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Warning: Attempted Suspense and Drama

Note: I know I have other uncompleted fics going on, but this idea has been bugging me since last night and I just had to write it down. Idea is derived from NewS's song, Naiyou no nai Tegami, basically meaning 'No Letter Contents'; hence, the title.

In addition, this will be drabble-like.

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Allen let out a frown as he lied down on his bed, looking around the room to find something to do. It had been a week since he was confined to his room because he is the host of the 14th Noah, who revealed to himself as 'Neah'. Apparently, the mentioned being was the younger brother of his adopted brother. It had been a while since he had spoken with Neah, and as much as Allen did not want to say… he missed talking to his uncle, if only to have a conversation with someone other than himself.

The silvery white haired exorcist closed his eyes as if he was trying to will himself to go back to sleep even though it had only been a couple of hours since he had breakfast. Since he was not allowed to leave his room, Link usually brought his meals to him. Allen slowly sat up from his position, and stared at his left arm with a frown marring his expression.

With a sigh, Allen walked towards his window, and stared out at the scenery as much as he could through iron bars. There was not much, but it was better than staring at the same ceiling for the past week. He let out a small smile, and inwardly wondered what his fellow exorcists were doing.

Even when his bedroom door opened – it was locked from outside – Allen did not moved from his spot and instead continued looking at the scenery. "Walker, you're not thinking of escaping, are you?" that was the first thing Link uttered.

"No, of course not," the silvery white haired exorcist responded dutifully in a blank tone.

"Good. I've brought some papers and a pen so you can draw or something." And thus, the conversation ended there.

Link then walked out of the room once he made his hourly check on Allen, and locked the door behind him. The confined exorcist, on the other hand, resumed his scenery watching and let out a small smile when he saw some birds fluttering about.

Allen remained in the same position for another few minutes before he walked over to his desk, eyeing at the papers and a pen. He then let out a smile before he sat down on a chair, grabbed a pen and a piece of paper. Wordlessly, he began writing.

A paper airplane soared with no destination in mind, gliding through the air until it smacked Kanda's face. The swordsman was training near the forest of Black Order, away from a noisy fellow exorcist (mostly Lavi), and he was determined to get a few hours of silence… or until a certain rabbit interrupt him… whichever comes first. Unfortunately, some random paper airplane (who does that anymore these days?) ruined his concentration.

"What the hell?" Kanda growled out as he yanked the paper airplane away from his face. He glared at it as if it had offended him in the most unimaginable way possible, and then let out a deep sigh. He then moved to crumple the paper and toss it; however, he stopped in his mid-action when he noticed some writing inside.

Kanda stared at it for a few more seconds as if he was debating whether or not to unfold the airplane to read the contents. Before he realized what he was doing, his hands were already unfolding the paper until the writings inside stared at him.

"Che…" the swordsman grumbled as his eyes roamed over the neat handwriting.

"Dear reader,

How are you doing on this fine day? I might not know to whom this letter reaches to, but I feel that if it's on top of this paper, I can become more frank. I apologize for pouring this out to you, a stranger. If you wish to throw away this letter, I will not feel offended for I do not know whom this letter has reached to. If you wish to continue reading, I thank you for listening to me.

Today was the same as any other day this week. It has been a week since my companion was taken away, and I was sent in for a questioning. I feel as if it was my fault that he was taken away, even though everyone says that it was not my fault, and that there was nothing I could have done. I could not help but worry for my companion's fate… it's my fault that this fate had befallen on him. If only... but I'm glad to have met him, and everyone else.


Kanda glowered in annoyance ever since he received the letter, trying to make sense of the contents told him; yet at the same time, the more he thought of it, the more confused he got. He could not help but feel that the letter was from a certain Moyashi. However, that seemed impossible since it had been days since he last saw the silvery white haired exorcist. Not that he missed him, of course.