Title: Urges

Rating: M

Pairing: Leah/Jasper

Disclaimer: I do not own anyone or anything from Twilight!

Summary: I am not a man but a monster. There is a part of me only one person has ever seen and this person is not who you would beleive. Alice may know the man and the man in me loves my wife. The monster in me is another story. The monster part of me will always belong to Leah Clearwater.

AN: I was listening to Skillet and the song Monster, while listening to it I was hit with this idea. I love Alice and Jasper and think they are perfect. But I always wondered about Jasper's darkside. He was an evil vampire for a long time and I don't think his urges vanished in thin air.

He wouldn't want to hurt Alice because he sees her as innocent and his savior. He would never want to taint her. Alice in my opinion would probably want this for him because she knows he needs it.

I thought Leah would be a good choice because of how she seems to like pain. I mean she likes to create mental ways to torment people, so I thought she would probably be rough physically as well. I really think they could bring out the animal in eachother.

I could feel the violent hiss snake between my teeth as her nails pressed threw the material of my shirt and sank into the skin of my shoulder. The slight discomfort her action caused was a welcome relief. Her pain gave me what I needed. She gave me what I'd been missing for three weeks. Nearly a month has passed since our last meeting and my body is starved for it. She is like a drug and the longer I stay away the worse my craving for her becomes.

"Tell me leech...Did you miss me? Midget just not giving you what you need?" Leah Clearwater's words reached my ears. I could hear the demeaning way she spoke of my wife as if she knew how much it got to me.

My left hand wich was gripping her shoulder tightened it's grasp enough to cause her pain. I could see her wince under the pressure of my fingers. "Don't you talk about Alice with such disrespect."

The shapeshifters only reaction was to sneer and dig her fingernails deeper into my skin. I could feel the muscles in my neck tighten with anticipation. "Her cold lips just not having the same effect anymore? Or is it you? Are you unable to get it up anymore old man?"

The native american wolf slid her hand, which reminded me of a branding iron because of the heat she radiated, up my thigh. She curved her fingers just enough so I could feel her nails pressing against me. A growl was building up in the deep hollow of my throat. "No..It's definately not anything your doing wrong. It must be the little freak. Maybe your hungry for something warm and alive instead of something cold and dead."

"Shut up mutt." To show her I was serious I bent forward to take the shell of her ear between my teeth and bite down. The pressure was enough to earn a small throaty moan from the she wolf. I slide my tonge over the dent my teeth had left and smirked when her breath caught in her throat.

"Admit it parasite, your little bloodsucking wife can't give you what you need." The russet skinned beauty brushed her lips against mine before running her tongue over my bottom lip.

Moving faster than she could anticipate I pressed the length of my entire body against her. This causing her to press against the wall. Bringing my lips inches from her face I snarled once more. "Shut your mouth. Alice is perfect, sweet, loving, beautiful, smart-"

"She could president of the USA and still not be able to give you what I can." My rant had been cut off by Leah when she places her index finger over my lips. The heat burns me in a way that's both pleasurable and painful at the same time. She slowly slid her finger away only to replace it with her lips.

"Leah." I said her name with as much anger as I could muster. I even sent a wave of my anger in her direction but she did not feel one ounce of fear.

If I was being honest with myself, I knew Leah liked it when I was angry. She knew she was the only person who would ever be allowed to see the beast I kept hidden inside. A part of me wondered if she felt special knowing this. Leah was not like other people and because of this fact I could never be sure why she allowed me to do the things to her I did. The she wolf begged me to do things no other living being would ever want done to them. Did my liking the fact she liked the pain I gave her make me a masochist?

"You need me." She moves slowly as if trying to kill me from the intense desire I felt while watching her slow sensual movements. A small smirk curved her lips and she slid both her hands under my shirt. Her movements were feather light and the lingering desire they left in there wake had me nearly shaking in my boots. "You will never be able to be yourself with the midget and she knows it."

As she spoke Leah's talented hands jerked my shirt up my chest and over my head. Instead of throwing the item of clothing to the floor she places her hands inside the holes and twisted the material so it resembed her hands being lodged in chains. The she wolf raised them above her head.

"Your wife gives you permission to fuck another woman because she can't handle the beast inside of you. The monster scares her to the point of tears. If she could cry I mean. You frighten your own wife. What you are even she cannot find it in her to love." Her speech pauses when her tongue darts out to wet her lips. "Your a monster. A killer with no soul. No matter how much you try to fit in you will never belong in their world. Your to fucked up to blend in with them."

My eyes snapped shut and I tried to ignore her words. They were sharp and merciless. They stung because I knew they were the truth. Clenching my teeth I start to shake my head in a no gesture. I was like my family. I was a good man. A man who Alice loved. A man who didn't kill innocents anymore. I was a good man. A decent man. I was better than a monster. I had tamed my monstered when I found my wife. "No.." The sound of my voice snapped me out of my trance. I felt shakey and unsure but then those feelings were replaced with raw anger. "No!" The word was now a fierce growl as it left my lips.

The young shifters brown eyes narrowed in challenge. "Yes." Her eyes widened when she felt my cold stone fingers encircle her wrists. She tried jerking them from my grasp. "Monster. Killer. That's what you are Jasper Whitlock Hale. A filthy animal who thinks he can be house broken. When will you realize you can never be one of them? We don't belong in their world and you know it. If you really beleived any of the bullshit you spout you would be with your wife right now. You would be cuddling against the fire or some other fairy tale shit. Take a look around you bloodsucker. Alice isn't here. I am and know you like it better this way."

I nashed my teeth together before lunging forward to capture her mouth with mine. My left hand traveled to her cheek and I held her face tightly between my thumb and index finger. When she only whimpered I felt the need to squeeze tighter and I could feel her try to cry out in my mouth. The sound unlocked something inside of my body and I grabbed her upper thigh with my free hand and brought it up to wrap around my waist.

Tearing my lips from hers I rested my forhead against hers. I could feel her warm breath hit my face. "What does this make you Leah? You can't stay away from me either. It's because you need what I can give you."

Her earlier actions and words susceeded in the task they'd been asigned. She managed to anger me and set my monster loose. It's what she wanted and what we both needed. It always started off in this manner. I'd be hesitant and unsure as I doubted what we were about to do. Leah could some how sense what I was feeling and she would start in with insults and verbal assaults. In the end I would loose my internal battle and give into to my more animal instincts. After all I was very much an animal inside.

In reality this had all been Alice's idea. My wife knew I could never fully allow my guard to fall around her. She was to pure and innocent. I could never let myself loose for fear of hurting her. My past is not a pretty one and after living the life I have, I know parts of myself can never completely vanish. There will always be a darkness that covers my soul. There is a sort of violence that has lodged itself inside the deepest part of my soul and I cannot pry it out no matter how hard I try.

Placing my hand on her ass I pulled her into me. I could feel her warmth even threw the tight blue jean shorts she wore. I could feel her heartrate quicken when I slid my hips to the left ever so slightly. Leah moaned and ground her hips against me. Tonight would help me get rid of some of the tension inside of me and that is what I needed.

AN: This will be about a 3 or 4 shot at most. Be warned it is mostly sex with some conversation. Please R&R like always!