A Ghostly Experience

Chapter Two

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Naruto suddenly tensed, "Uh oh."

Sakura looked up at the boy, hovering above her like a mother hen, "What's wrong?"

Naruto looked down at her, his face pale even for a ghost, "Well, someone's about to go the Solitary Confinement at night. Your friends, the blond one, along with the other two girls. It's not so bad during the day, they're sleeping then, but at night they're awake. Awake and dangerous."

"They who?" Sakura narrowed her eyes, "If Ino's in danger, I have to go help them!" Sakura bolted towards where she knew the Solitary Cells were.

The boys looked at each other. Kakashi frowned, "We have to follow her."

"Yes," Neji agreed, "We have to help her."

"Well," Naruto shot forward, down the hall after her, "Of course we have to help Sakura-chan!"

Sai sighed, "Couldn't we just let Ugly die?" He got glares from the others, so he quickly admitted, "Right. Death is bad. I forgot, sorry." He followed them down the hall, frowning, "Here we go, on our valiant suicide mission. They're psycho enough in a pleasant mood, you know they hate other people."


"Ino," Sakura raced down the hall of the Solitary Confinement ward, looking around. She heard screams from the last room on the left, so that's the one she bolted for. "Ino!" She ran into the room, the old tile walls caked with grime.

The girls were there, two men with fistfuls of their hair in their iron grips. One, a blond one, had Hinata. The other, a red head, had Ino and Tenten.

"You two," Sakura pointed at the two males, "Let them go!"

They looked at her, shocked, before growling at her. The blond one stuck his tongue out at her, giving Ino another shake.

"Don't you stick your tongue out at me!" Sakura scowled, stepping up with her chest puffed out in a feeble attempt to make herself seem tougher.

The blond one looked shocked for a moment, looking at his companion before facing Sakura again, "You can see me, yeah?"

"Yes I can see you," Sakura glared, "Now put them down!"

With a strange expression on their faces, the pair dropped the girls. They raced forward, out of the room, screaming. Sakura turned to follow them when a hand grabbed her shoulder.

"I'm Deidara," The blond one grinned, "and that's Sasori. Can you really see us, yeah?"

Sasori proceeded to poke Sakura's forehead, "She's alive. She's alive and she can see us."

"You're weird!" Deidara grinned, attempting to hug her. Of course, he fell through, sending shivers up Sakura's spine. "I like her, yeah!"

"I'm weird?" Sakura frowned, "I'm not the ghost boys picking on tour guides."

Sasori sighed, "You have a point there," He looked at her with a sad expression, "but you don't understand what it's like to be a ghost."

Sakura tilted her head innocently, "What do you mean?"

"It gets so lonely, yeah," Deidara sighed, "We have the other ghosts, I guess. But we miss human interaction. We pick on tour guides for that reason, yeah."

Sasori gave a small, pitiful smile, "If we didn't, we could fade away. I don't want to disappear."

Sakura wiped away a forming tear, "T-That's so sad! Sasori-kun, Deidara-kun, let me look up your names!" She took the name list out of her pocket, skimming through names and pictures until she found them.

"Deidara Iwa," She read aloud, "You would create clay bombs and encase people in them so they could blow up. Sasori Akasuna, you would kill victims and turn them into puppets. Both died of an epidemic." She took a step backwards, "Well, I see why you were in Solitary."

Sasori sighed, "Yeah. If I knew I'd get caught, I never would've done it."

Sakura frowned, "Of course you'd get caught, stupid."

Deidara protested his charge, "I had a reason. They wouldn't ignore me anymore, yeah. My father would never beat me again,"—He seemed hysterical—"No one could ever hurt me again. They're gone in a beautiful flash of art."

Sakura looked him up and down, "I see. You've lost your mind."

At that moment, two things happened. First, the boys burst through the entrance, crowding around Sasori and Deidara. Secondly, after the others were distracted, a hand grabbed her ankle, pulling her to the ground and into the hall.

She let out a piercing scream as she was quickly dragged into another room. She looked around, and all she could see for a moment was ancient bits of sand.

Then, two eyes were glaring at her from across the room.


Ino huffed, outside the prison, "We shouldn't have left Sakura!"

Hinata agreed, "W-we have to go b-back!"

Tenten gasped, "Can't we call the police instead?"

Ino sighed, "No! Now let's go!" She grabbed the girls' wrists, pulling them back into the prison, towards the Solitary Confinement ward.

"Ugh," Tenten mumbled, "They don't pay us enough for this."


Sakura spoke tentatively, "Hello? Who are you?"

Whoever owned the eyes didn't say anything. They only watched. The eyes were sea foam colored, rimmed with red. The owner hadn't slept before they died.

"I'm Sakura," She spoke up, hoping to get a reaction, "I can see you, you know. I can see ghosts. I don't know why."

He still wouldn't speak, but he stepped forward a bit. It was a young boy, no older than Sakura. He had blood red hair, and pale skin. He had the kanji for love tattooed on his forehead. He looked sadly at Sakura, studying her with his eyes.

"Who are you?" Sakura asked. She was getting a little uncomfortable now.

"You're afraid of me, aren't you?" The boy asked, so quietly Sakura almost couldn't hear him. "Everyone's afraid of me. Go away. Go and be afraid of me somewhere else!"

"I'm not afraid of you," Sakura frowned, "Besides, you're the one that brought me here. Now tell me your name."

"I'm Gaara," Gaara offered quietly, expecting the name to cause a reaction. Sakura didn't move though, so he went on. "I'm the demon of the sand," Gaara admitted.

"The demon of the sand?" Sakura mumbled, confused, "Well, Gaara-kun, why should I be afraid of you."

"Because I want to kill you."