Wow, how unlike me to write a fic about a couple that already has a sturdy fanbase. xD I just finished watching the anime a few days ago, and I immediately loved these two. Something about love/hate relationships just gets me. Anyway I own nothing. R&R.

Izaya sat on the edge of the building and twirled the purple tinted glasses between his fingers. He wondered if Shizuo had noticed he'd taken them. He had stolen them out of the bodyguard's pocket during one of their…altercations, simply out of curiosity as to what the other man would do to get them back. Izaya chuckled and placed the glasses on his face.

"So this is how Shizu-chan sees the world, huh?" he said to himself, a smile on his face. He had heard of rose-colored glasses, but lavender ones?

"Shizu-chan is strange," he laughed. From below him, he heard a loud crash. He didn't even need to look down to know who it was.

"I-ZA-YA-KUN!" came the exclamation from his most hated rival. Izaya smiled.

"Show time."

Izaya exited the building with a spring in his step, the glasses still on his face. Shizuo was still on the street, a lamppost poised in his hands.

"I-ZA-YA-KUN!" the blonde bodyguard said with an angry smile. Izaya didn't back down from the other man's rage.

"Shizu-chan! Imagine meeting you here. Do you like my new glasses?" Izaya jumped out of the way just in time to dodge a lamp post to the head. "Is that a no then?"

"Give them back," Shizuo growled, picking up the lamppost again.

"Tsk, tsk. That'd be no fun," Izaya purred. "How about you come to get them?" Once again, he barely missed being hit before running off. He heard Shizuo drop the lamppost and chase after him. Izaya felt a smile grace his lips; today was gonna be fun

He led Shizuo down a maze of alleyways making sure to keep a mental note of where they were, as to not get lost. A few times, Izaya had to jump to miss a flying vending machine or sign post. He wasn't quite sure why he had decided to steal Shizuo's glasses; it was kind of an impulse. He had realized that he often gave into impulses around Shizuo, like the time when he had slashed Shizuo across the chest when they had first met. Or like the other day, when he had seen Shizuo walking down the street, and he had thrown his Russia Sushi take-out at him. Yeah, he seemed to do a lot of impulsive things around Shizuo.

Izaya was dumbstruck when he turned the corner of an alley and found himself at a dead end. He had been so caught up in his thoughts that he hadn't been paying attention as to where he was going. Behind him, he heard Shizuo's footsteps drawing nearer. He reached into his pocket, searching for his switch blade, but found his pockets empty. He gasped. Had he forgotten it? Dropped it? It didn't matter, he was more worried about the bull of a man leering at him from the mouth of the alley.

"I-za-ya-kun," he drawled, moving closer to the brunette. "I'm gonna beat you into your afterlife, you fucking flea."

"Would you hit a guy with glasses?" Izaya taunted. His reply came in the form of Shizuo's fist coming straight at his face. He barely was able to dodge it. Nimbly, he moved forward taking the purple tinted glasses from his face and placing them on the blonde man. Shizuo froze for a moment and raised his hand to his glasses. Izaya took advantage in the brief pause to gently press his lips to the other man's. Shizuo jumped back; shocked.

"They look better on you anyway," he said with a cocky smile. He took off down the other side of the alley as fast as he could. He wasn't sure what had compelled him to kiss Shizuo. It was simply an impulse. Still, it was worth it to see the shocked look on the blonde man's face. And just because he didn't mean to, didn't mean he hadn't enjoyed the swift kiss. Maybe he's make it a habit to try kissing Shizu-chan more.

Well there you go. Darn Izaya and his impulses. xD I think I may turn this into a two-shot, depending on whether people like it or not. So review. Anything is appreciated, as long as it's not unnecessarily negative. Wow, I just realized, this is my second fic in two days! ;D Yay for me!

P.S. I realized after I wrote this, that Shizuo's glasses are blue, not purple. I'm not changing it, but I'll let you know that I know. :p