The Doctor, being the genius that he is, was able to get the group into the Byzantium by destroying the gravity globe – this caused the group to be caught by the ship's existing gravity. Once inside the starliner, the army of Weeping Angels relentlessly continued to hunt them down.

Once inside the Control Room, the Doctor realized that the ship must have an oxygen factory. He opened a door and discovered trees, a forest, but before they could enjoy the moment a crack in the hull of the ship began to reveal itself.

"We have to move out!" Father Octavian exclaimed, as the ship vibrated violently.

As the Doctor examined the crack, he found he was surrounded by Angels but managed to escape. Shortly thereafer, the Doctor informed River they would be going to the primary flight deck. Father Octavian insisted that he come along.

"I don't need you," the Doctor said firmly.

"I don't care. Where Miss Song goes, I go. Marco, you're in charge here," Father Octavian ordered.

"Yes, Sir," Marco replied.

Again, Father Octavian felt strangely uneasy - there was something else...he had the strong feeling he had to say something else to Marco. Then the thought came to him, the light, he had to warn Marco about the light! "Marco, do not go to the light. Don't even look at it."

"Light, Sir? What light?" Marco asked.

Father Octavian realized he didn't have an answer, he just knew, deep down, that he had to warn his cleric. "Just follow my orders, Marco! Do you understand? Do not go to the light!" Father Octavian ordered.

"Yes, Sir," Marco answered, confused.

The Doctor smiled as he headed toward the flight deck with River and Father Octavian at his heels. It didn't take the threesome long to reach the primary flight deck.

"This must be a service hatch," Father Octavian said as he worked on opening a hatch door. In a short time the Bishop had the hatch open. "I've got it. Come, Miss Song."

River quickly went through the opening. "Come, Doctor, the Angels are coming. We have to leave now!" Father Octavian said, as he stepped toward the Doctor.

Suddenly the lights went out. "NOW!" the Doctor shouted.

Instinctively, Father Octavian immediately crouched down. In a flash the lights came back on and the Bishop found himself looking up at an Angel standing behind him. It had its arm wrapped around thin air in a vice-like grip, where his head should have been. It was obvious the Angel would have killed him if the Doctor had not given the command to drop to the ground. How had the Doctor known? And how had he known what to do? The Doctor had just saved his life. Father Octavian quickly scrambled away from the Weeping Angel.

"You knew! How did you know?" Father Octavian asked the Doctor in shock.

The Doctor smiled as he looked at the angel. "You forget, Bishop, I'm a Time Lord."

"And how did I know what to do?"

"Don't ask questions I'm not at liberty to answer," the Doctor said.

"You saved my life, Doctor. For that, I am forever grateful."

"You're welcome. Now, come on, let's get ourselves out of this mess, shall we?" the Doctor said as he led Father Octavian through the hatch.

Against all odds River managed to get the teleporter in the flight deck up and running and teleported the clerics and Amy to the flight deck. Since the Angels were draining all the power from the ship the shields began to release. As the flight deck doors opened all of the Weeping Angels stood before the group.

"All right, everyone hold on! The gravity field is collapsing!" the Doctor exclaimed.

Father Octavian and his clerics each found something to hold on to as did Amy, River and the Doctor. The gravity field finally collapsed and all of the Weeping Angels were sucked into the crack, which caused the crack to seal itself. The Weeping Angels were wiped out of existence, and the group at last escaped to the outside of the starliner.

"Father Octavian, are you all right?" Christian asked, rushing toward the Bishop.

"All is well, Christian. We're all safe."

"Thank, God, Sir," Christian said, smiling.

"Indeed. Bob and Angelo?" Father Octavian asked.

"They're fine, Sir."

"Good. Wrap things up here and let's get back to the ship as soon as possible. Our job is done here."

"Yes, Sir," Christian said as he rushed off.

Father Octavian walked up to the Doctor and River. "Doctor, thank you for saving me and my men…again."

"It's what should have been," the Doctor said.

"What should have been, Sir?" Father Octavian asked, confused.

The Doctor smiled but didn't answer. "I'd like to get to know you better, Bishop," the Doctor said.

Father Octavian smiled. "I'm sure we'll meet again, Doctor. Now, may God bless the path that takes you to your destiny," the Bishop said as he shook hands with the Time Lord. "Miss Song, I'll accompany you back when you're ready."

River watched the priest walk off. "You did it. You saved Father Octavian and his clerics," River said.

"Yes, I did. As I explained, River, time can be rewritten and I was determined to save the Bishop and his men," the Doctor said proudly.

"A good man saved good men today," River said, smiling.

"Good men who will go on to fight evil another day," the Doctor said.

The Doctor and River smiled at each other as Amy watched them suspiciously. "What's with you two?"

"Never you mind, Miss Nosey," the Doctor said as he led Amy toward the TARDIS.

Holding his daughter in his arms, David heard a knock and rushed to open the front door. Standing before him was his friend, Father Octavian. "Father Octavian. I was hoping it was you."

"I came as soon as I landed. I had to come and see the girls," Father Octavian said as he stepped into the house.

David smiled and placed his baby girl in Father Octavian's arms. "Father Octavian, meet Priscilla."

"She's beautiful," Father Octavian said, smiling.

"Yes, she is. Her sister looks just like her," David said proudly.

"I thought she might since they're identical twins," Father Octavian said, chuckling.

David laughed. "Yes, of course. Please come and meet your other goddaughter," David said as he led the Bishop to meet his new family.