All That Glitters

"Mr. President?"

"Yes, what is it?"

"We have a letter for you. We made sure to triple check it just in case. Here." The female cat handed the president the letter and he opened it to find a note.

Hello, Mr. President. My name is Hubert Schindler, owner of Nirvana Industries. My company has been working on something I think you would like. In the letter, you'll find blueprints for a augmentation suit. Give me funding, and I can help deal with your little 'supervillain' problem.

"Everything checks out, sir. The name, company, and we're currently investigating about the suit. We'll have information about it within the hour."

"…" First aliens, now this, he thought, rubbing his head.

In the chill of the night a lone figure traveled through the air. He moved through the sky with the speed of a bullet, going unnoticed by the populace of Roseville. The figure finally made its stop at a small, unremarkable house. A window moved thanks to an unseen force and the figure flew into the room, finding a young, white cat and her pets asleep inside.

The figure floated above her unconscious form and pointed a finger at her open mouth. A silver liquid dripped into her mouth and crawled down her throat. She gave a light groan and shivered a bit, before returning to normal. The figure quickly left, closing the window behind it.

"Sir, they're ready," Alinor stated.

"Good. Make it so, assistant," Zivix smiled as the two watched the twins.

The two white cats struggled and tried to fight out of the metal arms that held them. Their blue eyes look around in fear before focusing on two arms descending from the ceiling, both ending in syringes. The needles pierced their skin and forced their content into them.

"Ahh! What was that stuff?" Michiko growled, as she and her little sister were freed. Her eyes suddenly widened and she began to cough and hack, shivering violently.

"Michiko! What's wrong?" Akane gasped as she saw her sister's body change. The older of the two let out a loud scream of pain as her skin was torn and ripped like paper. Green jewels covered in her blood shot out of her spine and she continued to cry in horrible agony as she fell onto the ground.

"AHHHH!" She looked at her left arm and watched as it gained a life of its own, bending and twisting unnaturally. She bellowed, tears in her eyes, as most of her body did the same and her bones were shattered from the unnatural movements. Her vision blurred, but she could still see emerald rocks forcing themselves out of her pours, covering her entire left arm and most of her body. She cried out one last time as she lost sight in her eyes, going blind.

"What did you do to her?" Akane cried, to afraid of the emerald shards ripping out of Michiko's body to help her sister. She suddenly began to cough and placed a hand on her neck. She groaned in pain, before letting out a scream as ruby rocks tore out of her flesh, causing some blood to splatter onto the ground. She looked at her left arm and felt it move on its own, twisting and cracking, the bones within it breaking apart to be replaced with something else. "Please, God...Don't!" She pleaded, before the rest of her limbs followed, bending and cracking to the whim of the nanobots. Tears fell from her eyes as she felt stone replace bone and skin. The last thing she saw was her sister howling in pain, before she two went blind. "Sister…Help."


I admit it. I just like writing creepy stuff for the transformation sequences. I'm a sicko like that. Also, I may up the rating to T…Meh. See ya next time.