"I can't believe this!" Yashy screamed, taking the newspaper out of Michael's hands and then throwing it onto the table she was standing "How can anyone say that about the Silver Sentinel?" Michael silently took the newspaper back in his hands and attempted to concentrate and read it over the lizard's ranting.

The Sentinel is a Liar:
President Bill Jacobs has officially stated that the Silver Sentinel is a threat to society. 'He is a young, rouge scientist who stole a government weapon. He must be apprehended,' he declared. When asked about the supervillain, Huma, the president had this to say. 'The Silver Sentinel, as he is called, created this supervillain to improve his public opinion. He will create more, and endanger more lives, to gain more influence. Soon, he will use the monsters he creates to threaten anyone who tries to oppose him. I am asking all citizens to not trust this man, and to allow the proper authorities to arrest him.'

Your planet's distrust is illogical. The Soulless must have had a hand in this. We should go and have a conference with this man.

We can't. The newspaper says the president has gone to a secret bunker and will only come out after we've been arrested.

This is very problematic.

"Are you okay, Lucy?" Daisy inquired, looking at her friend.

"Why wouldn't I be?"

"Mom! The Silver Sentinel saved your life, remember?" Yashy questioned. "You don't think he's evil, right?"

Lucy opened her mouth, but when she saw the look in the small lizard's eyes she shook her head. "No, Yashy, I don't."

"I knew it! We need to clear his name! I'm going to run right up to the president and start protesting!"

The bell soon rang though and the gang began to disperse. As it did, Paulo walked after Lucy. She glanced at him, and her face turned to a scowl as she quickened her walk and left Paulo behind.

"You okay, Paulo?" Jasmine wondered, embracing the Somali.

He looked at her and created a false, happy smile, nodding his head. "Yeah, I'm fine. I'll see you afterschool, Jasmine."

Later that day, our Korat hero was in his final class of the day. He silently wrote down what the teacher wrote, before a sound was heard within his head.

Michael, I have picked up something over the police radio.

You can hear the police radio?

Of course I can. It is simple to tune my instruments to their frequencies.

Well, what is it? I can't just walk out of class, you know!

I would not have notified you if it wasn't an emergency. There are reports of a monster made out of slime attacking the suburban area of Roseville. I would advise investigating.

Mike quickly nodded and raised his hand. "May I go to the bathroom?" The teacher excused him and he sped off, soon reaching the bathroom and suiting up. With a quick scan from LEGACY to ensure the coast was clear, our silver superhero flew off to fight this sludge monster.



The people ran in fear of the sludge made abomination, which roared and screamed at them. One of its hands suddenly morphed into a hammer, letting him smash an empty car, while the other became a spiked ball, which smacked a nearby tree down.

"Look! It's a bird!"

"It's a plane!"

"It's the Silver Sentinel!"

The silver superhero landed on the street and looked at slimy monster, which roared at the hero and quickly began attacking him, with its arms.

That creature has nanobots within it.

Can't you just deactivate them now?

The subject needs to be subdued, so they do not force the nanobots to remain active. They are mental controlled, remember? Shut off higher brain functions and then I will deactivate them.

"Right. Knock him out, turn them off. Easy," the boy sighed as he ducked under the monster's arms and punched it, getting his hand stuck inside of the monster. It raised its hands to smash him, but suddenly it began to inflate. The Silver Sentinel was shooting telekinetic energy straight into it, which resulted in the monster exploding all around him and the suburban area, landing on cars, trees, houses, and the yards of those houses. LEGACY, did I just…kill it?

No. Look down.

Michael did so and found the remains of the monster twitching with life. One of the pieces suddenly leapt up, covering his entire helmet and blinding him. He stepped back in shock and attempted to pull the slime off of him as the other pieces began to close in on him.

"Get. OFF!" The Sentinel roared, unleashing a shockwave from his body, knocking all of the pieces away from him. When he looked around, he saw the pieces were quickly slipping into a sewer drain, escaping with it. "HEY!" He yelled, running over. As he did, the pieces within the sewer drain formed together and an arm shot out of the drain, ending with a rectangular block. It slammed right into the hero's visor, knocking him into a tree and allowing for the final pieces to escape."Ow…"

"Silver Sentinel! Are you okay?" Some of the watching citizens ran over to the injured hero and crowded around him, helping him stand.

"I'm fine, I'm fine. Don't worry. I'm-LOOK OUT!" He pushed them all away with a small telekinetic burst as cracks within the earth appeared beneath him. Black slime shot out of it and coiled around his legs. A geyser of slime followed, launching him into the air before consuming him and slamming him into the street.

"Ahhh!" The creature roared, before tossing the hero onto the roof of a nearby car and throwing itself into the air, intending to crush him.

"No, you don't!" The Korat commanded, firing a powerful telekinetic blast, throwing the monster into the air. He quickly rolled off the top of the car and saw the monster land on it, crushing it. He held his hands up and picked up another nearby car and smashed the two together, with the monster in the middle.

That won't work, Michael. The creature is made out of a malleable material. It will simply reshape itself and-

LEGACY was interrupted as a black fist shot out between the two cars, punching the Silver Sentinel, breaking his concentration, and causing the cars to drop.

Do that. I would advise dealing with this as you did before, with the bioorganic drones. Electricity should suffice.

What about fire?

LEGACY quickly searched through the teenanger's mind and realized his plan. Interesting idea, Michael. It should have the same effect. Scanning for gas tank.

Michael watched as the supervillain, or 'Sludge' as he had mentally noted, was crawling out from between the two cars and onto the ground. He quickly made the two cars fall on their sides, and onto the escaped slimy mass, trapping it under them momentarily.

"TK Sword!" He yelled, creating his invisible sword. "Stand back!" He commanded the people, before running to the two cars and lifting off into the air. He stabbed them both in quick succession, causing gas to leak out of them both and onto the ground. The Korat gulped as he quickly made a protective shield dome shield around the two cars, before slashing the ground. The 'sword' grinded against the stone street and caused a few sparks to fly, which hit the gas, which started a chain reaction that led to the two cars exploding.

Sludge roared in pain as he felt the fire burned his new form, and he quickly escaped into another sewer drain, his 'tail between his legs,' so to speak. The Silver Sentinel lied on the ground a few feet away from the burning cars, uninjured. His shield had absorbed the blunt of the explosion, protecting him and the other citizens, but by the time he stood up, Sludge was gone.

Any ideas where he went?

Down the sewer drain, but I cannot follow his trail.

Our hero sighed as he realized the villain had escaped for now, before looking around. Many of the people were cheering for the hero, but a voice cut through them.

"You reckless, punk! That was my car you blew up!"An older dog yelled, walking out of the crowd and glaring at the superhero.

"Oh…Uhh…" Michael slowly turned around to look at the two burning cars and held his hand up, covering them both in an airtight bubble, cutting off the fire from the air around it. "Sorry..."

"Sorry? SORRY? You destroyed my car! The president is right! You're a crazy man! Help! Police! Police!" The old man shouted.

"Hey, shut up, old man! The Silver Sentinel just saved your wrinkly old butt!"

"Yeah, cut him some slack!"

I advise leaving, Michael. Now.

The teenage cat nodded and as soon as the fire was dead, he advised the crowd to return to their homes, before he flew off back to school.

"Detention?" Michael groaned, looking at the paper.

"You were seriously gone for the whole period?" Paulo asked in disbelief. "What were you doing? Choking your chicken?" The womanizer joked.

"Shut up, Paulo," the gray cat mumbled, as the group walked to the exit of the school.

"So what are you guys going to do now?" Daisy smiled, holding Abbey's arm.

"Jasmine and I are hitting the arcade," declared Paulo.

"I'm going to do my Final Fantasy Cat impression!" David grinned.

"I have a test I need to study for, so I guess there's that," Tess shrugged.

"I have to…" Michael stopped as he saw Lucy, who was on her way home ahead of the group. She glanced over her shoulder and made contact with him, before she quickly ran off. "To…Do homework! Right. Yeah."

"You okay, Mikie?" Daisy asked, concerned for her old flame.

"I'm fine, Daisy. Really. I have to get going guys, I'll see you later," he quickly declared, separating from the group and going on his way home. He saw Lucy ahead of him, but before he could think anything about her, LEGACY spoke.

We have no time for your hormonal driven actions, Michael. We should go and speak with the local law enforcement and see if we are still trusted among them. I noticed despite the president's statement many of Roseville's citizens seem to still trust you. I wish to know if it is the same for the local law enforcement.

Michael watched at Lucy kept walking and sighed. I thought you said you wanted me to try and repair my relationship with Lucy.

You should. I would suggest apologizing to her after investigating our possible criminal status.

I guess you're- "Wait. Why should I apologize?"

From what I can see through your memories, you were a crutch for her, something that helped her carry on. Then you broke when you needed her most. Leaving her on the ground, wallowing in her own adolescent angst.

"So what? It's my fault?" Michael mumbled as he walked home.

No. Lucy did not show you the respect you should have earned from her. If anything, it is both of your faults. I do not fully understand the human emotional spectrum, especially not teenage emotional spectrums, but I do know that you both made mistakes. Lucy never showed you respect and abused you and you snapped and abandoned her at her weakest moment, when she needed you most. I am not saying your actions weren't unreasonable at the time, but looking back, you were rather cruel, so apologizing would be best.

Why am I even listening to you? You said it yourself you don't understand emotions...

If you do not wish to, do not listen to what I say. But I am simply trying to help you and her repair your friendship. I cannot have her distracting you during any coming battles. Not to mention the possible distraction Sandy could create for us.

Can you please just stop going through my head? And can we please stop talking about my love life?

Very well. I have already done so over seventy times. I have copied every detail into my is nothing about your life I do not know about.

Mike let out a frustrated sigh and kept walking to his house. "Lucky me..."


I can totally relate with you Mike! I wish the voices in my head would stop.

So Sludge and Sentinel fought it out and LEGACY is trying to be our hero's LOVE GURU. Nice.