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Warning: Attempted Drama and Attempted Suspense

Allen closed his eyes as he lied in his bed, once again staring at the ceiling as if it was the most interesting activity to do. He glanced over to the window without many movements, and noted that it was nearing dusk. It was not that he had anything to do or anything planned; but it was nice to know what time it was.

He heard some shuffling noises from outside the door, and a few seconds later, a loud noise of his door's lock unlocking echoed in the otherwise silent room. Silence reigned for a couple of moments until quiet footsteps sounded, which was then followed by someone clearing his or her throat.

"Walker, it's time," Link's voice stated in a strained tone.

Allen did not say anything as he sat up from his lying position, and glanced at his 'watchdog', meeting his gaze with Link's. He then diverted his attention away from the CROW's member to gather his jacket, and walked out the door.

"You know… there is still time to get away from all this," Link quietly remarked as he eyed at the younger male, and inwardly was awed at how calm the silvery white haired exorcist about this ordeal.

"And it'll only be a matter of time before Inspector Leverier send everyone for a manhunt," Allen responded in a flat tone while he focused his attention at the details in the bare hallway. "Besides… even though I know that my actions contradict what I'm about to say, death… to me, is welcoming. I don't know why I'm telling you all this but… I never did like my childhood. Being an exorcist is the only thing I know how do, and that itself gave me a purpose in life. In any case, we're here," he continued.

The two stopped in front of a large double-door room, and neither made a move to open the door until Allen turned to say, "Can you do me a favor, and deliver the letter on my desk to Komui-san and tell him to read it to the other exorcists?"

Link let out a loud gulp before he nodded in response and turned to head back to the same room he just came from moments ago. He turned around just in time to see Allen opened the door, and then entered into the room seconds prior to the door closing with a loud 'clunk'. Silence once again ruled over the area, and the atmosphere grew heavy as Link continued down the hallway.

Minutes later, Link entered into Allen's room, and quietly closed the door behind him. He glanced around the premise, inwardly noting that everything looked as if no one had occupied the room for days if it were not for the lone white paper placed on the desk, and the crooked placement of the chair.

He walked over to the desk, and picked up a folded letter, to which he unfolded it carefully before he read its content.

"Dear everyone,

Thank you for everything. Good-bye.

Allen Walker"

Elsewhere, two figures stood on top of a tall hill that overlooked the town; neither said anything for a while until one let out a smirk, and glanced over to the younger one of the two.

"Well, what are you going to do now?"

"I don't know," the younger male responded with a slight shrug, and added, "I mean, we just tricked them and escaped death; but it's only a matter time before they realized what is going on and be on the lookout for us… err… me."

"You are fully merged with him, so why not use his powers, Allen? After all, that's what you did when you've first gotten used to it, and gave me a form of my own."

"I suppose," Allen responded in a low tone as he eyed at Black Order's establishment on the horizon from his spot, and shifted his glance over to his companion, "No one except Mana knows what I looked like when I was younger, so it wouldn't hurt to change my appearance into that. Besides, with the Ark, I can still travel around to help others."

"Even at this point, you're still a martyr." Allen's companion could not help but shake his head in mild amusement and exasperation.

"That's because that's all I know how to do, Crown Clown," the former exorcist responded with a small smile, and added, "Besides, the 14th had given me some of his abilities so I'm not completely defenseless."

"Just be careful, Allen," the Innocence warned with a weary sigh, and then said, "You're a fugitive now."

"I know," that was all he said before he turned around to walk away from the scene. Crown Clown gave one last glance towards the city before he followed Allen down a beaten path.

"Was this the right thing to do?" Crown Clown inquired after a brief moment.

Allen shifted his gaze onto his companion, who returned his glance as they continued walking. "I don't know," the former exorcist finally answered with a shrug, and added in a soft whisper, "I hope it is."

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