Poke Wars & Plane Crashes

Jack Shepherd is now friends with Kate Austen and six others.

Charlie Pace likes this.

Charlie Pace is wondering why he's not one of these six friends Jack Shepherd has added.

Jack Shepherd likes this.

Charlie Pace - Jack Shepherd - How can you like this? You're not one of my friends. Hintedy hint hint…

Jack Shepherd - Charlie Pace - I'm new at this; give me a break. Maybe you need to fix your privacy settings? Also…are you always this needy and clingy?

Sawyer likes this.

Charlie Pace is now friends with Jack Shepherd.

Charlie Pace - Jack Shepherd - Yes. But thanks for the add anyway! See you later, trek bud!

Jack Shepherd is regretting adding Charlie Pace as a facebook friend.

Kate Austen is now friends with Charlie Pace and six others.

Shannon Rutherford has listed Boone Carlyle as her brother.

Shannon Rutherford - is currently in a plane crash. Hope my nails don't suffer! Lol!

Boone Carlyle is currently stalking people's profiles and wondering why nobody has added him yet. :(

Shannon Rutherford is now friends with Sayid Jarrah and six others.

Sayid Jarrah has poked Sawyer.

Sawyer - Sayid Jarrah - What the hell man? You asking to get your ass whooped again? You…terrorist.

Sayid Jarrah - Sawyer - Come back when you have better comebacks…redneck.

Hugo Reyes likes this comment.

Charlie Pace likes this comment.

The Monster is now friends with John Locke and three others.

Jack Shepherd is wondering how the monster can have facebook. Come to think of it, how do we all have facebook? How is it possible?

John Locke - Jack Shepherd - Don't question it, Jack. It's all happening for a reason.

Rose Henderson has set her current relationship status to married.

Claire Littleton is now friends with Charlie Pace and eight others.

Charlie Pace - Claire Littleton - Hey, preggers. Thanks for the add! Want a creepy stalker for the next three months?

Claire Littleton - Charlie Pace - Hey! No problem. Er… not sure about the stalker thing. That blanket thing was pretty cool though. You're profile pic is cool though. Want me to do your charts?

Charlie Pace - Claire Littleton - No thanks, love. I don't like future crap like that. Thanks anyway!

Desmond Hume dislikes this.

Desmond Hume is now friends with The Button and The Hatch.

John Locke can walk! :)

Jack Shepherd - John Locke - Er, so can the rest of us, John! I've not seen you around yet. Were you even in this plane crash?

Ethan Rom likes this.

Ethan Rom is now friends with Claire Littleton.

Ethan Rom - Claire Littleton - I dig pregnant chicks.

Charlie Pace has set his relationship status to being in an open relationship with Claire Littleton.

Claire Littleton - Charlie Pace - What? We're not in a relationship! Change it!

Charlie Pace - Claire Littleton - That Ethan guy's comment creeps me out. Besides, I'll change it later once he stops being all…creepy.

Claire Littleton has set her relationship status to single.

Charlie Pace dislikes this.

Ethan Rom likes this.

Michael Dawson has listed Walt Lloyd as his son.

Walt Lloyd - Michael Dawson - Who are you? You're not my father!

Michael Dawson - Walt Lloyd - WAALLLLT! Why you being like this man?

Walt Lloyd is bored.

John Locke likes this.

Walt Lloyd and John Locke are now friends.

John Locke - Walt Lloyd - Wanna come see my Inner Eye?

Michael Dawson has listed John Locke as his Enemy.

John Locke - Michael Dawson - We can have enemies on this thing? Cool! Oh, and by the way, that was totally rude and completely uncalled for. I hope you end up trapped forever on this island as nothing more than a whisper!

Walt Lloyd likes this.

Michael Dawson - Walt Lloyd - WAAAALLLLT!

Kate has added crime and running to her interests.

Charlie Pace has added music and heroin to his interests.

Sayid Jarrah is loving the beach! Wanna get tanned so I can impress my Nadia when I get back home.

Sawyer - no comment. ^^

Jack Shepherd has added spinal surgeon to his list of professions.

Jack Shepherd has set his relationship status to divorced.

Sawyer likes this.

Jack Shepherd - Sawyer - What the hell man? What's your problem? Also…what's up with your name?

Sawyer - Jack Shepherd - Hey! I don't question why you do things! You suck…Jackass!

Sawyer and Kate Austen are now friends.

Sawyer - Kate Austen - I dig you. Wanna have hot jungle sex to piss off the doc?

Kate Austen - Sawyer - Er…try no! Maybe later, though. A cage would be kinkier though, just FYI.

Sawyer - Kate Austen - Cool. I'll hold you to it. Duly noted about the cage thing.

Sawyer has added sex to his list of activities.

Charlie Pace has poked Claire Littleton.

Charlie Pace has poked Sawyer,

Sawyer has poked Charlie Pace.

Charlie Pace has poked Sawyer.

Sawyer likes the group Why don't we stop this poke war and have sex?

Charlie Pace - Sawyer - Sending out dirty signals much?

Hugo Reyes likes this.

Sawyer - Charlie Pace - Hey, I calls them how I sees them.

Hugo Reyes has added eating to his list of activities.

Hugo Reyes and Charlie Pace are now friends.

Walt Lloyd is still bored, and wonders why people go on facebook when there's not a lot to do.

John Locke has sent Walt Lloyd an invitation to play Farmville.

Walt Lloyd is no longer bored!

Michael Dawson and Charlie Pace like this.

Charlie Pace and Boone Carlyle are now friends.

Boone Carlyle has his first friend!

Shannon Rutherford - Boone Carlyle - Yo, Boone! Stop force feeding me chocolate. It's a form of abuse.

Boone Carlyle - Shannon Rutherford - I'm surprised you know what that word means. Excuse me for caring.

Boone Carlyle has added stalking and lurking to his interests.

Sayid Jarrah has poked Rose Henderson.

Rose Henderson has poked Sayid Jarrah.

Sayid Jarrah - Rose Henderson - S'up?

Rose Henderson - Sayid Jarrah - You talking to me 'cause I'm black, or 'cause you've got no one else to talk to?

Sayid Jarrah - Rose Henderson - Both, but you're got the whole lonely thing going on and I'm just trying to be friendly. :)

Shannon Rutherford - Boone Carlyle - You're mean! :( I thought you loved me.

Boone Carlyle likes the group it's cool, I wanted you to ruin my day anyway..

Shannon Rutherford likes the group Love, you've got more STDs than GCSEs

Boone Carlyle likes having inadvertent group wars!

Charlie Pace, Jack Shepherd and six others like this.

Rose Henderson misses her husband.

Walt Lloyd has added hunting for Vincent to his interests.

Michael Dawson has added hunting for Walt to his interests.

Kate is now friends with Edward Mars.

Edward Mars - Kate Austen - Just because I'm lying on my back, dying, doesn't mean I cannot harass you on the book of faces!

Kate Austen - Edward Mars - Fail.

Charlie Pace has added stalking and wearing hoodies to his interest.

Charlie Pace is cold. Bloody cold.


Kate Austen - The Monster - You won't be roaring for long! We'll find out what you really are in six or more seasons! Ha!

Charlie Pace likes the group Driveshaft.

Sawyer likes the group Suckshaft.

Charlie Pace - Sawyer - That is so not cool!

Sawyer - Charlie Pace - Deal with it, squirt.

Desmond Hume likes this.

Charlie Pace and Desmond Hume are now friends.

Charlie Pace - Desmond Hume - Thanks for the add. Do I know you?

Desmond Hume - Charlie Pace - No, but you will. You will.

Desmond Hume has set his relationship status to It's Complicated.

Claire Littleton has added astrology and the beach to her interests.

Ethan Rom digs pregnant chicks. That is all.

Charlie Pace dislikes this.

Claire Littleton - Aw, aren't you a sweetie?

Charlie Pace - Shannon Rutherford - Wanna hook up?

Shannon Rutherford - Charlie Pace - If it'll piss my brother off, then yes!

Charlie Pace has changed his relationship status to in a relationship with Shannon Rutherford.

Shannon Rutherford has set her relationship status to in a relationship with Charlie Pace.

Boone Carlyle - Shannon Rutherford - WTF? :

Claire Littleton is in a relationship with Ethan Rom.

Charlie Pace is no longer sure about anything. Off to do some drugs.

Sawyer likes this.

Kate Austen is really Jack Shepherd, who's only sharing her account because he's locked himself out of his.

Sawyer and 12 others like this.

Kate Austen misses having her space…

Edward Mars likes this.

Hugo Reyes likes the word 'dude'.

Sawyer - Hugo Reyes - Have at least some interesting statuses, Porkpie!

Sawyer likes the group secretly giving people nicknames so they don't know you talk about them.

Hugo Reyes - Sawyer - It's hardly a secret with you!

Sawyer - Hugo Reyes - Shut it, Babar!

Kate Austen wishes she could remember Jack's password…

Kate Austen is currently beating Jack up for facebook raping her!

Kate Austen - Kate Austen - It's not facebook rape, Kate! I just miss facebook already. I don't even know why I logged out…

Kate Austen - Kate Austen - You do realise this looks like I'm having a conversation with myself don't you?

Sawyer and Edward Mars likes this.

Jack Shepherd is back online! Woo! I fixed it!

Sawyer dislikes this.

Sawyer - Jack Shepherd - So, what was your password then, doc? SuperDoc815 or something?

Jack Shepherd Sawyer - DAMN IT!

Jack Shepherd has poked Sawyer.

A.n Ok this is just a trial. If people don't like it, I'll take it down but I just thought it would be funny to see what the lost characters would be like had they access to a certain internet phenomenon. There will be more to come should this prove to be a success but, if not, it was fun to write! Oh and I am aware facebook has no dislike button but it should.