A scream was what made Peter jump up and awaken from his sleep, panting as he held the blanket to cover his chest.

Next to him, Raivis sat panting himself while staring at the younger male with wide eyes – the same blanket covering his chest. "P-P-Peter…"

After calming down, Peter smiled, "Morning, Raivis."

"W-what are you d-doing in my bed?"

Thinking, Peter remembered last night; taking Raivis out for "Just a couple shots of vodka and some gin", getting drunk, stumbling back to Raivis' house, pushing him onto the bed…

Raivis must've been thinking the same thing, because whenever Peter went to speak Raivis said; "I- I had to have been really drunk…"

"It's OK Raivis." Peter laughed, "Just a one night thing, right? Neither of us are gonna get pregnant, right? Neither of us are gonna get bombed, right?"

"U-um, yeah…" Raivis looked around the room at the strewn clothes, the knocked over lamp, and the open door that showed the hallway. Also, he smelled vodka, strongly.

"Well, I guess I'd better be going back home. May I take a shower first?" Peter got up, forcing Raivis to cover his eyes to keep from looking at his friend's nude body.

"G-go ahead." Raivis muttered.

Peter slid on his boxers before trotting into the bathroom, only to walk back out and say, "R-Raivis? Why is Ivan in your bathtub naked?"


"Raivis! Raivis, calm down." Peter had his hands on Raivis' shaking shoulders, shushing him and whispering things for the next five minutes.

Whenever the Latvian stopped shaking, he looked at Peter; "I – I had a bad dream."

"I could tell, you were tossing, turning, and moaning in your sleep." Peter said, "Wanna talk about it?"

Seeing as how they had to wake up in an hour for Peter to go home from this sleepover, Raivis nodded. "Well, we were older, and we had just woken up from a night of drinking, and…" Raivis decided to skip that part, "…you went to go take a shower, but came back out asking me why Ivan was naked in my tub."

Peter was silent before he laughed quietly, "Oh, Raivis. Still scared of Ivan, huh?"


"Don't worry. I'll keep Ivan away from you! Far away!" Peter looked around, "Hey, I'll go check and see if he's in the bathtub for you! If he is, I'll declare war, desu yo!"

Peter jumped out of his side of the bed, poking his head into the bathroom before coming back out – a scared look on his face. "H-he's, t-th-there…"

Raivis screamed softly and hid his face in the pillow, "Get him out!"

"I'm kidding, Raiv." Peter got back into his part of the bed, "The bathroom's clean. Not a single bit of crap anywhere."

Raivis lifted his head to chuckle, "Thanks Peter."

"Say Raivis." Peter replied just as Raivis felt a hand on his thigh, "What did we do in your dream that made me go take a shower?"

**I think I'll call this fluffy sleepoverness. I don't know why I wrote it! I just it was because I was bored. And do not ask about the end. It just ended up there. Crazee Canadia is weird. I hope you enjoyed and got warm from the fluffies.**