All Hell's Eve

High above the earth, a small meteor fell to the planet. It broke through the atmosphere and hit the planet, creating a small crater within a forest. When the hot rock laid it the crater, it began to twitch and shake, before cracking like an egg. Yellow ooze trickled out of the rock, before growing in size.

"Goodbye, mom!" Michael yelled as he walked out of his home. It was Halloween night and our young hero was dressed up as Cthulu, the H.P. Lovecraft character. He walked out of his house, mask on his head as he and LEGACY walked down the sidewalk.

Enlighten me, Michael, why are you dressed as a cephalopod?

I'm not an octopus, LEGACY, I told you.

I simply wanted to make sure. I am happy to hear you are smart enough to know that the average octopus does not have wings on its back.

I never realized an alien computer could make jokes and sarcastic statements like you.

I do not make 'jokes or sarcastic statements,' only my own observations and thoughts. Nothing more.

Right, Michael thought as he walked down the sidewalk.

He soon reached Lucy's house and smiled as he planned on giving a certain green lizard a fright. He reached for the door, before hearing LEGACY's voice.

Soulless presence has been detected. We need to go, Michael.

What? Are you sure? The Korat thought. More aliens? He thought in fear, forgetting that LEGACY could hear his thoughts. The door was suddenly opened by Yashy, who let out a scream of fright from seeing him.

"Yashy, sorry, I have to go."

"Michael? Where are you going?" Lucy inquired, hearing his voice and walking to the doorway.

"Um…I….forgot something at home! I jacket! Just in case it gets cold," he lied, stepping back with each other word. "I gotta go get it, you go meet up with the others, and I'll catch up!"


"…Mom, is it me, or is Flea acting really weird? Like, weirder than usual?"


Michael quickly ran off back home, but as he ran, LEGACY spoke. Running all the way home is unneeded. Simply discard the costume into that nearby tree. We will retrieve it after investigation.

The Korat saw the tall, green tree the robot referred to and nodded his head. He quickly looked around to make sure no one was watching, before quickly climbing the tree. After discarding and hanging the costume onto a branch, he turned into his alter ego and flew off.

Combat mode has been initiated.

There. Fly down.

The Silver Sentinel flew down to the ground and landed in a small crater. The crater was in a secluded part of the forest outside of Roseville, hidden by tall trees and bushes. He examined the basketball sized rock, which was in two broken pieces, with a smooth purple inside.

"What is this thing?" Michael asked, reaching down to touch the rock.

Analyzing…It's a Soulless transport unit.

"Transport? What could fit through something like this? It's so small."

Bioorganic drones. Made up of a synthetic material, it is capable of reproducing asexually at a rapid rate. They most likely came here to find and capture us. If this theory is correct, they will be going to the same area where we encountered the mechanical drones.

"Same area? But that means…LUCY!" Michael gasped, quickly flying off back to Roseville.

They will most likely try to attract attention to themselves by going into populated areas. Stealth is not their primary ability. They are mostly designed for battle. It is odd that I was not able to detect their presences. May be new models, made out of different material than the material used during the war. Recommend caution.


Caution: the trait of being cautious; attentive to possible d-

"I know!"



The sound of laughter followed the screams as Jasmine helped her boyfriend, Paulo, up. The two continued to giggle as they saw the children away in fright.

"You two are taking way too much joy in this," Sue commented.

"Oh come on, Sue, we're just having fun," Paulo laughed, standing beside Jasmine. As the two began to calm down, they noticed the others were staring at them with their moves agape. "What?" He then felt a drip of water land on his furry head and he touched the spot it hit. "Is it raining?"

"P-Paulo," Jasmine whispered, tugging on the boy's sleeve as she looked up.

"Huh?" The Somali followed Jasmine's gaze and was stunned as he saw the drooling mouth of the monster behind him.

The beast towered over the group, easily eight feet tall. The monster was humanoid, with long skinny legs and arms. It was made up of a yellow and black material, with most of it being yellow with black jagged streaks going down its body. It had three clawed hands and toes, with small spikes on its knuckles, knees, back, shoulders, and elbows. The beast had very small, white dots on its head that clashed with the black and yellow, these acted as its eyes as it looked down at the two teenagers, before letting out a loud, high pitched screech.

"AHHH!" the two screamed, running over to the group and hiding behind others.

"Wow! What a great costume!" David smiled, peaking out of his ghost costume. The creature stepped closer to the ground; causing most of them to move back in fear save for David.

"David, I-I don't think that's a costume…" Paulo whispered.

"What are you talking about?" the dog asked, as the monster let out another roar, covering David's costume in its spit. "OH! That's what you're talking about...AHHH!" he screamed, throwing his sheet over the monster's head and running off. Many other people saw the monster and had the same reaction, running away in fear.

As the group ran, Lucy found herself tripping on her dress and falling on the ground, right on top of Yashy.

"Lucy!" Paulo screamed, letting go of Jasmine's hand to get to the white cat.

The monster neared the two girls as they stood up; raising one of its arms is preparation to strike them down. Its clawed hand shot down, but missed the two as they were rescued by a familiar hero.

"Are you okay?" a voice inquired. Lucy opened her eyes to find that they were in the arms of the metallic superhero, the Silver Sentinel, with Yashy sitting on her stomach.

"It's him! Mom, it's him! Can I have your autograph, Silver Sentinel?" the lizard begged, quickly pulling out a notepad and pen.

The Silver Sentinel dropped off the two girls back with Paulo and the others, placing a hand on Lucy's shoulder after doing so. "Are you okay, Lu-lady?" he asked, and she gave a small nod. "Good…That's good. Um…I have to go stop the evil monster now. You kids better out of here!" he ordered, before looking down at Yashy, who was glaring at him. "Right," he sighed, quickly signing her notepad, before flying off to the bioorganic droid.

Are you okay, Michael? LEGACY wondered.

Fine. It's just weird thinking that Lucy and the others didn't recognize me, Michael replied, before seeing the drone roaring at him. "Let's go," he growled, flying right into the monster. He plowed into it, knocking it to the ground.

It leapt back up and roared, grabbing a nearby car and throwing it at the hero. The Silver Sentinel caught the car and used his telekinesis to throw it back at the alien monster. The drone's right hand suddenly turned into a large battle axe and sliced the car in half, before shooting small spikes out of its other claw. The Sentinel dodged the spikes, but was caught by the drone's long, sticky tongue, which wrapped around his leg and pulled him into its gaping mouth.

"Let. Me. OUT!" Roared the superhero, as the creature's chest began to expand and inflate like a balloon, before soon popping. Yellow and black pieces of slime flew onto the ground and onto a few unfortunate cats and dogs, but thankfully they were not hurt by the remains. "That was easy."

That was one. Bioorganic drones usually appear in packs. If there is one, there will be more.

"Where?" Michael sighed.

Unknown. These are more advance models. They could be right behind you, for all I know.

"…I wonder…." The Silver Sentinel peeked behind his shoulder and saw more than a dozen more organic drones, all drooling and growling. "That figures," he sighed, turning around and taking a fighting stance. "At least it can't get any worse."

Suddenly all of the drones began to jump onto one another, creating a large pile. They then all melted down and reformed into a single, larger entity.

"...Why did I say that?" Mike sighed, slapping his forehead. Suddenly, he was smacked aside and went flying into a tree, breaking it down. "Guh…" He looked up and to his horror he found the unified creature was much bigger and intimidating than the already horrifying drone.

The monster was nearly four stories tall. It has six, long tendrils sticking out of its body, acting as arms, and four long legs, each ending in three clawed toes. It was a mangle of yellow and black blobs, with disturbing red eyes. Its mouth was a drooling mess, and its forked tongue licked its razor sharp teeth was it ran at our hero.

"Don't worry, Silver Sentinel! At least it can't get any worse!" David declared, as the ends of each tendril turned into a giant battle axe or sharpened head.

"Damn it, David," the hero groaned, slapping his armed forehead.

The forty foot monster roared and tried to stab the Silver Sentinel, but he flew out of the way, dodging the weapons as he led it to a less crowded area. He stopped though as he heard a cry for help, followed by LEGACY's monotone voice.

Female organism's life being threatened.

"I see her!" he yelled, quickly flying down to pick up a schoolgirl from being crushed by the monster's foot. Fortunately he was able to pick her up and fly over the monster's head, sending him back on track to a less populated area. "Don't worry, miss, I've got-Carson?"

"AHHH! Please! I don't wanna die!" the crossdresser screamed, wrapping his arms around his head.

Odd. I am detecting an X chromosome, yet this creature is wearing female attributed clothing. Searching host's memory banks.

I thought I told you not to do that!

Search complete. Name: Carson. Age: Sixteen. Significant Information: Homosexual. You have considered sexual intercourse with this organism, despite both of you being male.

LEGACY! The blushing Michael mentally screamed as they dropped Carson off on a parked bus, out of the way of the monster's feet.

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" Carson cried, kissing all over the Silver Sentinel's helmet.

"Ack! Get off! GET OFF! I said, get off!" After fighting Carson off, the armored hero flew off, with the giant alien in hot pursuit. "Gross," he shuddered, seeing purple kiss marks all over his visor. He quickly spun around, but flew in reverse while he faced down the alien monster.

By now the hero and abomination were reaching the city limits. The silver superhero fired a series of telekinetic blasts at the monster, but the creature's skin just rippled before returning to normal.

Its body is composed of a malleable material. I will begin searching for a method to destroy it. Analyzing. Calculating. Complete. A large dosage of electricity should be able to stun the creature enough so that its body will not return to its natural form.

So electrocute it?


"Right. How do I do that?" Mike wondered, dodging a sharp tendril, but getting smacked back down to the ground with the blunt side of the axe. "Guh…" Before he could even stand back the foot of the yellow and black monster stomped on him, crushing him under its size and weight. The superhero quickly tore right through it though and stood on the clawed foot, seeing the hole he made quickly fixing itself. Suddenly tendrils shot out of the foot and grabbed his legs and reached for his arms, trying to bind him.

"TK Sword," he declared, creating the invisible, telekinetic weapon in his hand and slicing through the tendrils, freeing himself from the beast. More tendrils followed him as he soared into the air, but they were quickly sliced down by his sword.

Michael, behind you.

Waving his sword around madly, the young Korat peeked behind him and saw a series of power lines. "Got it!" he yelled, flying away from the monster. "Hey, gruesome! Down here!" he yelled. The monster roared and its combat tentacles reached down to strike at him.

The power lines suddenly snapped due to an invisible force and struck back at the monster, connecting themselves to its tendrils, sending megawatts surging through its body, electrocuting it. With the creatures howling in pain, Michael soared up to its head and swung the TK Sword, stretching out so it could do more damage.

The top of the monster's head was sliced off, followed by another slice right through its eyes, then another, chopping off its lower jaw. Yellow and black slime squirted out as the Silver Sentinel kept up the attack, slicing away at the yellow and black abomination. The series of cuts combined with the volts of electricity caused the monster to screech in pain before it began to melt, shrinking in size.

It was soon reduced to a small, puddle of yellow and black goop, which bubbled a bit, before another screech was heard, and it began to dissolve. The same thing was happened to the slime that had bled from its wounds, leaving the place empty of any evidence of what happened; save for the destruction Michael had caused with the power lines.

"I-I can't believe it. We did it!" The Korat declared, raising his hands to the air. "We're alive!"

The Soulless no doubt know about our presence. They will send more of their agents down. Stronger ones. This is little reason to celebrate.

Michael slowly brought his arms back down and sighed, rubbing his protected head as he slowly lifted himself into the air, flying back to his neighborhood. "…"

"Mommy! Over here!" Yashy yelled, beckoning her mother to a broken down tree.

"Yashy, what is it?" the white cat girl asked, walking over to her daughter. The young lizard reached into the broken branches and pulled out a large Cthulu mask, the same one Michael had worn. "Flea…"

The Khao Manee stared at it with shock, taking the rubber mask into her hands as she felt her heart cry out. "Michael…No…No," she cried, feeling hot, salty tears slip out and race down her face.


The teenage girl spun around and her eyes widened as she saw her old friend. He was staring at her with curiosity, not understand her painful expression. She dropped the mask to the ground and ran forward, throwing her arms around him and hugging him tightly.


"Flea!" Yashy cried, running over and hugging her 'father's' leg, joining Lucy.

"What is it? What's wrong?" the teenage boy questioned, before seeing his mask on the ground. "Oh. Lucy…"

"W-what happened? I thought you were dead!"

"Lucy. I…" Michael found himself stuck suddenly. How was he supposed to explain this? "The tree fell on me and my suit got caught on it! I had to get out of it to get out from under the tree," he quickly explained.

She looked at him, wiping the tears from her eyes. He quickly looked away, afraid the truth would be revealed if she looked into his eyes. Thankfully, he soon felt a pain in his shin and jumped back, holding his shin as he leapt up and down.

"We thought you were dead, Flea!" Yashy yelled, glaring at the Korat. "I bet you were hiding under your bed while the Silver Sentinel was fighting that giant monster! What a wimp!" she commented, jumping into her 'mother's' arms.

"Ow! And what were you doing the whole time?" he shouted, rubbing his kicked leg.

"I was lending moral support!" she grinned. "He never would have stopped that thing without my help!"

"I bet," he mumbled, standing on his two legs as the others ran over.

Lucy seemed to still be in thought over the lie he gave when the others ran over, glad to see Michael had survived the monster attack. He saw the look in her eyes, and he gulped. She knew he was lying. He could just tell.

Illogical. You are most likely just being paranoid, Michael. It is scientifically impossible to deduce what an organism is thinking simply by looking into their eyes.

"You called for me, Vjak?"

"General Zivix, you were instrumental in the defeat of the Old Ones. Your leadership skills brought our enemies to their knees. Now, I ask on your services once more."

"I live to serve our race, my lord."

Vjak nodded, before pressing a button on his throne, creating a holographic display of a certain silver superhero and a certain blue and green planet. "The LEGACY Project has bonded to a young Earthling. Find him, separate the two, and bring back the machine."

"Very well. The planet shall know my fury."

"Do not threaten the planet. The Earthlings have done nothing too us and have no part in our war with the Old Ones. Simply retrieve the LEGACY. If you have to, kill its host, but try to keep death tolls to a minimum."

"Sir? If you simply allow me full range of this mission, I can retrieve it in days."

"No. This young, primitive race does not deserve our scorn. Leave it intact. Do you understand me?"

"Yes, Master…"

"Good. Prepare your ship. Once the Wave Motion Blaster is repaired, you will leave. We are reverse engineering the cannon and installing it into your own ship to bring you back here once your mission is done."

"Yes sir," Zivix nodded, quickly exiting the room. As soon as the door slid shut behind him he let out a whisper. "Idiot. He's not fit to lead us."


Zivix couldn't' be more obviously evil. In other news, exciting chapter next time! The Silver Sentinel VS his very first supervillain! Huma the Firecat!