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Callie was sitting in her kitchen thinking. Thinking about her ex-husband who was about to get out of jail in 3 hours. Thinking about Jeff, her son, wondering what he is thinking. Thinking about Jim.

Jim. Jim who waited for her. Jim, who supported her decisions. Jim, who loved her son.

Ray would be furious when he got out. That lone fact was unavoidable.

With a sigh she got up and went to work.

Her boss had let her off early and she was headed home. Jeff was at Kyle's house, and she really didn't want to go home so she went to the police station to see Jim.

15 minutes later and on the other side of town Jim was sitting in the morgue bugging the hell out of Carlos Sanchez, his 'partner', when an intern came in.

"Detective Longworth."

"Yes," he said, praying it was not a case because he was having fun.

"Um, I was told to keep tabs on a Mr. Raymond Cargill for you."

"Jesus, you are keeping tabs on her husband," said Carlos in disbelief.

"Hey, first of all ex, he is her ex-husband. Second, I thought you were Jewish." Then he turned to the intern. "You were saying."

"He is getting out of jail today."


"One hour ago. But his wife," after a look from Jim he corrected himself. "Ex-wife is here to see you."

"Thank you. Please send her here."

Then, with a nod, the intern left.

After a few minutes he was replaced with Callie.

"Hey," she said as she walked into the room in her scrubs.

"Why are you in your scrubs?"

"I, uh, didn't want to go home alone. With Ray out of jail, I just couldn't do it."

Carlos took the hint and left, thankful to get away from Jim.

"He is mad about the divorce, he still hasn't finalized."

"But nothing has happened between us. You, we, wanted to wait until it was finalized. For Jeff." He added.

"I know, but does he know? He thinks I am cheating on him."

"Would you feel better if I came with you to your house, you get some things for you and Jeff, and stay at my house tonight. I have a guest bedroom and plenty of beer."

"Yeah, I would like that."

When they got to her house she took his badge and put it in her glove box. "No badge." She said.

Getting the hint, he took his holster off and tucked the gun in the back of his pants, making sure his shirt covered it.

She unlocked the door and went inside. And there he was, waiting.

Callie moved her hand to Jim's so that he didn't pull his gun.

"Ray, what are you doing here?" She asked innocently.

"Oh, just wondering why my wife is here with another man."

"Well, Ray, I asked for a divorce."

"And I have the paper right here. I will sign it as soon as you tell me why he is here."

"Purely protection, she was scared of you."

"And you're going to tell me there is nothing going on."

"Yes, Ray, there is nothing going on. Now sign the paper and get out." And he did.

When he was gone she hurried and packed their bags.

At Kyle's house Jeff was excited to spend the night at Jim's house but was a little confused on the why part.

"Hey, so, I have this thing that you put on the pool and it is like a bed. If it is okay with your mom, you can sleep outside tonight."

"Yeah, please mom." He begged.

"Yeah, okay, just don't drown."

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