Leader Splashstar- white she-cat with light and very faint gray patches over her body, one eye is forest green, the other is icy blue, Mate- Jumpingbrook


DeputySweetfern- black she-cat with golden brown paws and tail tip with light green eyes


Medicine Cat Bluewolf- Small blue she-cat with blue eyes

Medicine Cat Apprentice (In the future- Seakit)


Jumpingbook- golden tom with blue eyes


Shiningsong- silver she-cat(deceased)

Foxstripe- ginger tom with black stripes and icy blue eyes


Fernflower- light silver she-cat with bright green eyes, Mate- Darkcloud

Darkcloud- dark brown tom with darker big spots and yallow eyes, Mate- Fernflower


Blazepelt- brown tom with yellow eyes


Icecloud-White she-cat with black patches across her pelt and stunning gray eyes that pierce her enemies


Willowbreeze- chocalate brown long haired she-cat and brown eyes


Windstep- white tom with golden eyes


Mudstripe- mud brown with light green eyes,Mate- Foxshine

APPRENTICE- Shimmeringpaw

Oakpelt- orange pelt with brown eyes


Cowpaw- black and white tom with green eyes

Thornpaw- red gold tom with icy blue eyes

Sootpaw- light gray, almost white with one blue and one green eyes

Fogpaw- light gray tom with white paws

Shadowpaw- dark gray tom

Splashpaw-white she-cat with tawny patches and sparkling honey eyes

Umberpaw- brown tabby tom with dark blue eyes

Beetlepaw- black tom with orange-amber eyes

Shimmeringpaw- golden tabby she-cat with green eyes

Sappaw- white tom with black spots and golden eyes


Lilywade-Kits: Seakit- golden ginger she-cat with soft amber eyes, Dawnkit- golden ginger she-cat with red and gold with amber eyes that are tinged with gold around the rim, Frostkit- sandy colored tom with light brown stripes and amber eyes

Foxshine- golden she-cat with brown eyes; deaf in one ear, Mate- Mudstripe, Kits- Honeykit- golden she-cat with honey brown eyes, Cloverkit- brown she-cat with light, little green eyes


Minnowtail- dark gray she-cat with a long tail

Milkfeather- pure white she-cat, blind in one eye

Ravenwind- raven black tom with green eyes


Leader Frozenstar-white she-cat with black spots and amber eyes

Deputy Rushclaw-black tabby tom with white stripes and amber eyes, Mate- Heatherclaw

Medicine Cat Nightshadow- blind she-cat with thick black fur and green eyes

Medicine Cat Apprentice


SplashSpots-gray she-cat with black spots and paw and unusual yellow-green eyes(Nightfur has a crush on her, perhaps they will become mates...*grins evily*)

Brackenstripe- brown tom with black stripes and paws, has bright blue eyes and heavily scarred and his right ear is torn


Dovesong-a light grey, almost white she-cat with saphire blue eyes

Nettlepelt- black tom with dark gray eyes, Mate Morningsky

Morningsky- brown she-cat with gold and green eyes, Mate- Nettlepelt

Goldenstripe- brown she cat with golden stripes and brown eyes with gold around the rim(Thornshadow has a crush, maybe in the future...*grins evily*)

Thornshadow- muscular, brown tom with green eyes


Rockfur- gray tom with blue eyes, Mate- Whisperpelt

Whisperpelt- brown she-cat with green eyes, Mate- Rockfur

Nightfur- black tom with dark blue eyes

Snowpelt- thick white she-cat with blue eyes, Mate- Stingpelt

Stingfoot- black with green eyes and one cream colored foot,Mate- Snowpelt


Oakpaw- brown tom

Maplepaw- golden brown she-cat with black paws and nose and green eyes


Heathercalw- black she-cat with gray paw and heather colored eyes, Mate of Rushclaw, Kits- Softkit- beautiful white she-cat wiht ginger spots and light blue eyes, Aquakit-blue-gray she-cat with white paws and spotes and gray eyes, Lightkit-light ginger she-cat with darker paws and yellow, orange eyes

Hazelfrost- hazel she-cat with icy blue eyes, Mate- (died), Kits- Icekit- hazel tom with icy blue stare


Noonfur- light black and brown tom with brown eyes



Sunstar- white with gold splotch above her nose shaped like a ear


Skylark- a creamy white tom with green eyes

Medicine Cat Lilyfire- pale ginger tabby she-cat with dark blue eyes

Medicine Cat Apprentice Ivyfire- gold cat with ivy green eyes eyes and orange around the pupil


Blackstripe- very dark gray tabby tom with green eyes Mate- Flareheart

Tumblefoot- gray tabby tom with green eyes


Fawnpool-A light brown she-cat, with white spots on her back, very small

Leafstorm- golden she-cat with amber eyes


Skyfire- dark gray she-cat with orange eyes, Mate-Rowanheart

Rowanheart- dark brown tom with bright yellow eyes, Mate- Skyfire


Pinethorn- red tom with dark green eyes, Mate- Laketail

Laketail- beautiful blue silver she-cat with gray tip of tail and blue eyes, Mate- Pinethorn

Snowpelt- white and fluffy she-cat

Ashstorm- gray tom with darker flecks and gray eyes, Mate- Silverheart

Rivertalon- blue-gray she-cat with brown eyes

Hawkwind- white tom with brown stripes with green eyes, Mate-Thunderheart

Thunderheart- light gray she-cat with long yellow dash down her nose going to her back and hazel eyes, Mate- Hawkwind

Windtalon- light gray tom with hazel eyes


Hawkfeather- brown, broad shouldered she-cat, green eyes, Mate- Eaglefoot

Eaglefoot- black tabby with brown eyes

Owlclaw- brown tom with yellow eyes, Mate- Leafgaze

Moonshadow- black with gray she-cat and blue eyes, Mate- Brightpelt

Brightpelt- bright white, red, and orange tom with white paws, and tip of tail, Mate-Moonshadow


Thornpaw- dark brown tabby tom with long claws

Rainpaw- blue-gray she-cat with golden eyes

Bluepaw- blue-gray she-cat with brown eyes

Riverpaw- brown, black she-cat with blue-green eyes

Skypaw- tall, buff, white tom with big blue eyes(Has crush on Riverpaw and Bluepaw)


Flareheart-ginger she-cat with blue eyes, Mate- Blackstripe, Kits-Lilyfire, Lumblefoot, Willowkit-silver gray she-cat with dark blue eyes, Mintkit-very dark gray tabby she-cat with white paws and pale green eyes, Squirrelkit- ginger she-cat with amber eyes

Silverheart- silver tabby with amber eyes and black ragged stripes, Mate- Ashstorm, Kits- Emberkit- deep black tabby tom with a white chest, paws, and tip of his tail, Cloudkit- light silver tom with brown ears, Skykit- white fluffy like her father's sister, Snowpelt

Leafgaze- yellow she-cat with green eyes, Mate- Owlclaw, Kits- Twinekit- dark brown she-cat with long tail, Darkkit- dark brown tom with green eyes, Grasskit- yellow she-cat with light green eyes, Sister of Ivyfire


Frostymoon- frost colored she-cat with blue eyes