The air was damp and sticky as the apprentices, Oakpaw and Maplepaw, were cleaning out the dens. Softkit's, Aquakit's, and Lightkit's tiny bodies snuggled close to their mother, Heatherclaw. They were deep in sleep as Icekit got out of the nest and hurried to the apprentices. I can't wait to be an apprentice, he thought. Only two moons.

"Hey, Oakpaw!" he yowled. The two cat dazed with love broke their stare to look at Icekit.

"Oh, hi Icekit, shouldn't you be asleep," Oakpaw scolded as he walked to Icekit. Icekit quickly shook his head.

"Hi Maplepaw," Icekit greeted her. She only grunted a reply.

Oakpaw put his moss down and mewed, "RainClan, attack!" Oakpaw charged at Icekit, but Icekit went to the side and scraped his sheathed paws against Oakpaw's brown fur. Oakpaw growled in mock anger and wrestled with Icekit. Icekit was looking like an apprentice, but he was only four moons old.

"Icekit, come here," Hazelfrost called. Icekit broke away and mewed bye and quickly hurried into the nursery. Rushclaw was in the nursery, sharing tongues with Heatherclaw. Icekit looked at the kits who were batting at some moss, enjoying themselves.

"You shouldn't do that, especially when it's dawn," she scolded him. Icekit had heard this lecture many times before. She continued with her speech, but Icekit wasn't listening. He was thinking about warriors, always ready for battle. "Are you even listening to me?" his mother interrupted her thoughts. Her voice was quenched with anger. "Icekit, please listen," she mewed more calmly. "I wish your father was here, you seem so restless," she licked his check. Hazefrost flicked her tail to come and sleep for a bit. A Icekit settled down, he began to dream about going to war with the warriors, his father at his side.

"Please Oakpaw, take me with you!" Icekit was wanting to go out of camp, but, as usually, Oakpaw said no. "But-"

"No buts, but I'll come back," Oakpaw left with his mentor Thornshadow who was talking with Goldenstripe. Everyone knew he had a crush on her, from the tiniest kit to the oldest elder. Icekit looked disappointingly as they left.

"What's wrong," a voice meowed behind him. He turned, seeing Rushclaw who angled his ears at the camp entrance. Icekit nodded. "There's not a reason you can't go." Icekit's frown turned to a lively smile. Rushclaw went and flicked his tail for him to follow. Icekit followed him with eagerness and feeling very jovial.

"There's a squirrel, since your friend has been showing the hunting crouch and I see you practice it everyday, try to catch it," Rushclaw invited. Icekit's ears grew hot with embarrassment, but he dropped into the hunters crouch as a reply. Rushclaw watched him. Icekit was fully focused as he stared at the squirrel. He looked at Rushclaw saying with his eyes, "Are you sure?" Rushclaw just nodded. Icekit looked back at the squirrel and leaped. When his paws met the squirrel flesh, he knew it was the perfect catch. He looked at his kill amazed. I had killed a squirrel when I'm only four moons old!

Icekit and Rushclaw went back to camp with their jaws filled with prey. Every cat had their eyes on them, especially at Icekit. But, Frozenstar was not happy. She called for Rushclaw, who hurried to her den quickly. Soon, murmurs were spreading, but yowling from Frozenstar's den made everyone stop. Rushclaw came out looking neither sad or happy. Frozenstar came out looking the same. Then she leaped on the frozen ledge and called, "All cats who can hunt their own prey come under the frozen ledge for a Clan meeting!"

Cats who were already out on the clearing, were out because they saw Icekit. "HailClan, we all saw Icekit and his jaws were filled with prey," Hazelfrost's beamed proudly, "Rushclaw and I think it is, accurate to change his apprenticeship when he is 5 moons old." The whole Clan cheered, calling Icekit's name.

"But!" Frozenstar called, motioning everyone to now the meeting is not over, "he will have to start now, and clean the elders den and search for ticks. He will not learn to fight or hunt during this time. As for Rushclaw, taking out a kit is fatal, worse things could of happened. So, now Rushclaw will step done from duties for a moon and Brackenstripe will be a substitute for him. Rushclaw will be treated kindly," she jumped down and went into the den. Many cats looked astonished. The deputy being punished by stepping down? Icekit thought it was a great thing, not bad!

Ah, well, he went toward the medicine cat den, Better start my duties now.