A/N: So...I really wanted to write Remus with eye-liner, tattoos and as a general badass who knows what he wants. Combined with listening to punk music, this is what happened. I wanted to write a long story about it but ended up with just this bit that I liked a lot. May write more in this universe if people really seem to like it.

Warnings: An AU fic with M/M sexual deviancy and slight OOC on Remus' part. If you do not like M/M then you've been warned.

There were many things about being the highly sought after lead guitarist of a famous pop-rock band that Sirius found annoying. On top of the list were paparazzi and tabloid stories. Having to go to interviews and talk about his personal life, which he felt no one but him needed to know about, followed closely. Oh and the thousands of screaming women who wanted to shag him didn't hold much appeal either (though this distaste was rooted in the fact he was only attracted to men). He didn't want to sound like he was whining. On the contrary, he was extremely thankful that The Marauders were successful enough that he wouldn't have to pick up another part time job to pay bills ever again. Still, in a perfect world, he would just be able to release records, go on tour and not have not to deal with annoying PR.

But it was not a perfect world, which was why he was wandering around the Kerrang magazine office, trying to find his way to the room he was supposed to be having an interview in. In his distraction, he ended up bumping into a scruffy, spiky haired, raccoon-eyed man.

Although a majority of the 'punks' Sirius came across in his life tended to be loud, blindly rebellious hooligans, he found this tattooed man to be roguishly attractive. Sirius mumbled an apology, deciding that his assessment had been reached only because he was caught off guard. With a shrug, the spiky haired man walked right past Sirius, giving him an eyeful of the rather nice arse in skintight black jeans. In the middle of thoroughly enjoying the receding view, Sirius found himself suddenly looking at a groin. He quickly lifted his eyes away from the studded belt up to a smirking face. The amusement in the other man's eyes caused Sirius' face to heat up and in an attempt to not look like an utter fool, he focused on a row of stars tattooed on the side of the punk's neck.

Sirius had the sudden urge to lick the stars and realised that was a bad spot to focus on.

"You're that bloke from that band. You know, the one all the birds like? With the messy haired guy who has glasses." the man stated. He was looking Sirius up and down with a calculating glance, causing the red in Sirius' cheeks to spread to the rest of his face.

"Um yeah. I suppose." mumbled Sirius. Even though he got tired of recognition, it was still somewhat insulting to be described in such a general manner, especially by someone who was having such an effect on him.

"Well four-eyes is annoying Lily. I was looking for someone to distract him. Lily has enough assault charges at the moment."

After a moment of contemplating the tattoos scattered on the man's surprisingly toned arms, Sirius snapped out of his daydream and realised he was being looked at expectantly.

"Oh, where is he?"

While following sexy raccoon eyes, it snapped inside Sirius' head that his was Remus Lupin from the punk band Bella Donna. He had never really paid attention to the man in the magazine photos that James had constantly waved under his nose because he was always focusing on the finger pointing to Lily Evans. Truthfully, Sirius never understood the obsession The Mauradar's bassist had with the Bella Donna member who had a love of multi-coloured hair and general troublemaking but he wasn't planning on bursting James' bubble until his Lily magazine collection got out of hand.

Remus led him to a small room with a buffet table. Two women and Peter were standing by the table eating various snacks and watching in amusement as James continued to talk to Lily. James' back was turned but Sirius could see the aggravated sneer on Lily's face.

"James, there you are." Sirius said suddenly, startling James. The messy haired man turned around and tried to convey 'go away, I'm talking to the girl of my dreams' in one look. Sirius ignored it and went on with his quickly conceived plan.

"I've been looking for you. You too Pete. They want to start the interview."

"No, they just told us to go ahead and get something to eat while they work through some recording problems." stated James, annoyed that his one-side conversation had been interrupted. James could be a stubborn arse when he wanted to be and at the moment, Sirius wasn't in the mood to deal with it. He looked over to the buffet table to silently ask Peter for help. Instead, he caught sight of Remus holding an éclair and digging his fingers into the centre of the pastry roughly before pulling them out to reveal cream covered digits. Remus made eye contact with Sirius before smirking and licking the cream off languidly.

Sirius felt his throat tighten and eyes widen in shock as he watched Remus perform fallatio on his fingers. With a loud slurping noise, the raccoon eyed punk finished licking off his fingers before taking a large bite out of the éclair and winking.

"We should really go. Get it over with." squeaked Sirius. He was met with complaints from his two band members. One of the Bella Donna girls mentioned a bathroom break with a giggle and ended up dragging her two female band mates out of the room.

"Look what you did. She's gone now." complained James.

"Just grab some food and I'll meet you back in the other room." Sirius barked before turning around to find a quiet place where he could alleviate some of the pressure in his trousers. His stomach dropped when he realised Remus had got tired of sucking pastries and was leaning in the doorway. Paying close attention to his breathing, Sirius tried to appear nonchalant as he walked up to the exit. Remus scrutinised him with a knowing grin before bumping his body up against Sirius'. It was done in such a manner that to James and Peter, the action would appear aggressive but in reality it was causing Sirius' erection to grow rapidly.

"Oi, Sid Vicious, let him through." James almost growled, thinking a fight was about to break out. Thankfully, Remus backed off and let Sirius out so he could rush to the toilets.

That was probably one of the worst interactions he'd had since he'd left his awkward pubescent years behind him. Sirius was normally very good at keeping control of both his body functions and emotional well-being. In a few minutes, he had gone from stoic to wiping his sweaty palms nervously on the front of his trousers in a very uncouth manner. Anger mixed with arousal as he thought back to the sheer gall of the tattooed punk. Sure, Sirius was gay but he liked to think he exuded an air of asexuality. He wasn't sure if he wanted to wipe that smirk off with a punch or kiss. The toilet door was opened with an overly harsh kick but it made him feel a little better.

Gripping the sink tightly, Sirius let out a few calming breathes. Thoughts of his family caused the erection to go down rather quickly and he was about to make his way back out when the opening door shocked any progress made. A gasp died in his throat at the sight of Remus peering in.

"Thought I'd find you here." Remus said, cocksure grin in place. Sirius decided that the best plan of action was to tell Remus that he didn't know what the punk's problem was but he wasn't into men. At least he was planning to until he suddenly found Remus' tongue down his throat. Even though it was a harsh surprise, it was somehow pleasant. Remus tasted like chocolate éclairs and honey. He smelled even better and Sirius felt his eyes roll back in his head as the woody scent engulfed him.

The kiss only lasted half a minute but in that short span of time, Sirius felt any resistance fall away as Remus devoured his mouth and rubbed their groins together. Sirius was reluctant to let the kiss end but the raccoon-eyed punk tore away with a grunt. After the haze of want started to fade, Sirius realised Remus had lifted his shirt up and was writing something just under his navel in pen.

"Here's my number. If you ever need a good time, call." Remus said smoothly before licking the penned out string of numbers with the same languid effort he had given his fingers and walked out. The wet patch on Sirius' abdomen was tingling, almost pushing him over the edge. With shuddering breaths, he tried to will his erection down but it felt damn near impossible and rather futile at this point.

Arousal quickly gave way to slight panic at the thought of Remus telling a reporter about the encounter. Was this some sick revenge for James annoying Lily? That wasn't even his bloody fault! Turning on the tap and letting the cool water flow through his fingers, Sirius tried to bury the thought.

"Oh there you are Mr. Black. If you don't mind, can you come now? We're ready for you and the rest of the Marauders now." One of the Kerrang writers asked from the toilet entrance and Sirius couldn't help but find the irony in the words. He assured the writer that he would be out in a moment and went back to concentrating on all things unappealing.

Yes, there were many things that were simple thorns in Sirius' rock-star arse and arrogant punks had just become the most annoying.