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"Game Over"

Aizen stared at the screen in shock. He lost…this never happens! He was the lord of Hueco Mundo and soon to be future ruler of the royal realm! How the hell could he lose a sword fighting match in a freaking video game?

He dropped the Wii remote and glared over at Ichigo who was covering his mouth, but not hiding his laughter at all. The orange haired teen's face was red and he swore he saw a tear roll from his eye. This would not do.

"This game is obviously broken," the older man muttered as he turned away from the TV, almost tempted to throw the Wii into it to discard any proof he had lost. He couldn't let it get around. If he lost to a video game, how would he be able to defeat the Soul Society?

"Or you could be out of practice? Maybe instead of using your zanpakuto's ability, you should try fighting once in a while." Ichigo snorted as he wiped the tears running from his eyes. He wished he had videotaped it the entire thing. Watching Aizen get beat by one of the easiest characters (not that Ichigo would mention that) was a moment he wish he could relive over and over. He doubted Aizen would want to play again, especially since he was acting like a toddler who hadn't gotten his way.

"I was able to take down half of Soul Society with no problem, and if I recall I took you down," Aizen smirked as he turned to the teen sprawled out on the couch and made his way over to him. "In more ways than one," he purred as he sat down next to the teen whose face flushed for other reasons.

"Okay, okay, I…" Ichigo began before Aizen leaned forward and started kissing his neck. He felt a shiver run down his body as the older man placed a hand on his thigh. A moan escaped his lips as the hand began to move up his thigh and the other moved his kimono so Aizen could access more skin.

Ichigo knew where this was leading, and a part of him wanted to grab Aizen and throw him onto the couch and ravage him, but he knew what this was about. The older man was trying to prove a point. Just like a spoiled kid, if he didn't get his way he would throw a tantrum until he got what he wanted. This was Aizen's way of saying he always win, and if the man wanted to dominate him with hot passionate sex, so be it!

Ichigo moans as a hand cups him through his hakama and slowly teases his cock while Aizen's lips move across his collar bone. He slides his arms down as his kimono falls off his shoulders and gives Aizen more access to his skin. He lets his head fall back against the couch as the tingling sensations run through him. Damn, he had to make Aizen lose more!

He suddenly felt the lips disappear from his chest and the hand that was so generously stroking his cock through his hakama. He raised his head to find Aizen standing in front of him with a smug look. He knew that look and exactly what Aizen wanted. He shifted so he was sitting on his knees in front of Aizen and ran a hand from the middle of the older man's chest down to his hakama. He slipped his hand inside and pulled the ex-captain's semi-hard cock. Ichigo licked his lips before he brought them around the organ and began to suck on it.

He could hear Aizen moan above him and felt a hand on the back of his head encouraging him on. He ran his hand down the man's cock, adding more drool to the length until he reached the man's balls and began to slowly stroke them. Drool ran down the side of his mouth as he continued to suck and felt a finger trace the side of his face and swipe the drool away. He glanced up at Aizen and felt even more turned on when the older man brought the finger to his lips and sucked on it.

"Lay down," Aizen commanded, taking his finger from his lips. His eyes glazed with lust, and he wanted nothing more than he pound the boy into the couch. And of course, Ichigo was more than willing as the older man's cock slid out of his mouth and he licked his lips. He gave a last stroke to Aizen's cock with one hand while the other unfastened the tie to his hakama and let it drop to the floor His cock jumped slightly, finally being freed and feeling the cool air surrounding it.

Ichigo turned and laid down on his stomach, his chin resting on his crossed arms over the armrest. He could hear Aizen shifting behind him, the feeling of his jacket brushing his legs. "Before we start," Aizen said in his ear. He heard a cap old and the sound of something oozing out, but didn't turn around to acknowledge it. "Tell me I will conquer the Soul Society, and all of the shinigami that reside there," he felt something cool and hard tease around his entrance.

"Are you serious? Do you really thin-AH!" Ichigo grounded out as the object was shoved inside him. He felt the object move in and out of him and turned his head slightly to finally see what Aizen was doing. His eyes widen slightly seeing Aizen shove the Wii remote back inside him.

"You were saying?" Aizen teased as he shoved the remote in harder, causing the boy to moan.

"Fine, you will conquer all of Soul Society, and wherever the hell else you want to take over," Ichigo growled as Aizen continued to fuck him with the remote.

"Good, now say I will conquer your ridiculous game, Shattered Blade," He purred into Ichigo's ear.

"Arg, and you'll conquer Shattered Blade and any other game on the Wii," Ichigo finally screamed, and let out a groan as Aizen withdrew the remote from his ass. He could feel his cock leaking and wanted so badly to stroke it. Unfortunately, Aizen grabbed his hand and brought it behind his back.

"Not yet, love," he promised before he shoved his cock into the teen, hitting the spot he knew would drive the teen crazy. Ichigo moaned as he felt Aizen's cock jab at his prostate. He knew better than to try to use his other hand to stroke his cock, knowing it would be captured along with his other so instead grabbed the side of the couch and dug his nails into it.

"You are so loose, much more so than the first time I took you," Aizen whispered as he continued to pound into him from behind.

"No shit, your cock has been up my ass every day since then," Ichigo growled and shoved his ass back to meet Aizen's thrust.

"And you enjoy it," Aizen kissed the back of Ichigo's neck. He started making the thrusts harsher than they were before; causing Ichigo's hard leaking cock to brush further against the couch.

"Bastard," Ichigo muttered and closed his eyes. He didn't know how much longer he could hold on. Before it was a competition for him, outlasting Aizen. Now he knew the older man always won and would do everything in his power to outlast the teen. It just wasn't worth it!

Ichigo brought his free hand to his mouth and bit it as he finally felt himself cum and felt instant euphoria. Pleasure ripped through him as a stream of cum marked the couch and his stomach. Feeling the pressure around his cock and Ichigo's shiver of pleasure, Aizen knew he could finally allow himself to empty his seed into the young man below. He let go of the hand he held captive and grabbed a hold of Ichigo's hips and brought them up as he emptied himself deep in the teen.

"So, did I still lose?" Aizen asked smugly as he pulled out of Ichigo and pulled the teen into his lap. He kissed along the teens jaw and the side of his mouth.

"You already know that answer," Ichigo rolled his eyes and kissed Aizen back. As Ichigo pulled back, a smirk spread across his face.

"Hey, want to try playing on the new Wii U?"

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