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"I love you," Shizuo mumbled sleepily into his lover's hair. He knew Izaya couldn't hear, (being asleep,) but he felt the need to say the words anyway. He had not yet spoken the three words to the brunette, not while the other man was conscious anyway, but he felt them to his very core. Snuggling closer to his sleeping partner, he sighed contentedly.

It had been several months since their awkward first date, but it felt like it had been much longer. It seemed as though they had been together their entire lives. That wasn't to say they hadn't had their issues, but they had found ways to work through them without killing each other. Life in Ikebukuro had become quite silent without the cataclysmic fighting between the two. Shizuo had to laugh a little at how they had acted in the past, it seemed so silly now.

He gently brought his lips to Izaya's neck. No, that fighting was all in the past. Their obsession with each other manifested itself in a completely new way, a more…constructive way, Shizuo thought. And he would much rather spend their time kissing or touching, than their old way of trying to kill one another. It wasn't that they had changed personally; Shizuo was still violent and Izaya was still the same manipulative jerk, but they had somehow come to accept each other as they were, and love one another's quirks.

"Izaya, I love you," Shizuo said again, this time louder and stronger, as the truth of the words resonated through his chest. He felt Izaya shift in his arms.

"I love you too, Shizu-chan."

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