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Summary: Some say that love transcends all boundaries. Hikari Yagami bitterly agrees to this. She's been trying to forget him, but some unknown force seems to want them to meet again: can she bravely say hello again to him after all these years?

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Previously on Criminal Minds...

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Previously on "Coincidence or Destiny?"...

"Just ignore Takeru," said the class monitor. Upon seeing her puzzled face, Miharu nodded towards Takaishi. "He's Takeru Takaishi, the 'loner' of this class. Every class has one, right?"

"Two in my old class," Hikari said.

"Now that must've been awful," said Miharu. "Well, this one never really talks much, but he will if people ask him things that he had to answer — or if someone picks up a fight with him."

"What d'you want?" he asked, in his unfriendly tone of voice. Hikari shrugged.

"Nothing," she said.

"Then why are you doing this?" the other asked.

"Doing wha—?"

"Talking to me!" Takeru cut across her furiously. "Just — just — urgh — what d'you really want?"

"I told you, I want nothing," she replied. Takeru studied her for a while, wearing a deeply confused frown on his face. When he didn't say anything but kept looking at her, she grew uneasy — but still, she managed to stay calm. "I'm a new student, you know."

He snorted. "I know."

"Then can we be friends?"

This time, Takeru seemed to forget their rivalry. He looked at her, surprised, and did nothing for minutes. Hikari held out her hand.

"Friends?" she asked, smiling. Takeru looked at her hand hesitantly, and then back at her. She tilted her head slightly to the side, still smiling. "Oh, c'mon. Izzit too hard to decide? I thought you have six brains?"

"…Ne, Hikari."

"Mmm?" she replied. There was a pause. Hey wait a sec. Did he just called me by my first name? She looked at him quickly, but his blue eyes were looking at his feet. Hesitantly, he spoke:

"…You know that day at the super market?"

"Yeah. What about it?" she asked, trying to sound calm.

"…You said something about…being friends. Right?" he continued, still not meeting her eyes.


"D'you still mean it?" he finished, looking at her finally. Hikari sat up properly, and observed him — she was frowning a little but she was also smiling. Slowly, the usual pink glow appeared on Takeru's cheeks.

"Yea, of course I mean it," she said. "You were the one who's too proud to accept my offer, anyway."

Takeru muttered something under his breath, and there was a pause for a while. "So…friends?" he asked, holding out his hand. There was something about him at the moment — he didn't look cold or unfriendly, he simply looked like a quiet, shy kid who needed friends but was too shy to make one.

Hikari smiled wider, and took his hand. "Friends." He smiled back at her. Surprisingly, his hand was warm and wasn't as cold as he looked.

"Well. Umm…there's this someone," Takeru began, "this someone is very important to me. I have to tell this someone two things, one that might make this someone happy and one that might make this someone very sad."

"Well," she said, "I know what you should do. First of, tell this someone that he or she is really important to you. And then tell him or her the news that might make him or her happy. But carefully say to this someone that there's something that might make him or her sad, and that you really don't mean it but it must happen. D'you think you can do all that?" she asked as they walked on slowly. He nodded silently. "That's good then — remember to tell this someone about those news in a v—" She stopped as he suddenly took her hands. "…Takeru?"

"Tell her that she's important, right?" he repeated quietly. "Hikari…maybe you never knew this before, but you're really important to me."

There was a pause, and then Hikari smiled uncomfortably. "Wait, Takeru…w-what—?"

"And I just want you to know that I…" He trailed off, looking at her brown eyes. She looked back at him, still very surprised. "…That I love you."

"…I'm getting engaged."

She let go of him quickly. "You're getting what?"

He closed his eyes, as if wishing he hadn't said anything.

"No, Takeru — look at me," she said gently. "Is it true? You're not joking?"

"Umm. Hello," said Hikari uncertainly. To her surprise, the old lady suddenly stood, and walked towards her. Before she could said anything or do anything, the next thing she knew was that her right cheek was burning with a sharp pain.

"Mama!" chorused both Natsuko and Yukiko Takaishi.

"What the—!" she heard Yamato Ishida said.

Mrs. Takaishi, Takeru's grandmother, had just slapped Hikari. It wasn't a weak slap, it was a very painful one — the old lady sure had energy even at her age… Hikari held her right cheek, and didn't quite feel her cheek at all. It was kind of numb. Hikari suddenly realised that everyone else was watching, too, and felt her face going red. What was this all about?

"So," said the old lady in her weird accent, "so, you're Hikari Yagami."

Hikari looked up and looked at her directly in the eyes.

"You foolish girl," said the old lady. "This engagement was planned since their infancy!"

"I met Catherine."

"You did?" Hikari did not turn to meet his eyes. She merely nodded. "When?"



"And I think we shouldn't be us anymore."

"Okay. I wanna know why," he said.

"Because she needs you," Hikari said, still refusing to meet his eyes. "And she loves you," she added quietly.

"Are you saying you don't need me and you don't love me, and therefore we must break up?"

"No, just — just listen to me first!"

"I don't need to listen to you!" he said stubbornly, anger bubbling inside him. "Hikari, what does it matter? I love you and this whole engagement thing isn't going to stop us!"

"Sooner or later, it will!" she argued back. "You should pity an ill girl who is madly in love with you!"

"I do pity her!" he said, trying to calm down and trying to inject some sense into the girl he loved. "It's horrible to have thalassaemia major, yes, but I — love — you!"

Catherine stood there and watched as Hikari Yagami chased Takeru around the garden, and she observed her fiancé's happy expression — the way he smiled, the way he dodged each blows from the other person, the way he laughed. She had never, ever seen Takeru like this. The one she knew was silent, unsmiling, cold and even statue-like. But this one — this one, just exactly where did this Takeru come from?

"I wouldn't mess with them if I were you," came a voice from behind and she spun around, surprised. There stood one of Takeru's friends, the one with spiky hair and those silly goggles. "I mean — hey, they're happy. Leave them alone and you'll be happy too."

"I am not giving up," she thought, "no way!"

"I was trying to get mum and dad back together! And without Hikari, it'd be way harder!" Before Takeru could ask more questions, Yamato said, "It was for your own sake, too." But this did not help at all, for Takeru became more confused and curious. Detecting the frown on Takeru's face, Yamato began to explain. "Okay. You know the whole engagement thingy?"

Takeru nodded slowly.

"Okay. Dad and I disagreed one hundred percent, full stop."

"Oh, nice to know that — and you guys didn't even come to the rescue when I was getting engaged," he replied sarcastically.

"I know, I know… Anyway, the day before I got here, dad expressed his concerns. You know how he is, sometimes he keeps so many things to himself…and sometimes he fails miserably to do so — he said he wished we're still a family, so that you don't have to go through the so-called Takaishi tradition…"

Takeru smiled stiffly. He knew his dad — when he was younger, he used to think that his dad would fall for his mother once more and they'd get married again, but as he grew, he'd stopped believing… But as he grew, he also saw evidences that his dad was still sort of 'attached' to his mother. So, secretly, he still believed.

"…Which managed to make me think of something," Yamato was saying. He eyed Takeru carefully, and then said, "An Ishida like me doesn't have to go through the Takaishi tradition."

Blue eyes met blue eyes; they seemed to have reached an understanding.

"So…get mum and dad together…"

"And rescue you from the Takaishi tradition," said Yamato, nodding. "Once you're an Ishida, the engagement is nothing! Look at me, I'm an Ishida, and I'm not engaged. So what excuse can Oba-chan give?"

"So, how's Catherine? Is she going to be all right?"

"Oh, I know my niece, she's a strong one — just like her mother," said Dr. Allen Leroy, patting Mrs. Leroy's shoulder affectionately.

"So she's off to France for further treatment?" Natsuko asked, as if wanting conformation. Dr. Leroy nodded.

Takeru quickly looked at the doctor, and then at the Leroys, before finally looking at his mother. No one had told him anything about Catherine going to France…!

"How long will it take? How long will the treatment take?" Mrs. Leroy asked. Dr. Leroy looked down at the floor, sighing.

"For as long as it takes for her to get better."

"But she only has a fever, what d'you mean she's going to France?" Takeru asked loudly, his heart thumping fast.

"Takeru," his mother said warningly. "Catherine needs this treatment…"

"Well, we should go in and check how she's doing," Dr. Leroy said, smiling. After bowing at each other, Mr and Mrs Leroy and Dr. Leroy went inside Catherine's hospital room.

Takeru and his mother stood there for a while, and then Natsuko took Takeru by the hand and led the way to the elevator.

"Takeru, dear," she said, "about Catherine going to France…"

He waited.

"You grandmother thinks it's best if we go, too."

The elevator door swung open, and Takeru observed his mother closely. "You're joking." The woman said nothing as she pressed the 'ground floor' button. "Mum, you're joking, right?"

"It's decided. We're leaving tomorrow, the first flight."

"Hiroaki Ishida speaking here, Yamato's not at home, he's more than glad to have a supportive fan such as yourself, his new single won't be out until the next few months, now leave a message or I'll hang up—"

In his mind, Hiroaki was making a note to himself: "Rule number two in 'If You Wanna Stay in the Band' rules — DO NOT GIVE THE TELEPHONE NUMBER TO FANS!" But everything just sort of faded away when he heard a voice that he hadn't heard for quite a long time:

"Hiroaki, hold it for a moment!" said she before laughing. "I didn't know Yama shares so much about his band life with you before — do family members get discounts for the new album, then?"

Hiroaki dropped onto the vacant chair right next to the phone. "Natsuko?"

"Hey… I'm really kinda sorta confused right now and I mean it — really, really kinda sorta confused, and…I…think you might be able to help me."

"Well then! May I ask you, what is it that you're really kinda sorta confused about, Natsuko?" asked Hiroaki's voice over the phone. Natsuko couldn't help but laughed a bit. She paced around the corner of the cafeteria, choosing her words as she did so.

"Okay," she began, "we're moving to France — Takeru and I."

There was a pause. She had half expected Hiroaki to say that he was not affected by this news, and that he wouldn't even give a damn about it.

"…Right… All right, so now we know that Yamato has more reasons to dislike you — despite his true emotions…he really misses you nowadays, actually," he replied. "And, uh, you'll be missed. And I'll miss Takeru a lot — I mean, having Yamato going out almost every day and coming home late is enough to make me worried sick, imagine what it'll do to me when Takeru's living halfway a cross the globe from me?"

Here, he laughed bitterly. When she did not speak, he hesitantly asked:

"I do believe there's a reason behind this? And you're telling me about this, so…"

He didn't finish his sentence. He was asking her to do so. Natsuko sighed deeply, and walked towards a vacant table and sat there. "Oh, Hiroaki, I don't know… I'm just — just so…so… I dunno, I'm so…"

"It's your mother, isn't it?" he said, very gently, in that caring voice of his. "And the engagement?"

"Yeah — and I'm not sure about this, it's — it's like — like…"

Suddenly, her ex-husband laughed. "You're a grown woman, Natsuko, and Takeru's our son! I mean, yeah, Takeru is your mother's grandson and all, but — oh, come on! Mother and grandmother, who d'you seriously think has the right over that boy?"

He was not being sarcastic. He was simply amused, she could tell, by her childishness. He was simply there, again, to give her simple solutions to her simple-turned-difficult problems… He was…as always…being the simple man that had managed to win her heart…

"Natsuko, listen — I was okay with the engagement before because Takeru seemed okay about it too. But everyone can see that he clearly loves Hikari Yagami now, I'm sure you know that, right? And I dunno what's up with your mother…ever since Takeru met Hikari; she's been acting as if she's battling to win a war…or something…"

"You're leaving?"

Takeru nodded a tiny nod.

"To France?"

He didn't answer.

"You're moving to France? France?"

"Yeah. Tomorrow morning…"

"And — what about me?" Hikari asked, her eyes getting weirdly shiny.

He couldn't look at her anymore.

"That's it, isn't it?" she whispered, standing up and grabbing her coat and small hand bag. "I've asked you this question before, haven't I? What am I supposed to do when your grandmother forced you to marry Catherine in front of the whole of Japan? What am I supposed to do, Takeru Takaishi?"

"This isn't the way to her hotel," he said quickly, looking around.

"I know," said Yamato.

"Well - turn back, we're going to the-"

"No we're not," his brother said shortly. "We're going home - you don't have a lot of time."

"Which is exactly why I need to see her now!" he half-shouted. Yamato said nothing as he took the junction that would lead them to the Takaishi's apartment.

"Just trust me on this one," Yamato said, rather mysteriously, as he dragged Takeru into the elevator. He violently shrugged his brother's hand off, but Yamato remained calm. Hands in the air to indicate surrender, he said, "Cool it, Teeks. You'll see her again - but we must hurry!"

"What the hell?"

The elevator doors slid open, and once again, Yamato half-dragged him out of it and towards the apartment. "Get in," Yamato said, shoving him through the door before closing and locking it quickly. The first person Takeru saw was his mother, who rose from her chair the moment her sons walked in. She looked extremely white.

"Are you happy now?" Takeru spat, glaring at her.


"And what's this? You're on Obachan's side, too?" he went on, turning around to glare at his brother.

"Listen," his mother said gently, touching his shoulders, "honey..."

"Don't touch me!" Takeru shouted.

"Takeru Takaishi!" came a new voice - a man's voice. "Don't shout at your mother like that!"

It was his father.

Slowly, Takeru looked at Yamato, and then at his parents. Why was his father here? They were leaving for France the first thing tomorrow morning - but why were Yamato and his father here?

"What's going on?" he asked slowly, looking at his father.

"This is what families do," said Mr. Ishida, "we help each other out. Now, sit down and listen!"

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