A World Worth Looking For, A World Worth Finding

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SUMMARY: Two sailing humans are but in a life and death situation, but luckily for them, a merman prince rescues them, giving them medicine that heals them, but also makes them mermen for a month. How will Axel deal with the two new human roommates. Intrigue and Romance, under the sea! Soriku and Akuroku.

A World Worth Looking For, A World Worth Finding

Chapter 1: Reflections

A small blond boy stared off over the bow of the ship. It was nighttime, and he had first watch. I yawned lazily taking in a breath of cold, sea-fresh night air. It reinvigorated him some. He stretched his arms, making a small grunt, as he felt every muscle in his body respond to new alignments. He stretched his arms a little wider, hitting some.

"Oh! Sorry!" he sputtered immediately, looking to see who it was.

A tall, silver haired young man looked at him curiously. The blonds eyes grew big.

"Oh! I'm really sorry, Prince Riku!" he bowed immediately.

"At ease," Riku chuckled. Roxas looked up and saw himself in those warm, blue green eyes. He returned Riku's smile warmly, slightly embarrassed for being so (caught off guard?)

Riku glanced at the small blond, noting the pink on his cheeks, and turned to the ocean.

"What are you doing?" he asked the smaller shipsman.

"Graveyard shift, not much to do," Roxas answered, turning back to the blackness that expanded to the horizon. "Just looking out at the darkness…it's kinda comforting."

Riku made an affirmative noise in response. He stood at the side of the ship, letting his thoughts turn as his eyes took in the faint, sparkling light of the stars, the blackness of the sky and the ocean, and the small, shimmer of starlight and moonlight reflected on the water. "These kind of voyages," Riku began, "I'm always so eager to see what new comes of these contacts with new trading partners. We always get new things, new ideas, new spices, new metals, and these are all good, but I never feel like I find what I was looking for."

Roxas sighed, slightly saddened by the fact that someone as good, noble, and understanding as Prince Riku was unsatisfied. "I think one day," Roxas said, turning to the prince, "one day you'll find a world worthwhile."

Riku smiled again at the ship's youngest sailor. He thought Roxas was attractive physically, with those brilliant blue eyes, lightly tanned skin, taunt muscles over a small frame. His personality was appealing too: he was always this hopeful, despite having had his share of a rough life, living on the streets before coming of age to work on a ship, where food and livelihood were generally taken care of, as long as one worked hard. But there was something in Roxas that made Riku's attraction to him purely platonic. Perhaps it was that Roxas had some thread in him, that made him the same a Riku, and too similar for a good partner.

"Good night, Roxas," Riku said simply, taking the hope that Roxas had given him, and dismissing it as naïveté at the same time.

"Good night, Prince Riku," Roxas stated formally, watching at the prince retired to his cabin. Roxas turned his eyes back out to the sea. "I hope he finds what he's looking for."

After their heartfelt conversation, Roxas and Riku noticed each other more and more. Roxas noticed how kind and understanding Prince Riku was: he was still serious and stern and commanded respect, but he was also pulling his own share of the workload. Even though he was a Prince, it wasn't below him to work alongside Roxas and the other sailors. Riku noticed that Roxas' strong determination to not be seen as "the little one" or "the weak link" kept him working longer and harder than anyone expected him to. The older sailors found him endearing, and the younger sailors were jealous of his exuberance.

Roxas continued to watch the nighttime sea, enveloped by its darkness. A few times, he thought he saw small red and blue lights on the water. Always two right next to one another: pair of dim lights, but still faintly there with a vibrancy of red or blue. Usually the pair of lights would be red or blue, and he would see the other colored pair appear, before both would disappear. Once, he even thought he saw yellow dots, like two nuggets of gold floating on the water.

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