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When Alice showed up I thought for sure there was going to be a fight of some sort. After all she had traveled so far whatever she had to do must be important in her mind. It was odd when I saw her holding hands with Nahuel. Before Leah and I got together I would have ripped his arms off for looking at her and yet right now I felt nothing towards Alice. I still cared for her, but it wasn't the intense passionate love we'd once had together. I am not sure when it happened, but somewhere down the road my feelings had shifted over to the she-wolf. Alice would always be important and yet I think we both knew that the time we shared was over. There was no use fighting and causing problems. At least we would be able to part on good terms.

"Fucking hell people what is wrong with you?" Leah snapped and we all turned to look at her. Her face was angry and full of disbelief. "You are acting like your trading in cars or something. Doesn't it bother you at all mini leech knowing that the man you spent years with has feelings for someone else? Scar face does it bother you knowing your wife is perfectly fine with the fact you want to be with or that she has moved on herself? Nahuel or however you say it I know this probably doesn't bother you because you're a weirdo, but you have to realize that you can't swap partners like you change underwear."

Alice tilted her head as she gave Leah a once over. I had to admit that Alice's reaction was different than what I had expected. I thought she would be angry or hurt because she was when I left and yet in the month I had been gone she'd apparently worked out her feelings. "Leah I know that you probably don't understand how I can be so excepting of this and tell you the truth I am not sure why I am. Jasper and I have been together for such a long time and I think after a while, long before you came in to the picture, our love for each other changed in to something different. We only had each other before we found the Cullen's and because of that we clung together too afraid to let go and be alone once more. Now that we have a family we are able to let the other go. I have found happiness with Nahuel that I never had with Jazz and he is able to open to you in ways that he never could with me. He loves you and you love him. It would be wrong for me to try and keep the two of you apart."

Leah did not look overly convinced as she crossed her arms over her chest. "What happens when you realize that you still love him? What if I do go back and we manage to make things work, but then out of the blue you realize that you want him? How is that going to work? Either way someone is going to be hurt and sides will be taken. It is just easier if I do not come back. I do not want to be dragged in to shit anymore. I will not be able to take it if I give him a chance and end up with a broken heart for a second time."

My soon to be ex-wife nodded in understanding while I chose to remain quiet. "Well if you do not take a chance on love you will never find happiness and I know you want to be happy. We may never be friends Leah, but I have always respected you. You are an extremely strong person to go through everything you have and honestly if it were me I doubt I would be able to handle it all. Jasper is a good man and he needs someone who knows that. He needs someone who can not only accept his sweet caring side, but his darker side as well and I think you can do that. I knew you would never give him a real chance if you thought you were tearing us apart. Despite what everyone says about you I know that you would hate to destroy a relationship. It wasn't you that tore Jasper and I together so I came here to give you my blessing. I want you to be with him and become an official part of the family. I will not let anyone say anything to you or anything bad about you."

I looked at Alice in awe of how she was taking the situation and I knew some of the credit should go to Nahuel. He was obviously a very good influence on her. "Thank you for coming here Alice. You know that I will never regret the time we spent together and if Nahuel ever does anything to hurt you I will rip his arms from his body and hide them somewhere he will never be able to find them."

"I would rather die before I would hurt Alice." The half breed spoke in a firm yet soft tone. "I hope that you and I may be able to become friends Jasper. I have nothing other than respect for you and your family."

"I hope that as well Nahuel." I told him sincerely before turning my attention to Leah who still looked as she had fallen in to the Twilight Zone. "Darlin' you have no excuses now to stop you from coming home. Nobody is going to say anything to you and if they do they will face the wrath of Alice and that is something even I fear. So what do you say? Will you come back with me and give us a real chance? You are never going to find happiness if you don't take a chance."

"I guess giving in to my urges couldn't hurt. I mean after all they brought me you." She said with a small grin before wrapping her arms around my neck and kissing me deeply. I knew that our relationship would be hard and yet it would be worth it. In the end fighting for something you love is always worth it.


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