The Silver Sentinel Strikes!

"Michael, I'm sorry. There's…someone else!" Sandy cried.

"W-what!" Gasped the grey cat as he saw a familiar figure jump to hug Sandy.

"HAHAHA! Suck it, jerkface!" Lucy laughed, before running off with her new girlfriend, off to get married.


"At least you still have me, Mike," Carson smiled, hugging him and rubbing his cheek against Michael's.


"AH!" Michael screamed as his math teacher slammed his ruler on his desk. The Korat looked up to see the angry, old dog, glaring at him.

"Welcome back to the land of the living, Michael. Why don't you be so kind as to answer the problem on the board, hmmm?"

"Um…I….Uh…" The boy's mind raced to find a solution to the mix of numbers and letters on the board. LEGACY felt his host's frustration and decided to help the Korat.

"The answer is (5,-2)."

"Yes…Yes, it is," the teacher sighed, walking back to his desk.

What did you do? Michael thought.

I took control of your jaw and tongue so that I could answer the question for you.

You can do that?

My circuitry has melded with your flesh so perfectly, I can control your body whenever I see fit….You are afraid of this fact. You fear I will abuse it. If it will calm you down, I will have you create a password that will lock and unlock my automatic, non-combat motor controls.

That would be nice, and please don't read my mind. It's creepy!

Acknowledged. Default password for Automatic Non-Combat Motor Controls is 295475896438975790643-8867589-0.

How about we just make that twenty-nine?


The school day eventually ended and Michael walked to the exit. As he walked, he noticed that Lucy wasn't there to walk with him. No surprise there, really. The two had stopped walking together ever since the three words were spoken. The only other time they saw each other was during lunch, and that was plagued by a powerful, awkward, silence.

Michael, I have scanned the general area of our location and have found a field filled with a large quantity of damaged items and wastes.

You mean a junkyard? Mike thought, walking home.

Correct. I wish to visit it.



Hold them within the air for a few more minutes, Michael.

"Are…you sure no one…is going to see us?" the Korat groaned as he used his new powers to hold three wrecked cars in the air. "Ah…This hurts!"

I am the scanning the area every 2.45 seconds for biological life forms. Other than simple vermin and insects, there is no life. As for the pain, your mind is weaker compared to that of an Ancient One. These exercises will help you strengthen it.

Michael sighed as he tried to ignore the headache and keep the car wrecks in the air as best he could. As he tried to, his mind slowly began to wander, causing the cars to hit the ground with a loud thud. He fell on his back, panting as he looked around.

Large piles of metal hid him and his actions, but he did find the sand to be a comforting bed for him. As he panted and rubbed his temples, LEGACY looked through his mind once more.

Why does your race's young want to commit suicide, Michael?


Halloween: A holiday in which the children of this planet go from home to home, collecting small pieces of sugar which will damage their teeth and are unhealthy for them. Despite this fact, the children eat them vigorously, bringing their life closer to an end.

"…You were looking through my head again, weren't you?"


Michael sighed and stood back up, thinking, I told you not to do that!

I apologize. Now enlighten me about Halloween.

"…Let's head home for now. I'll tell you about it on the way home."

As our heroes walked home, Michael explained to his robot companion the idea of Halloween. He walked down the sidewalk, backpack already dropped off at his home. He explained the holiday to his new friend, as three police cars drove by, sirens blaring.



"I have power that no one else on my planet does. I can do what no one else can. Shouldn't I use it for more than just fighting aliens?" he thought aloud, before suddenly running to a nearby alley.

No. You should not. Organisms of off world nature are meant to be combated by us. Natural events or mistakes that originate from your own race are meant for the local law enforcement and/or the natural direction of events.

"I just became a part of the local law enforcement. Activate the combat armor…thing!" Michael commanded, standing in the alley.

Combat mode has been i-

"Wait. Before you activate it, can you make it not come out of my mouth? It-"

Caused you to experience pain? Acknowledged. Combat mode has been initiated. Control is yours.

This time, Michael felt the silver liquid secrete from his pores. It was much less painful thankfully, and he was soon encased in the liquid, which soon hardened into a suit of armor over the Korat. He moved his fingers around in the suit and gazed at his hand through the visor before flying into the air, surprising himself with the velocity.

"Whoa. Okay. Let's go help the police out, LEGACY. Ready?"

Systems are at optimum. We are prepared to engage any native threat.

Michael nodded, before taking a deep breath and flying off after the police cars.

"This is the police. Release the hostages or we will use lethal force!" the police chief of Roseville announced into his megaphone.

"Interesting statement. Here's our response, chiefie!" a male cat laughed, throwing a Molotov cocktail out of his apartment window. The bottle hit the ground and created a small fire near the chief, making the older cat flinch.

"Someone put that fire out!" he ordered.

What can you tell me, LEGACY? Michael wondered as he sat on top of a neighboring apartment.

My scans are finished. There are only eight sentient life signs. I have tapped into the police radio for more information and have discovered it is a hostage situation. Three young women are being held against their will within the top floor of the apartment complex. Recommend caution.

"Right…Here goes," the silver hero whispered, before flying off to the building. Below him, many of the officers gasped and pointed to the sky, seeing the shining figure fly to the apartment.

"What the hell…?" the criminal who threw the cocktail whispered, before his eyes widened and he ran from the window. With a loud crash, the brick wall was torn down, revealing Michael.

Caution: the trait of being cautious; being attentive to possible danger, LEGACY explained as Michael rubbed his head.

I know what caution means! I just had a bit of a problem flying.

A bit of a problem does not usually equate into crashing through a stone wall and nearly killing someone.

Michael saw what LEGACY was referring to, seeing the orange, Persian cat on the ground. The cat had long orange fur going down his head, and wore a red hoodie and matching track pants, which had a wet stain, showing just how much fear the pyromaniac had just suffered.

"Um…You're under arrest!" Michael declared.

"AHHHH!" he screamed, running on all fours to the door, quickly escaping through it.

I would recommend following. I would also recommend avoiding that urine puddle he left.


"What the hell was that?" another criminal asked as he saw the pyromaniac running to him, screaming. "Whoa, whoa. Brando, what's wrong?"

This one was a dog, who was much more muscular than his scrawny friend. The Pug dog had black fur and did not have a shirt, letting him show off his six-pack well. He wore ripped and worn down jeans and had a lead pipe in his arms.

"T-that alien thing from the news! I-it just broke through the freaking wall!" the cat screamed. "We got to get out of here, Rick!"

"What are you talking about?"

Rick soon got his answer when the door Brando had run through suddenly went flying into the wall and Michael walked through the empty hole.

Michael, do you realize that there was an opening mechanism on that wooden object?

Sorry! Still trying to get a hold of these powers…

"Sweet Christmas," the Pug whispered, before shaking his head and holding the pipe in his hand tighter. He slowly walked up to Michael, trying to be brave. "Get back, you freak! Before I break that armor like a tin caAHHHH!" Rick was suddenly launched back, sending him flying to the end of the apartment and hitting the wall.

"Whoa! What the hell was that!" the leader of the gang of criminals screamed, as he, a Dalmatian, and two Siamese cats ran into the hallway.

"AHHHH!" Brando screamed, running away from the silver hero, only to be caught and held upside down by Michael's telekinetic grip. "Oh god, please don't kill me!" he pleaded, before being flung forward, crashing into the Dalmatian. The twin girls gasped at the sight, but were quickly grabbed by an invisible force and slammed into each other.

With all five of the crooks knocked out, our Korat superhero walked into the same room the three had exited, finding three young girls bound, blindfolded, and gagged.

"It's okay, I'm here to save you," he explained, running over to one and untying her as quickly as he could.

"We heard some noises coming outside, and then a voice saying that he was here to save us! That's when he untied me and I saw him! He was somekind of knight, in shining armor!" the female dog explained to the news reporter, swooning at the thought of her savior.

"You heard it here folks! This armored figure, whether he is man or machine, has already saved the lives many! First last night, when a WMD attacked a suburban neighborhood and now, saving the lives of three young women from what could have been death! Many people have gone to calling this mysterious figure, the Silver Sentinel, but is he truly here to help? If so, where did he come from? Who is he? And are there more like him? And if he isn't here to help, then how will we stop him? This is Karen Kowler, Channel 10 News. Back to you, Jim."

"The Silver Sentinel?" Michael repeated, sitting in his living room, homework on his lap. "I like the sounds of that…" The Korat smiled as he continued with his homework, dreaming about the future he was building for himself. Things are looking up.

Indeed. Save for the fact that your relationship with Lucy is still damaged, you are still miles away from your female companion, Sandy, Paulo still despises your existence, and the Soulless may know about us and could be on their way to eliminate you and dismantle myself. But yes. Save for those facts, your life seems to be very enjoyable.

"…Thanks, LEGACY. I really needed that."

"Vjak! Vjak!" The sound of footsteps echoed throughout the hallway as a young Soulless warrior quickly bowed down to his superior and looked up at him. "We have just received data from the drones we sent after the Old Ones Scientist!"


The young messenger motioned for a screen to appear from the ceiling and it showed a picture of the Silver Sentinel, aka Michael and LEGACY. "The LEGACY has connected itself to a young native of an alien world. This organism hails from the planet known as, Earth. The Old Ones, to our knowledge, were studying the primitive race before the war."

"How far is this planet?"

"In another galaxy, my lord, but if we use the Wave Motion Blaster, we can open a wormhole to it and reach it within a few days."

"I am sensing a problem. What aren't you telling me?"

"The Old One, before escaping, set the Wave Motion Blaster to overload. The extra power allowed him to reach the planet in minutes, instead of days. The overload also caused it to explode, meaning we'll need a few days to repair it. Any other form of travel would take more than a week, at least."

Vjak nodded his head at the statement, before bringing up a new point. "I see. Very well, begin the repairs. Until then, send a batch of organic drones to the planet. How long would it take for a battalion of them to get to this planet?"

"Two weeks, at the most, my lord."

"Then get to work. I want to see just how much this life form is capable of fighting…"


This chapter was originally meant to be longer, and include the Halloween arc, but I decided to change that. And no, this is not filler. Far from it, those criminals are going to be playing a big part to the story, you'll see. I apologize for all mistakes.

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