"So, what was it like wearing LEGACY?"

"Don't you already know?" Lucy asked as Michael stared out the window of her room. The sun was setting and the young boy had asked his friend's mother if he could sleep over. Thankfully, it was Friday and his mother allowed it, though reluctantly due to Mike's behavior of late.

"Just wanted a second opinion."

An awkward silence took the room as the two tried to find their next words. Lucy was the first to find them.

"I can't believe I didn't believe you." Michael opened his mouth to respond, only to stop and his eyes slowly widened. He let out an exhausted groan and fell to the ground, landing on his backside as he rubbed his head. "What?"

"LEGACY says he, how do I put this…? He made it mentally impossible for you to believe I was the Silver Sentinel."

"…Are you telling me, that bastard was screwing with my brain?"

"…Yep," Mike nodded, before grunting as Lucy grabbed him by his scarf and pulled her fist back in anger. "Hey, whoa! Just because he's in my head doesn't mean you can hurt him by punching me in the face!"

"You're right," Lucy sighed, releasing him, rubbing her head. "I'm going to bed," she sighed, walking to the door to fetch Yashy, Lily, and Chirpy for bed.

I'm right? Michael shrugged off his surprise. On a normal day, the grey cat would have wondered why Lucy wanted to sleep so early, but he hadn't had a normal day for what felt like years. As he lifted up the blanket and rest his body on the floor; pillow beneath his head, the Khao Manee spoke again.

"Does Sandy know?" The silence was a good hint, but when Mike stated she did not, she simply opened the door to her room. "Of all the people you could tell, I would have guessed she would have been the one you did."

"And it is with great regret I inform you that your son-"





"Wife was tragically killed in the line of duty during the outbreak of fires today due to the works of Brando Spencer, alias Huma," Duncan explained, his voice soft and gentle as the husband and the rest of the family cried.

"You were her chief. Her boss…How could you let this happen?" The husband cried, his hands tightening into fists.

"I'm sorry, I tried my best, I-"

"Now, you let this madman live?" Another voice screamed.

"You're no better!" More voices accused as the world fell apart around him and fire rose up from the black emptiness that was left.

"What do you want from me? I did my best!" Duncan responded as the voices cried out for revenge.

"Kill him!"

"Kill him!"


Duncan awoke on his bed and panted as a cold sweat covered his furry body. He groaned and rubbed his eyes. Ever since he had become the Bronze Titan, he had felt a change. At first he did his best to bring in criminals alive, but as the days turned to weeks, and weeks became months, he found less reason to keep them alive. Victim was evidence of that.

The dog sighed and got out of his bed, walking out of his room and into the secret hangar that held him and the Bronze Titan. Rather, the second Bronze Titan, as the first was destroyed in a kamikaze attack against Victim just a few hours ago.

"Mr. Davis? Is something wrong?" The dog turned his head to see the cat that brought him here, that turned him into a superhero. He was rubbing his head with a towel, wiping off oil and some sweat with the cloth.

"I'm fine. Just needed to move around a bit. I couldn't sleep."

"Ah, I see. Well, help yourself to anything here. This is your home after all." The business man gave the old dog a friendly grin, but he simply nodded in response to this.

"What were you doing?"

"Oh, helping work on your new Titan suit. It'll be even better than the last one. Partly because it's not in a million pieces right now, but also because of the new weapons and new neural processor!"

"Neural processor?"

"Ah, yes, I forgot. You charged into battle so quickly the first time, I never got the chance to explain the science of the Bronze Titan to you."

"Probably because I wouldn't be able to understand it."

"I'll put it simply. The suit is too heavy to move at a practical speed, so the neural processor senses what your mind is telling your body to do, so the suit will match it. Basically, your mind is going to control the suit even more now. Now, the weapons can be activated with thought. It's still in testing though, so you may have to wait while we finish it."

"Fascinating…What's going to happen to Huma and the others?"

"Well, the twins seem to regret what they did. Course, they could be lying. We're sending them and Rick to a mental hospital to be checked out. They'll stay for a bit so a good mental analysis can be made. Brando, on the other hand, keeps talking about how he'll kill us all. It seems his mind is much more damaged than his friends. He'll be spending a lot of time in an asylum it seems."

"He should be spending paying for all the lives he takes."

"Duncan, I know you're mad, but it's over. He's no threat to anyone."

"He's still alive. He shouldn't be after what he's done to good, men and women!"

"He'll most likely spend the rest of his life in an asylum or prison. Let it go."

"…I want to go talk to him." Duncan turned around and walked off. Hubert sighed and nodded in response. The two walked in silence, down the metal halls to reach the special cells made for Huma and the others, just in case of power relapses.

The cells were made of glass and steel, sealed airtight. Special machines were used to pump in oxygen for them, and also to pump out carbon dioxide. With a metal floor and ceiling and four glass walls, the former villains were trapped in four separate cells in separate rooms.


"Evening, chief" the cat greeted, nodding his head at the two men. There was a toothy grin on his face, and his tongue soon forced itself out between them and licked his lips,

"Hubert, can we have a minute along?"

"Duncan, don't do anything stupid."

"Never have."

"Tell that to the suit of armor you blew up," the intelligent, young cat responded, walking out of the room, leaving the dog and cat.

"I read your files, Brando. You were a good kid once, good grades and decent social skills. Your parents were quite wealthy, but it says here, you accused them of neglecting you. The first time you burned someone's house to the ground, you were seen as being happy to see your parents, even as they scolded you. As soon as got out of juvie, you set fire to another house. And another. Until you were thrown in jail for a few years and your parents disowned you. Correct?"

"What is this about, chief?" Brando growled, his smile long gone.

"…Tell me you regret it. Tell me you regret any of it."

"The only regret I feel is not being able to burn you, and the rest of the world alive. If you came looking for an apology, stop searching now. Regretting the past is pointless."

"If that's your final word on it, Good night, Brando."

"Good night, chiefy."

Duncan stepped out of the stainless steel room and into the hall of the hidden fortress. Hubert saw him and looked at him with a curious gaze on his face. The dog simply replied with a mumbled "Good night," and left, leaving the business man and inventor to carry on with his own night of work.


Some quick back story and some development all around. I'm sorry I haven't updated recently, really, I am, but I'm on summer vacation now so expect more updates!