A/N: Hi, everyone! This is my first fanfic! It's a RenIchi, so I hope you enjoy! Maybe I'll start on the second chapter tonight or tomorrow. Here it is! AKA, Sekushina Otoko means Sexy Guy, btw.

Sekushina Otoko

"Yuzu? What the hell are you reading?"

"Sekushina Otoko magazine! These guys are so hot!"

Man. Ever since Yuzu turned sixteen, she totally changed. Ichigo worried about his sisters. Sixteen is the age when everything changes. Hormones, the importance of boys, all that crap. Karin seemed the same as ever, though.

"Well, hurry up and finish your homework. You wouldn't want to upset Dad, would you?"

"Onii-chan, why do you always have to bring that up? Alright, alright…" Yuzu put the magazine down, and pulled out her school books.

Two years ago, the family was driving to their yearly visit to pay respects for Masaki, beloved wife and mother. It was a rainy day. Another driver hydroplaned and crashed head-on with the Kurosakis' car. Yuzu had a head injury, and Karin was knocked unconscious because of the impact. Ichigo suffered from a punctured lung. They would recover easily, but unfortunately their father couldn't say the same.

"Live up to your name sake, Ichigo. I'll need you to look out for your sisters," were his last words. Isshin had a grin on his face, even though he had a broken rib cage and a broken spine. "And take care of yourself, Ichigo."

"Well, hurry up and finish your homework. You wouldn't want to upset Dad, would you?"

"Onii-chan, why do you always have to bring that up? Alright, alright…" Yuzu put the magazine down, and pulled out her school books.

Ever since then, Ichigo had been taking care of his sisters, even though it was kind of awkward raising two teenage girls.

Ichigo walked over to pick up the magazine. He skimmed through it, stopping at a certain page with the most gorgeous man he ever seen plastered on two pages.

Red crimson hair cascaded his face to his shoulders and he wore a hoodie with no shirt underneath, revealing a well-toned upper body. What was the name of this beautiful man? The berry darted his eyes across the pages until he saw the name in big elegant print.

"Renji Abarai," he read.

"Nee, onii-chan!" Yuzu shouted out, snatching the magazine out of Ichigo's hands. "Don't read that!"

"Oh, alright. Teenagers and their privacy…"

"Onii-chan! I'll be home late today, so take care of dinner, okay?" Yuzu said as she and Karin was leaving for school.

"What for, Yuzu?" Ichigo asked.

"She's going to the photo shoot of her favorite male model, the infamous Renji Abarai!" Karin remarked sarcastically.

"Karin, it's my one and only chance to meet him, and I'm going ask to ask for an autograph!" Yuzu swooned. "Ahhh, Renji…"

Karin sighed. "Well we're off. Bye, Ichi-nii."

"Good bye onii-chan!" Yuzu exclaimed.

They headed out the door, and Ichigo heard the door closed. Ichigo sighed. "I hope she doesn't get disappointed if she doesn't get an autograph."

Hmph, I think dinner turned out pretty good. Ichigo smiled at the job he's done. It's not as good as Yuzu's, but the ending result looks okay.

"Karin, dinner!"

"Coming, Ichi-nii!" Karin came home from school, and Yuzu was still at the photo shoot.

The door opened and was slammed closed. "Ah, Yuzu, just in time for dinner. How was the photo shoot? Did you get the-"

"I don't wanna talk about it!" Yuzu shouted as she was rushing up the stairs, with tears streaming her face.

"It's okay, Yuzu. It's okay…" Ichigo heard Karin comfort her upset sister.

Karin walked down the stairs. "What happened?" Ichigo asked Karin.

"Yuzu said that she asked for the autograph, and he turned her down, saying that she was just one of the millions of fan girls trying to get an autograph out of him. Bastard," explained Karin.

"Who the hell does he think he is? Just because he's a celebrity, doesn't mean he can turn Yuzu down so coldly! Son of a bitch!" Ichigo said with anger evident in his voice. "First thing tomorrow, I'm gonna kick his ass!"

"Bye Ichi-nii, we're going to school," Karin said the next morning.

"Good bye, onii-chan," said Yuzu with an expressionless look on her face. Her usual happy attitude was replaced with a monotonous demeanor. Ichigo was furious with how that bastard could upset Yuzu so bad.

"Wait, I'll be home late today, so don't wait up!"

"What for, Ichi-nii?" Karin asked.

"It's a surprise."