehend," Hotok declared. By now Michael had pushed the covers aside and was listening to the alien intensely. "As I stated earlier, the Soulless are our mortal enemies. We fought them for many years before we were finally defeated. I could very well be the last of my species."

"I…I'm sorry," Michael sighed. What was he supposed to say to that! "But why are you here then?"

"Do not be. I have accepted it. To answer your question, I do not want our technology forgotten with our race. In the dying days of the war, as our species neared its annihilation, our race's top scientists, myself among them, created LEGACY, a collection of all our data. Our weaponry, our history, and such. For one reason or another, LEGACY has chosen you to be its host."

"Wait, it chose me? Host? How is that possible? You just said it was a collection of data," Michael argued.

"That collection includes Artificial Intelligence. In other words, LEGACY is an intelligent life form with the ability to choose who it bonds to." Hotok saw Michael open his mouth, but the alien cut him off. "Look, think of it as an example of Mutualism. It is a form of interaction that benefits both organisms, and harms neither. On one hand, the LEGACY project will be kept safe and will be able to learn about your species' culture, while you will be gifted with all of the knowledge of our species. Of course you won't get direct access to it. The LEGACY project will open up to you, slowly feeding you the information so your young mind can comprehend it. Then, when you become older you can help lead your planet into a golden age of technology. You should be honored really," Hotok stated.

"Lead my planet?"

"Well, not you, per say. The LEGACY project will advise you and you will listen to it. Simple, don't you think?"

"Why me though? Why not the President? Or a policeman? I'm just a kid!"

"LEGACY wanted a young lifeform that was still growing, so it could better learn about your planet's growth. Your data showed you to be intelligent, physically fit, and mentally stable. You were rather ideal for it all. That, and you were closest to my point of entry. I suppose you could chock this up as luck," the floating triangle explained. After finishing the explanation, the glowing shape offered Michael the technology. "What do you say, Michael? Will you accept LEGACY? Will you accept the honor of leading your planet into a golden age?"

"I…" What was Michael supposed to say? Yes, I want to become the smartest guy on Earth, so put your alien chip in me? No, I don't want amazing knowledge about an alien culture, and no, I don't want to lead my entire planet into a golden age of peace and happiness? Heck, the very idea that there was other life in the universe was hard to take in. Michael thought about it long and hard, weighing the pros and cons in his head before making his choice. "I accept."

"Excellent! Now hold still," Hotok ordered, before a white beam shot out of his body and hit Michael's neck. The boy felt a cringe of pain for a second, before the beam vanished. He placed a hand on his neck and to his surprise he found a metal dot on the side of his neck. "Done. You have now become LEGACY's host."

"T-that's it?"

"Of course. What were you expecting? An anal probe?"

"NO! No. I just thought there would be something more to it, that's all."

Greetings, Michael.

"Huh? Did you say something?"

No, he didn't, Michael. I am LEGACY, a monotone, male voice answered.

"I take it you heard LEGACY in your head?" Hotok asked. "You two are one now. He is most likely going through your memories and mind, learning all he can about you. As you two grow together, he'll slowly open up to you, so you can learn about our race and technology."

You have many interesting memories, Michael.

"Can you tell him not to do that?" the boy asked, feeling incredibly unnerved by the thought that someone was looking at his entire life and mind.

"I can't. You can though. You two have a telepathic link now. Just try to focus your mind into talking with him."

Michael looked at Hotok in disbelief, before realizing how ridiculous this whole situation was already. "Okay…" Hello? Can you hear me, LEGACY?

Yes, Michael.

Can you…stop going through my memories? It's a little-

Disturbing? You were thinking disturbing, correct?


Then I shall stop, LEGACY quickly responded, before becoming silent.

"This is…amazing," Michael commented, rubbing his forehead, before stopping and pinching himself. "Not a dream," he smiled.

"Now that the process is done, I must take my leave. My mission has…has…Oh no. No. No. No. No. NO!" Hotok screamed, flying over to the window in Michael's room, staring out of it. "They followed me here."

"Who followed you? What's wrong?" Michael asked, before grabbing his head and reeling in pain as LEGACY screamed within him.

SOULLESS PRESENCE HAS BEEN DETECTED! Combat mode has been initiated! Automatically setting to auto-pilot.

"What!" Michael asked, before falling to his knees in pain.

"Michael! LEGACY, stop! What are you doing?" Hotok yelled, demanding answers. Michael coughed and gagged, and his eyes watered. It was like he was choking on air! Suddenly he felt somekind of silver liquid come out of his mouth, and run down his chin, then down his neck. Soon the strange, silver liquid began to cover his entire head, then moving down to cover his chest, arms, and legs. The slime then solidified and changed slightly, turning into a suit of armor for the boy. "….I can't believe this," he mumbled, looking at his armor covered hands through his green visor.

Michael now wore a silver armor, with navy blue lines, pulsing with energy every few seconds. The front of his helmet was made of a green, one way see through glass, and small shoulder guards on, with rectangular gauntlets on both of his arms. He could feel his hands being tightened into fists and his head move to look at the window.

"Hey! I can't control my body!" Michael gasped, before he felt himself be lifted off the ground and fly through the window. "WHOA!"

Lucy fell out of her bed and groaned in pain as she heard an assortment of sounds. She rose up from the ground and looked at her window, rubbing the sleep from her eyes. She saw Yashy and Chirpy there, also staring out the window in a trance.

"What are you guys doing awake?" she asked, walking closer to them.

"Lucy! Stay away from the windows! It could be dangerous!" Lily warned from the bed.

"What are you-?" Lucy gasped as she saw what could only be described as a car sized flying, black saucer hovering above the streets of Roseville, causing dozens of people to run in fear of the alien dish. "W-what is that?"

"A UFO! It's a UFO! I knew they existed!" Yashy declared, jumping up and down in joy.

"What is it going to do, girl-kitty?" Chirpy asked, looking at her 'grandmother.'

"I-I don't know…"

Suddenly, the UFO transformed! Its metal skin shifted and turned, and it slowly floated down. The flying saucer was now a four legged walker, twice the height of a normal person, with the compartments opening up on the legs and head of the machine, letting cannons stick out. The people ran in fear even more now as the machine's feet stepped on a car, cutting through it.

It lifted its foot from the mangled, metal mess of the car and turned, aiming its weapon into the horizon. It opened fire, blasting brightly colored lasers into the distance.

The beams flew through the air and at Michael. He could feel the suit control his body, flying around with him inside of it, dodging the lasers by spinning left and right.

"I'm going to be sick," he groaned, becoming incredibly dizzy due to all of the spinning. "LEGACY, stop already!"

Cannot stop. Must terminate Soulless presence, immediately.



Michael screamed in terror as he was forced to fly at the walker, which suddenly transformed into a UFO again and flew off, with LEGACY flying after it. The people gasped in amazement as they saw the armored figure flying after the saucer, Lucy being one of them.

"Did you see that? This is awesome!" Yashy declared, smiling brightly as she saw what looked like a superhero flying after the spaceship.

"Can't you let me out at least? I feel like I'm going to be sick!" Michael groaned.

I need a host to fight.

"Then can you at least stop spinning!" they grey cat demanded, as LEGACY spun them out of the way of another laser. "Wait, where did that come from?"

Multiple enemy contacts. It's a trap.

Dozens of more UFOs suddenly flew out of the clouds and opened up their secret compartments, opening fire with their own lasers. The blasts all hit Michael and LEGACY causing the organic half of the armored figure to twitch in pain as he felt his body burn within the suit.

"AHHH!" he screamed. When the concentration of blasts was over, LEGACY plummeted to the ground, taking the boy with him. "LEGACY? We're falling, you know!" he declared.

I know. Autopilot systems have been damaged. Will need time to repair completely. Until then, will have to switch to manual control.

"Manual? I don't know how to pilot this thing!" Michael argued, but it was too late. He could feel the armor now moving with his body, not the other way around. He looked down to see they were nearing the ground and closed his eyes, focusing on flying. When he opened them, he found himself floating inches above the ground. "I can fly…I CAN FLY!"


Michael looked up and saw the flying saucers charging at him, opening fire with their lasers. Some of the blasts missed and hit various trees, cars, parts of the road, or even the houses. People began to run out of their houses in fear, stampeding away from the fight.

"We have to stop those things," Mike saw the screaming and crying people and then glared at the small army of flying saucers with a burning hate. "Don't we have any weapons?"

Tactile telekinesis is our main weapon. It allows for flight, shields, and telekinetic blasts. Focus your mind on an item to lift it, and then focus on throwing it.

"This is crazy," Mike sighed, before holding his hand up and looking at flying saucer, concentrating his mind on it. Suddenly a fallen car flew at the saucer, destroying it. "Works for me!" he yelled, before seeing a beam about to hit him. He put his arms over his chest in defense, but to his surprise he never felt the blast. When he opened his eyes he found that none of the lasers could hit him.

You activated the forcefield. You are doing well.

Michael smiled before looking at another saucer behind his forcefield. He then felt a strange tingling coming from his right hand and looked at it to find it was glowing green.

Aim your hand at the saucer. Now.

Michael obeyed and aimed his hand at one of the saucers. He was then thrown back by a recoil and fell to the ground as the saucer he had aimed at was shot by an invisible blast, breaking a hole right through it and making it crash into its fellow saucer.

"Whoa! What was that?"

Telekinetic blast.

We can do that?

Yes. Now I advise you to keep doing that. Wait. The drones are retreating. Follow them.

Right. Fly after the flying saucers….Why haven't I waken up yet? Michael thought,before concentrating and suddenly feeling himself being flung after the black UFOs. "Whoa!" He clumsily flew through the air, having little control as he swung left and right and then spun in a circle, before resuming the chase. "Where'd they go?" he asked as he flew into the clouds, seeing nothing but the stars, more clouds, and the bright crescent moon.

Scanning…A large concentration of them is attempting to flank us. A smaller group is retreating for some reason. I would advise destroying the larger group, before pursing the stranglers.

"Right," the grey Korat nodded, before realizing his situation. I'm fighting UFOs in an alien suit of armor, talking to an alien AI. This is unbelievable! He thought, before turning around and seeing a group of UFOs opening fire on him. He created a telekinetic barrier between them, before dropping it to fire a blast out of his hand, destroying one of them.

More of the UFOs flew at him, but he dodged their lasers and actually landed on one, slamming his fist through it and pulling out the wires within it. He then used his telekinetic powers to throw it into another saucer and then slammed both of those together to create a giant burning, metal ball.

I'm actually getting pretty good at this, our hero thought.

The autopilot system is damaged, but not completely gone. It is helping you remain focused. Do not overestimate yourself, Michael.

The boy nodded, before being hit by one of the laser blast by a saucer behind him. He turned around and blocked another blast, before holding his hand up, crushing the drone and smashing it into another one of its fellow machines.

What started as a battle, soon developed into a massacre, with Michael and LEGACY annihilating the small armada of drones.

"Did…did we get them all?" the Korat inquired. Out of nowhere though, a giant, metal hand smacked him back to the ground. If it wasn't thanks to his self telekinesis, he would have crashed face first into it.



It seems the small group of drones that retreated earlier have combined to form a single biped war machine.

Is that possible?

Look up and you'll find your answer.

Michael did so and to his horror, he found a four stories tall robot, with two arms and legs. It was mostly black, but with red stripes on the wrists, legs, shoulders, and chest. It had a head shaped like a samurai helmet, with a red V on its forehead. It looked down at him with its glowing red eyes, its eight fingers twitching every now and again.

Why isn't it attacking us?

It is analyzing us. Trying to detect a weakness. It will fail. I have no weakness.

Great. So not only am I bonded with an alien robot…thing. I'm bonded with an alien robot thing that's full of itself.

The robot suddenly pulled it left leg back, breaking off part of a house behind it, before swinging its foot at him. Michael jumped out of the way and held up his hand, firing a telekinetic blast at the robot's head. The blast hit, but it did not stop the massive, metal, monstrosity as it moved ever closer to him, reaching down to grab him.

Activate TK Sword.

"TK what?" Mike replied, blasting its hand back, before being kicked by its right foot, sending him flying into a car. "Ow…"

TK: The invisible psychic energy that my combat system is based on. It allows me, or my host the power to create invisible 'bubbles' ranging in size and shape. It can be used offensively, such as shooting it out or to lift, throw, or crush objects, or defensively, as a protective shield. Sword: A-

I know what a sword is! Michael thought as he quickly flew out of the way of the robot's foot, hearing the car he had hit being crushed under its metal boot. "How do I make one? Focus my mind on a sword?"


"At least it's simple," he mumbled, before suddenly stopping and spinning around in the air. He saw the robot running at him, its feet stomping into the black pavement of the street. By now, most people had run away in fear, letting this fight go on without innocent bystanders in the way. As the robotic menace came closer, he closed his eyes and focused on creating a sword in his hand, trying to ignore the loud booms of the robot's feet.

Come on…TK Sword. TK Sword. TK Sword.

Michael chose this moment to open one of his eyes and he saw the rush of black and red metal charging at him like an enraged Viking, ready to smash him into the ground with its raised arms.

"TK SWORD!" he roared, before suddenly feeling something in his hands. A blue beam of energy appeared in his hands, stretching out to stab the robot right through its head. He looked at the glowing, blue sword and was amazed by the beauty of it, spying the reflection of the stars and the moon on it.

Michael. Stop dreaming and destroy this robot.

"Huh?" Mike turned his attention to the robot he stabbed to see that its arms were still twitching, as though it was still trying to attack him. "Oh. Right. Umm…" He pulled the sword out of the robot's head and quickly swung it again, like a baseball bat, taking the head clean off before swinging again, cutting the robot open. He then slammed his fist into the wires and circuitry within and used a telekinetic blast from within to destroy the robot, making it explode and litter the area with its pieces. "….Wow…"

Planet has been cleansed. I would advise returning to Hotok now.

Hotok! I forgot all about him! Michael realized, before looking around and seeing the collateral damage his battle with the robot had created. "…" He made sure to fly off quickly as possible.

"Hotok? Hotok? Hotok!" the boy gasped, seeing the alien was on the ground by his bed. He could feel the armor retreat back into the dot on his neck as he ran to the alien's body, and gently placed a hand on his the cold, metallic skin.

"The Soulless machines. Are they gone?"

"Yeah. LEGACY and I destroyed them. A-are you okay?"

"Heh…Of course not, Michael. I'm dying. I told you, didn't I? Oh...I suppose not," the triangle bitterly laughed. His glow began to fade away and his voice began to slow down and deepen. "Michael, I'm so sorry. I never meant for any of this. I didn't know I was being followed. They'll come for you now. They know you and the project are here... Work with each other...Stay strong...Do not give up, and…and find a way to win…" The grey cat watched as the triangle lost its glow and his remain fell to the ground, now simple pieces of metal.


When a Wise One expires, their energy leaves this plane of existence and their body returns to its original state. All Wise Ones are born from energy and then given shape with metal over their body.

"Should…should I bury him or something?"

Your species' funeral customs would not fit a Wise One. In Wise One culture, it is standard to drop the pieces of armor into the Greatest Ocean. For your race, the Greatest Ocean is known as space.

"So I'm supposed to throw these pieces of metal into space?" Michael asked. "How am I supposed to do that?"

There is no rush. I would advise waiting. Your mind has been given a lot of information in a short period of time. You should rest and think.

"Okay…Yeah, rest sounds good," the teenager sighed, pushing the pieces of metal under his bed and slowly climbing onto it. He rested his head on his pillow as he pulled the covers over his body. His eyes began to shut…

"Rise and shine!" Blur declared, kicking the door open with a cup of hot tea in his feathered hands.


Our hero was walking through the halls of the school. It was still early so the bell hadn't rung yet. Due to how tired he was, he was unable to walk with Lucy to school. Part of him found this a blessing. His mind wandered back to about a month ago. Lucy had told him she THOUGHT he loved her. Their friendship was almost smashed into pieces because of those three stupid words. And then the two were forced back together thanks to Sue.

By now the certain three words which will not be talked about had become a sort of taboo in the group. No one brought it up and everyone tried to simply move past it.

So if everyone else could have forgotten about it, why couldn't he? No one except Lucy wanted to forget about those three words as much as he did. SO WHY COULDN'T HE!

You feel a sense of guilt over breaking Lucy's heart. Though you love Sandy, you still have a special sort of attachment with Lucy that you cannot have with anyone else, not even Sandy. You are drawn to both, for various reasons including: pity, respect, friendship, hope, love, and fear.

Michael jumped at the sound of the voice, causing many of the other high school students to look at him. He nervously smiled at them, before quickly running off.

Don't do that! You scared me! And I thought I told you to not go through my memories.

Sorry. I have little to do. Autopilot is repaired, by the way.

Michael sighed as he tried to calm himself down, placing a hand on the side of his striped scarf. He feared what would happen if he did not wear his signature article of clothing, worried that someone might have spied the metal dot on his neck.

Unlikely. My access point is small and most of your species are too wrapped up in their own troubles to notice it through your fur. Your fear is illogical.

Michael closed his eyes and rubbed his head as LEGACY spoke to him, but he just ignored the machine for now and walked off. Eventually he walked by Lucy's locker and found the group there, consisting of her, Abbey, Daisy, Paulo, Tess, and David.

"Hey guys," he greeted.

"Michael! Did you hear about the UFO sighting?" Daisy asked. "A whole bunch of people in Lucy's neighborhood said they saw one! And then after that, they saw a giant robot and a smaller one fighting it out in the middle of the street!"

"A-a robot?" he repeated. His mind raced to find something to say, but thankfully Abbey interjected.

"The government is trying to say it was a terrorist attack or something right now. Not that many people believe them though. You wouldn't believe how many people are trying to move out of Roseville!"

"Terrorist attack? Wait," Michael suddenly slipped between the two and walked closer to Lucy. "Are you okay, Lucy?"

"I'm fine, Michael. My mom and brother were scared, but we were ignored by that…thing for the most part," she replied. She seemed shaken, obviously frightened from seeing the otherworldly machine.

He looked at her awkwardly for a few seconds, trying to help her without giving the wrong signals. Eventually, he placed his hand on her shoulder and smiled. She smiled back at him, before the bell suddenly rang.

"I'll see you later, Lucy."

"See ya, Mike," she replied, brushing past him. He watched her walk off, seeing Abbey and Daisy waving goodbye, before suddenly be bumped into by Paulo.

"Sorry," he mumbled, though the sarcasm was easy to hear. David looked at his best friend, before looking at Michael.

"Paulo's on his period right now," he joked, cracking a smile on the cat's face as David ran off.

You surround yourself with odd individuals, Michael.

The Korat ignored LEGACY and began walking to class. Part of his was worried about his future. About what Hotok said before his death. Another part of him was worried about the past. Was Lucy going to be okay? Despite how he treated her sometimes, he did have an important friendship with her. A friendship he hoped to preserve. Yet another part of him was simply happy. He was a superhero, something every man and woman dream of becoming at some point in their life.

He didn't know what was in the future, or what would come from the past. He did know this though. His life was changed forever.

Does everyone in your species inner monologue like this?



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