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"Kurosaki-san, what is the answer to number seven?" Ichigo's eyes, which had been half-closed with exhaustion, suddenly shot open. He looked up at his professor, who was standing in front of the blackboard awaiting his answer. Then he looked down at his textbook to find several pages crinkled, and realized he didn't know which page she'd been talking about. He glanced over at the boy sitting next to him and quickly turned to the right page.

"Well, we're waiting. Or did you fall asleep in class again?" the professor asked impatiently, and Ichigo bowed his head slightly as the other students stared at him. He averted his eyes in embarrassment and turned his attention back to his book. "It had better not happen again. Now, who can answer number seven?" the teacher said, and several hands shot into the air.

Ichigo groaned and rubbed his head. He'd woken up with a headache that morning, and even now, hours later, it still plagued him. This wasn't the first day he'd had it, either. He'd first begun getting headaches around a week ago. At first he'd brushed them off as normal headaches and taken some aspirin, and they always went away within an hour or two. As the days passed, however, and the headaches returned, the aspirin stopped working as well and the headaches started lasting much longer. Yesterday it hadn't gone away until he'd sat down for dinner at seven o'clock.

He'd spoken to Kisuke Urahara, hoping that maybe the headaches were a side effect of losing his powers after the war. His former mentor had checked him over and stated that it was possible the incident might have left him feeling weaker than before, but he'd have to do more research before he came to any conclusions.

He'd even gone to his father, Isshin Kurosaki, to ask him about the time he'd lost his own powers and if he'd suffered any side effects. The conversation had begun serious, the old man stating that he had felt weaker because he'd always had his powers and afterward had no way of defending himself. The conversation went south, however, when Isshin started talking about how he'd met Masaki and fallen in love, and eventually made hot sweet love, and at that point Ichigo had covered his ears in an attempt to block out his father's words.

For the past two weeks, he had been unsuccessfully trying to return to his old life before he'd met Rukia. However, the hollows still lurking in Karakura Town were hard to ignore, not to mention the midget still residing in his closet. He often ended up following his friends when they went to fight hollows, but felt more useless than anything since he was unable to really help. He watched as his human friends fought and almost felt like an outsider. He'd been trying not to let it get to him since the loss of his powers was only temporary, at least according to Kisuke. He really hoped that was true, but for the moment he'd settle for his headache disappearing.

The rest of class flew by while Ichigo once again rested his eyes, and this time the professor didn't disturb him besides giving him a disappointed look as he left the class with his friends. He ignored Keigo's rant about how school was too long and how they needed their freedom while they were still young, but the constant yelling made Ichigo move as fast as he could away from his brown haired friend because the noise was making his headache worse. Also, his desire to punch Keigo was becoming hard to resist.

"Are you alright, Kurosaki-kun?" Orihime asked sweetly as the group walked home. She stood to the right of him with Rukia to his other side, and Uryu and Chad following behind. He gave her a small smile to try and reassure her everything was alright. She didn't need to worry about him.

"Yeah, I'm fine," Ichigo replied. He heard a small snort come from Rukia, and glared over at her. She kept her arms crossed over her chest and her eyes closed as they walked.

"Stop lying! No, you're not. You still have a headache, don't you?" she said knowingly. She'd noticed it on the third day and had been keeping track of it each morning he dragged himself out of bed, wincing at the light and holding his head as he reached for the bottle of aspirin on the desk.

"Yeah, but it's no big deal," Ichigo shrugged.

"Oh, I know what will make you feel better! You should make some broccoli and chocolate soup with a little hint of Tabasco sauce! I know it always helps my headaches, and sometimes I get them a lot. Like a year ago when I had this big assignment…" Orihime launched into a cheerful explanation about the adventures of learning which soups helped her headaches, cramps, finger cuts, and every other problem that seemed to affect her. Unfortunately, this only seemed to make his head pound even harder.

"Hollow, hollow!" Ichigo winced when he heard Rukia's soul pager go off, indicating there was a hollow nearby. The group stopped and waited for her to indicate its direction.

"It's downtown, and it looks like it's a big one," Rukia told them. She pulled a round pill out of her pocket and popped it into her mouth, leaving Chappy in charge of her gigai. "We'll handle this. Why don't you go home and get some sleep?" she said to Ichigo, and the others nodded in agreement.

"What? I'm fine. I can … what the hell, get off!" Ichigo yelled as Chappy latched onto him and began dragging him towards his house.

"Nope, nope, nope; Rukia-sama wants you back in your home so back you go!" she said in a cutsie voice. He glared at her and turned to see that his friends were already heading for the hollow. Defeated, he sighed and allowed himself to be dragged off.

Once he was finally home and free of the evil mod soul that inhibited Rukia's gigai, he went upstairs and fell onto his bed face first. He clutched at his pillow as he felt his head pounding as if it was going to split open from the inside. He turned his head to the side and spotted the bottle of aspirin on his nightstand. He reached for it but quickly realized the bottle was empty, and sighed with disappointment before chucking it on the floor.

He buried his head in the pillow once more, trying to breathe evenly in hopes that his head would stop its furious pounding and aching. Unfortunately, this was futile and he could feel the pain cutting behind his left eye as he turned over on his side. He squeezed his eyes shut and tried to relax. Maybe a good nap was what he needed for it to go away.

He slowly drifted off into sleep, allowing his body to relax and his thoughts to drift into the darkness. Oddly, he could still feel the pain and felt himself being pulled towards it. He moved closer and closer until a bright blue building entered his field of vision and he was thrown into his inner world. He landed on a sideways building and slowly stood up to stare in horror at what had happened to his inner world.

Windows were cracked and broken on several of the buildings. Some of the tall pillars had been smashed beyond repair. The sky was a grayish hue rather than the normal bright blue with soft white clouds. What startled him most was a pole that lay on a window that hadn't been destroyed. He gulped as he walked over to it and bent down, then ran his fingers over the cool metal. It was the same pole the old man used to stand on, but now it was bent, burned, and chipped in several places. In the middle of the pole there was a cut nearly severing it in half. If he had picked it up, it probably would have broken in two.

He closed his eyes and sighed sadly. He missed them. The old man who gave him the advice and wisdom he needed to keep going in the heat of battle. He barely knew Tensa Zangetsu, and regretted never being able to really train with him. It seemed so unfortunate that their first and final meeting had been the one that had caused him to lose his powers. Now he'd never know if his bankai had any other moves or attacks, but it was too late to think of that. He'd never have believed it, but he even missed his obnoxious hollow. That thing would constantly call him weak and threaten to take his throne, but at least he'd always come through with his powers in order to save his friends.

"Tragic, isn't it?" He froze when he heard a voice behind him, then turned his head to see a figure standing in the shadows. "To think it was so close to bonding with you again." The hint of amusement made Ichigo's eyes narrow.

That voice

"To think, you could have had Zangetsu back by now. How unfortunate. But it was necessary. I can't have you regaining your powers so you can overthrow me." Ichigo's eyes widened as he stood up from Zangetsu's pole, and felt himself break into a cold sweat.

It can't be. I saw him get sealed by Urahara! Ichigo though frantically, taking a step back. He watched with horror as a black sandalled foot stepped forward to reveal the white material of the hakama hanging from the figure. "Impossible." Ichigo took another step back, and the heel of his foot reached the edge of a broken window. He looked back and found that all the windows behind him were broken.

"I thought the young had bigger imaginations. I must say, I am slightly disappointed. Though, from the looks of your so called 'inner world', it seems you really do lack imagination." From the shadows, Sosuke Aizen revealed himself. He was clothed in the same garb he'd worn at the beginning of their fight, and not a hair was out of place. Those cold eyes looked down at him, mocking him, smug with the absolute assurance of his superiority.

"But, you ... no, this isn't right! I saw Urahara seal you!" Ichigo shouted, glancing around for a way to escape. He couldn't turn and run since he would fall right through the broken windows, and without his shinigami powers he was defenseless against this man.

"So it would seem." Aizen smirked as he casually made his way over to Ichigo, taking his time just to watch the teen squirm. "However, I foresaw this possibility when I placed the Hogyoku inside myself. After experimenting with it and doing further research, I devised several backup plans that would keep me ahead in case of failure. I thought it might try to take over my mind and body. In fact, I was counting on it." He stopped in front of Ichigo, towering over the teen, and leaned down until his mouth was nearly close enough to brush the ex-vizard's ear. "That's why when you arrived, I implanted a large amount of my reiatsu inside you that held part of my mind," he whispered, and the teen trembled and accidentally took another step back. Anything to get away from this man. However, he ended up nearly falling into the broken building, and would have if Aizen hadn't grabbed him and pulled him back. Ichigo clenched his teeth as he was brought hard against the larger man's chest, and tried to pull away.

"No you didn't; you didn't have the time! I would have known," he yelled, trying to break free.

"Really?" Aizen allowed himself an amused chuckle as he brought his free hand up and placed it on Ichigo's chest, making the boy freeze. "It seems that I can still touch your heart," he said, mirroring the phrase that had confused Ichigo during their battle. He hadn't given it much thought since then, but now it was all crashing down on him. Aizen had been expecting him, purposely targeting him for this purpose? It made no sense. There were plenty of other people who would be more useful, so why him?

"Why?" Ichigo forced from his dry throat.

"Why you?" Aizen asked as if reading the boy's confusion. His smirk returned as he set the boy down on his feet, but he kept an arm around him so he wouldn't be foolish enough to try to escape again. He leaned down once more, but this time their eyes met and their lips were just inches apart. "Did you not listen when I told you I've been watching you since you were born? You were the perfect candidate. Half human and half shinigami. Your potential is limitless. I knew that if something were to happen to my body, I would at least be able to reside within your soul and take over when everything died down. I hid in the shadows while you battled your hollow and zanpakutou, and luckily for me, the final Getsuga Tenshou robbed you of your powers. It saved me the trouble of eliminating them myself, and left you an even easier target," he explained.

Ichigo's breath caught in his chest, and he felt paralyzed. How was he supposed to escape from this madman when he was not only powerless, but trapped inside his mind? A sudden fear struck him: what if Aizen tried to use him to do his bidding? His eyes widened further as he tried to break free and wake up in his bedroom. He needed to find Urahara, Yoruichi, his father, or any shinigami that could help. He needed to warn them before anything happened!

Aizen must have sensed what he was trying to do because his grip on the boy tightened; he was not going to escape. The sooner the boy learned that, the better. "Don't bother trying to escape; it's futile," he whispered into the boy's ear, pulling him closer. Ichigo shivered when he felt the man's breath on his neck. He wanted to shove him away, but the larger man was overpowering him. "You're mine now. To order as I please, to torture when I see fit, and to toy with when I'm bored." Ichigo gasped when he felt Aizen's tongue trace his earlobe. "And if you ever try to escape or tell anyone that I'm here, I will kill them. I will make you watch as I use your own body to strangle, stab, and maim them. I will make you look at the fear and betrayal in their eyes as they wonder why their hero is killing them. And do you know the best part, Kurosaki? They will all blame you since my body is sealed away," he promised as his hands moved down the boy's chest, parting the buttons of the white school shirt as he sucked on the boy's neck.

"No, stop!" Ichigo pushed Aizen away when he felt a cool hand slip under his shirt. This couldn't be happening! After all the fighting he'd done, he would not allow his body and mind to be used by this maniac! He was not some toy!

"You just don't learn, do you? I guess I shall have to teach you," Aizen sighed before tossing Ichigo in the direction opposite to the one from which he'd come.

Ichigo hit an undamaged window, but left a crack in it where he fell. He winced at the pain in his shoulder, but ignored it. He needed to get away! He scrambled to his feet, only to find Aizen standing right in front of him holding Kyōka Suigetsu loosely in his right hand. Never had a blade looked so deadly as it did right then. Before, he'd always had Zangetsu to help defend him and defeat his opponents, but now he was alone and powerless.

"There is nowhere to run, Ichigo." Another shiver ran down his spine at hearing his name come out of this man's lips. It sounded so … possessive. "Don't worry. I'll try to go easy on you during your first punishment, but it can be much worse," he warned as he began approaching the teen once more.

Ichigo turned and tried to run, but Aizen shunpoed in front of him and pointed his zanpakutou at the teen's chest, making him halt. He kept his eyes on the tip of the blade as it gently touched his chest and slowly made its way down to his shirt. He didn't even notice the other man's smirk, though it had never left his face; instead, he watched in horror as the blade sliced through the fabric of his shirt. He could feel the tip of the cool blade just barely scratching his skin, not leaving a mark as his shirt was cut in half.

"You certainly have a nice body. It would be a shame to hide it," Aizen said, moving the blade to the side so it pulled back the right side of the shirt to reveal the teen's well toned, muscular chest. Ichigo wanted to try to run again, but with this man holding a sword to him and being so much faster than him, he knew it wouldn't do him any good. His mind snapped back to the present when he felt Aizen's hand grab ahold of his shirt and jerk him forward.

"Stop!" Ichigo protested. He grabbed the older man's wrist and tried to get him to let go, only to have his mouth covered by Aizen's in a bruising kiss. He gasped and tried to pull away, but Aizen held the boy's face firmly to keep him from jerking away. Ichigo closed his eyes as he felt the bastard's tongue slither its way into his mouth. He groaned and tried to pull away again, but the other man refused to let him go. It wasn't until he beat his hands against Aizen's chest that he broke the kiss.

"You do not tell me what I can and cannot do, Kurosaki," Aizen said in a deadly serious tone, and Ichigo felt fear rip through his chest. He needed to get out of there; he needed– "and here I thought you were a fast learner, but I guess it was always just dumb luck. I suppose it's time," he muttered, grabbing ahold of the tattered remains of Ichigo's shirt and forcing it off the boy's shoulders. He took Ichigo by the neck and tossed him to the ground with a thud that caused more windows to crack.

Ichigo winced when he felt a shard of glass go into his palm and blood seep from the wound. He didn't have time to pull it out before Aizen was in front of him again, his sword pointed at Ichigo's neck. "Since you persist in being stubborn and holding onto a fool's hope that there's the possibility of escape, I shall have to break it." He stepped on Ichigo's uninjured hand, pushing it into the broken glass and making the boy cry out as small shards pieced his palm. "There is no escaping me, boy." His foot pressed onto the teen's hand even harder to prove his point. "This is your reality. You belong to me and will carry out every demand I grant you. And if you fail, or if word gets out..." He brought his foot up under Ichigo's chin, giving him a hard shove so the boy rolled onto his back. Ichigo winced at the pain in his hands, and stared up at Aizen with horror. The man didn't need to say anything else; Ichigo already knew what would happen if he warned anyone that Aizen was in his head. His precious family that he held so dear would be slaughtered by his own hand, and his friends would follow.

"That is a fitting look for you." Aizen bent down and grasped Ichigo's chin in his hand. "The sooner you give up hope, the better it will be for you." He brushed his lips against Ichigo's and smirked against the teen's mouth. The boy didn't return the kiss, but he didn't try to pull away this time either.

Ichigo squeezed his eyes shut as the bastard kissed him. This was far worse than merely being powerless and unable to help his friends. Now they were in danger because of him, because Soul Society's greatest enemy in centuries was currently residing in his mind and there was no way to warn anyone. It wasn't until he felt the other man's hands on his pants, pushing them down, that he opened his eyes and a new fear spread through him.

"Please," Ichigo begged, cursing his weakness. He hated sounding so weak when the last time the two of them had met, he'd wiped the floor with Aizen. If it hadn't been for the ex-captain's regeneration, he would have died rather than been sealed. But now he was helpless, just like when he went with his friends to hunt hollows and ended up standing in the background while they did all the fighting. His futile attempts were always smacked away as if they were nothing.

"I'll make you a deal, Kurosaki." Aizen smirked as his hand traced the elastic of the boy's boxers, brushing against the sensitive skin of his stomach. "Call me master and I won't make it painful for you." Ichigo's eyes narrowed.

He might be helpless but there was no way he was going to call this man 'master', especially when the outcome would be the same either way. What was the point? "Never," Ichigo snarled, trying to regain some of his attitude. However, his defiance earned him a smack on the side of the face and he was thrown face first into the ground.

"It was a simple request, my boy. But if you insist on pain, then I shall grant you your desire," Aizen whispered into his ear as he held him down with one hand and yanked the boy's boxers off with his other. Ichigo's nails scraped across the glass as he desperately tried to get up and throw Aizen off. He bit his lip until it bled as he felt the cool air against his exposed ass. Never before had he felt so vulnerable.

"Get off me!" Ichigo screamed as he felt a hand lightly run down his ass, teasing around his entrance before he heard fabric rustling behind him. He felt Aizen shift behind him as he forced the boy onto his hands and knees, his reflection staring back up at him from the one area where the glass wasn't broken. He could see the fear in his eyes, the look of pure terror as Aizen loomed over him from behind. The older man wrapped an arm around his waist and he felt Aizen's clothed chest press against his bare back. He froze in horror when he felt something smooth and wet probe his entrance before Aizen thrust forward and buried himself inside the teen with no preparation.

"Ahh!" Ichigo cried. His arms gave out from the sudden rush of pain in his backside, and he fell onto his arms for support with his back end raised up in the air. Tears ran from his eyes as he heard the bastard above him moan. He was really enjoying this? What kind of sick fuck got off by raping another person?

Ichigo groaned in pain as he felt Aizen pull out of him, warm liquid flowing from his hole and down his leg. He bit his lip harder when Aizen pushed back inside, and rested his head against the window as his tears kept falling. His breathing increased and he tried to block out the pain the way Aizen had blocked out his cries to stop, but it didn't work. His could see blood running down his thigh and dripping onto the window.

"You feel so good," Aizen whispered into his ear, making him flinch. He felt the man pull out and switch angles before thrusting forward again. Ichigo's eyes widened when he felt a jolt of pleasure run through him, making him feel sick. This man was raping him and trying to make him feel pleasure from it! "Hmm," he heard Aizen hum with satisfaction, knowing what he was doing the to the boy. He continued to assault the teen's prostate, watching as Ichigo struggled to resist the urge to moan from the overwhelming sensations he was experiencing.

"So you are enjoying this," Aizen's voice cut through his mind as the thrusts slowed down. Ichigo felt the other man's hand travel down to his half hard cock before he wrapped his fingers around it. He felt the man's lips brush his shoulder, and the teen was finally betrayed by a moan that escaped his lips. Gradually, with each quick stroke, he felt his cock hardening, and it didn't help that Aizen was still thrusting against his prostate.

"My little slut," Aizen whispered, making Ichigo wince and grit his teeth. He didn't want this! He didn't want to feel pleasure from this man who had taken his virginity and stolen his first kiss. He'd been saving both for someone special, someone he could love, but now they'd been robbed from him! He hated his body's reaction to each stroke Aizen gave his cock, the way the man's thrusts gave him pleasure along with pain.

He could feel himself coming close to releasing, and let out a small cry as he laid his head down on the glass. He could feel his balls tightening, ready to release his seed into the hand of his enemy. However, before it came to that Aizen grasped the base of his cock and squeezed it, halting his climax.

"Not until you call me master," he whispered into his ear, sounding more sadistic than ever. Not only had Aizen broken into his mind and tormented and raped him, but he was denying him his own release. He shook his head, trying to not to give in, but that only seemed to encourage Aizen as he stroked his cock and thrust faster. He didn't know how much longer he could hold on; he wanted release. Precum was dripping from his cock and mixing with the blood on the window below.

"One simple word, and I will give you release," Aizen murmured in his ear, trying to hold off his own climax. He wanted to hear the boy say it, to hear the boy crush his own hope by acknowledging that there was no escape and that his body, mind, and soul belonged to Aizen.

Ichigo clenched his hands into fists. He didn't want to give in, but he needed release so badly. His weeping cock was being assault by the older man, and it begged for release even if Ichigo didn't. He couldn't take it anymore; he felt more tears run from his bloodshot eyes as he finally gave up.

"Please," he whispered once more, only for that hand to grip his cock more tightly until he cried out.

"That is not what I asked." He thrust forward sharply, deliberately hitting Ichigo's prostate again. If the boy continued to be difficult he would end this and begin a more painful torture, and he hated to think of slicing up this delicious body. It was scarred in all the right places; every inch, from skin to hair, was perfectly arranged. It was almost as if the boy had been created for him. He would never take anything that was less than perfect, and the boy more than met those standards.

"Please," Ichigo mumbled, fingernails digging into his bloody palms.


Aizen smirked down at the boy triumphantly before placing a soft kiss on the teen's shoulders. At last, he stroked the boy until he spurted his semen into the ex-captains hand and onto the messy window below him. Ichigo wanted to collapse into it, but the older man held him up and continued to thrust into him until he came inside the teen.

Ichigo turned his head to the side, feeling sick to his stomach. He wanted to curl up in a ball by himself. Unfortunately, Aizen wouldn't grant him that luxury, and he pulled the naked teen into his lap. Ichigo didn't even flinch when the older man ran a hand through his sweaty damp hair, nor did he turn away when a kiss was pressed to his forehead.

"Now I can finally accomplish my plans while those fools have their backs turned. I will create the King's Key and we shall enter heaven, side by side," Aizen promised, and Ichigo felt tears well up in his eyes. He wanted to break free and go shout to the world that Aizen was still alive! He didn't care if it cost him his own life, but he knew Aizen wouldn't be foolish enough to allow that to happen. He'd know what Ichigo was planning to do or say and take control of him before the action was carried out.


The teen's reddened eyes looked up at the dark sky when he heard Rukia's voice. She was trying to wake him up, but it was already too late. He was trapped in this nightmare. "Remember what I said, my boy: if you tell anyone, I'll kill them," Aizen warned before placing one last kiss on the teen's lips.

Ichigo slowly opened his eyes to see Rukia and Orihime standing over him with similar looks of concern. He looked between them, confused as to why they looked so worried. "Kurosaki-kun, are you alright? Is your headache any better?" Orihime asked.

Ichigo blinked, and he realized his headache was better. Maybe what he'd just experienced had been just a dream. He couldn't help but chuckle, which only caused more confusion for his friends. It had all been a dream. Aizen was still sealed, not living in his inner world. "Yeah, I'm fine, thanks," he replied, and gave his friends a small smile.

"Geez, how much aspirin did you take?" Rukia asked as she picked up the empty bottle from the floor and examined it.

"Oh, I wanted to tell you about the hollow we defeated!" Orihime exclaimed, cutting Ichigo off before he could answer Rukia. "It was really big and it had cat ears, but it was really mean. But it didn't stand a chance against us! Chad went bam bam bam, and then Uryu shot it in the heart … or well, I guess the hole where its heart was, and then I sent Tsubaki at it and made the hollow cry. And just when it was begging for death, Kuchiki-san chopped its mask in half!" Orihime explained excitedly.

Ichigo smiled, but wasn't really paying attention to what she was saying. He was more focused on his relief that the nightmare he'd just had hadn't been real. His family, friends, Soul Society, and Karakura Town were safe from ever having to face that monster again. Still, he wondered what had made him dream about Aizen. He'd hardly thought of him or the war since it had ended.

"Ichigo, are you coming?" Rukia voice cut in, and he looked up at her. "Your sister called; dinner is ready," she told him as the two girls walked out the door.

He smiled at the doorway as he sat up, and winced when his hand made contact with the blanket. He raised his hand to find blood staining the blanket, and quickly turned his hand over to reveal cuts on his palm. He raised his other hand up and saw more of the same. Panic began to rise inside of him as he quickly stood, only for a sharp pain to shoot through his head along with the chilling voice of someone he'd rather forget.

There is no escaping.

You are mine.

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