Stoppable Rules!

Chapter 1

Births, tragedies and choices.

The situation in the Ravencroft Institute for the Criminally Insane was for lack of a better word chaos, why? The answer one of the "tenants" who resided there had decided to leave the premises without the consent of those in charge; however when said tenant is a black suited with large white spider insignia, 7 foot tall hulking mass of muscle, with 2 inch long fangs, massive tongue and can rip a man in half in mere seconds, one tends forget the details.

This particular tenant is known as Edward "Eddie" Brock, of course that is by himself, when bonded to an alien symbiote he is known as Venom one of Spider-man's greatest enemies.

"The Spider thought he could keep us separate, but as always he underestimates the strength of our bond and our hatred of him, well we will have to show him he will never be rid of us." The creature known as Venom spoke in a strange dual voice to no one in particular.

"Hey Brock you gonna talk all day, or are you gonna make like a banana and split, cause I got better things to do than to hear you jabber all day long." Brock's cellmate the notorious Serial Killer Cletus Kassidy spoke to the anti-hero/villain quite calmly despite the appearance of his soon to be former cellmate.

Now most would be scared out of their minds when in the presence of such a being and they would be smart and sane because of that, Kassidy unfortunately was only smart and deranged, in fact right now he was probably thinking of how to take that power away from Brock, seeing as he was going to kill him before his reunion.

Venom looked at the inmate and without warning grabbed him by the throat and slammed him onto the ceiling, there he fire his "web" from the white patch on the top of his free hand stuck him there.

"What the hell man!" the murderer yelled.

"As if we would let you be free, we know who you are and what you have done, and if time permitted we would deal with you in a more permanent way, but for now we will let you rot in this cage Kassidy." And with that said he turned and leapt from the hole in the wall he created.

"You bastard! You don't deserve that power! It should be mine! MINE!" the mad man screamed at the departing figure, who was unaware of what was left behind, a symbiote spawn.

It was at this critical juncture in time a divergence occurred.

In the normal flow of events Cletus Kassidy was not suspended on the ceiling unharmed, but stood on edge of hole Venom created, there the spawn born from the symbiote would bond to Cassidy through a cut on his hand and give rise to a menace that not even the web slinger or its parent could face alone, the monstrosity known as Carnage.

Carnage would live up to his name sake and bring untold cause and destruction upon the city of New York, only when the two bitter enemies Spider-man and Venom united against him was he defeated the first time.

Afterwards he would escape and with a group of villain who shared his mindset, would be responsible for the event the media dubbed Maximum Carnage, this time Spider-man would once more ally himself with his nemesis and more to stop him.

However because of this divergence, these and other battles would not come to fruition instead the villain known as Carnage would never rise, why?

Because this symbiote would be the inheritor of Venom's original mission and Spider-man's noble cause to defend those who could not, for although spawned by a being that now only exist to destroy the one it deems a betrayer, it still contained the memories and feelings that it received when it was bonded to the hero as well as the words of the man who had most influence in his life "With great power, comes great responsibility".

Whoever it bonded with would receive great power, but could the handle the responsibility that came with it? First it needed to leave this place or else run the risk of being discovered, and then it would begin his search for a worthy host.

It mostly ignored the cry´s of the human stuck to the ceiling as it slithered down the wall, it had already determined with low level empathy that the man was to mentally unstable to be a proper host, the risks of mental contamination was to great, the fact that he kept screaming of killing and maiming was just the proof he was more trouble than he was worth so he was rejected immediately, it spotted a pigeon nearby and quickly from a temporary bond to it.

Symbiotes could, by their very nature bond with any living organism so long as it didn't have any natural defenses against them, it was more common to bond with humanoid beings who had something to offer them in the ways of survival and progression of the species, however unlike Venom who was at the time to weak to make a long search for a host, the nameless symbiote could afford that luxury in its search, of course it would not force itself on any humans, that would what its predecessor had done and it drove it insane, a fate it did not wish for itself.

Using the pigeon as from of transportation it made its way towards the area known as Queens, as it was a predominant memory in its consciousness, once it touchdown on a building it released the pigeon and took to a shadowed area so as to conceal itself and think more about it next course of action, namely finding and adequate host.

The first person it thought of was Spider-man, but just as quickly discarded that idea, thanks to the actions of its "parent" and its host, Spider-man would never trust one of its kind and would, as the humans say, "shoot first, asks questions later.", so no the web slinger was unfortunately not an option.

It then thought of the other heroes who lived in the city, but again same problem, a lack of trust, many were there during the event they called "The Secret War" and witnessed Spider-man wearing what he thought at the time was an alien suit without realizing it was an alien life form, they also saw his slow change in attitude because of it and were probably informed of its true nature, and again because of Venom's actions they would seek to destroy it.

That only left the option of seeking out someone who was unaware of its origins as well as fill out its criteria, and with that in mind it began it search.

One month later.

It has been a very long month for the spawn of Venom, it has been searching extensively for a host and still has yet to find one, most of the people in the city seem apathetic to the troubles of their fellow man or are too frightened to act.

To it the human race was a series of contrasts between the good and the bad, most seemed content to leave the heroics to those who have the ability to do so or prefer to seek to bring disorder and chaos, frankly they confused it greatly.

It was already night and once again it had temporarily bonded to hawk it had encountered in a park, it preferred to bond with birds for the better mobility and greater view they provided, so stopping in the area known as Broadway it surveyed the scene a looked for its elusive quarry.

Something caught its attention as it flew over the area, there was woman running, she wore a black jacket with a blue shirt underneath, blue jeans and the most distinctive feature she had was bright red hair, for some reason that tugged on its memory, however further contemplations were left for another time as the reason she was running was because she was being followed by a group of men who, from the looks of things, did not have good intentions towards her.

She sadly made the mistake of turning left into a dead end ally were they soon caught up to her, it landed on a nearby perch and viewed the situation planning how best to intervene on her behalf.

Those aware of a symbiote's natural form and sized would clearly underestimate their shape shifting capabilities, it was one of the reasons they were so successful in the capture of hosts, as many did not they could change their size and shape without aid of a host.

However as it planned it saw a young man slowly crossing the alley's entrance, the woman also saw this.

"Help! Please!" she yelled.

The group of six men looked in the direction she was staring at and saw the young man, who stopped to look at the situation before him, and grimaced, the symbiote took in the appearance of this young man who appeared to be in his early twenty's, he looked to be about 5'7, which was odd considering most people his age and gender were fairly taller though his hands and feet were slightly larger, he had blond hair and some fading freckles, his overall physique looked quite average, he was wearing some khaki cargo pants and Red windbreaker and a black long neck t-shirt underneath.

The thugs clearly see him as a threat, they outnumbered him and…


"Get out of here punk, before we mess you up good." One the thugs said brandishing a switchblade.

The woman silently implored the young man to aid her, he simply look away and slowly left her to a dismal fate.

Once again it did not understand how humans could be so callous and apathetic with one another, never the less it would continue with its objective as soon as it dealt with the situation at hand, so it disengaged from its animal host to aid the woman.

However no sooner than it had reached the cement, when the sound of something heavy crashing into someone followed by a cry of pain from one of the assailants could be heard in the ally, it quickly found the caused being the young man who had previously walked away now stood over the one with blade, currently hunched over clutching his mid back, with a pair of metal trash can lids in his hands.

The unexpected savior then slammed one lids on one of the men on his right who had yet to react to this unexpected turn of events.



He then turned as quickly as possible and swung backwards with the other lid right into the face of the one behind him managing to nail him squarely on the nose.


"My face!"

With the odds still against him and the element of surprise gone he flung the lids as hard as possible at two of the punks, again scoring a direct hit.


"Owww!" "Son of…"

He finally bum rushed the last man and slammed him into the brick wall.


He held him there clearly straining against the man's larger size, and then he turned at the red head.

"RUN…Ugh…NOW!" he yelled at her as he grunted in keeping his opponent stationary.

"But…" she hesitated.

"GO!" he yelled once more.

With no other choice she did, hoping to get someone to aid him before something terrible occurred.

As the woman ran the thug who had threatened the young man with blade made another attempt to grab the woman, probably hoping to gain control of the situation once more, as she ran past him he was already on one knee ready to sprint after her, but was pushed down once more by some unexpected weight, the extra mass came from the young man who had see what was about to happen and released the man he had trapped between the wall and himself and ran jumped the leading man.

The woman had already managed to leave the alleyway, and young man was preparing to do the same, but at that moment a pair hands gripped his jacket by the shoulders and pulled strongly, he was dragged off the man he had on the floor, he was then placed upright forcibly.

"You just couldn't stay away could you asshole?" said the vandal who then reared back his closed right fist and then thrust forward into the young man's abdomen.


He immediately doubled over from the force of the blow as well as the location of the hit.

The others quickly regroup and surrounded the woman's savior as he dry heaved while clutching his stomach, and from there they began to kick and punch him, forcing him to stay down from the continuous rain of hits upon his body, sometimes they would pick him only to knock him back down with force.

Finally two of the thugs had grabbed him by the arms; his head dangled as if like a marionette with his strings cut off, in front of him the apparent leader of the bunch stood before him knife in hand in a reverse grip.

"Well boys, I think this is one hero who gonna learn why nice guys finish last." He said as he prepared to stab the young man.

It was at that moment the symbiote chose to act by implementing its most basic natural defense mechanism, as it slowly started to expand its size.

The first to notice it were the one holding up the wounded individual, who promptly dropped him, while their eyes literally gained sized as well as show an animalistic terror, the others slowly turned and also began to share the same feeling.

It roared in mixture of loud hissing and metal being torn apart, all the while its terrible face with needle like teeth and white flame patterned eyes conveyed its fury.

Before they could react the creature lash out with black and red tendrils launching the men out of the alley, were they proceeded to run as if the devil himself was after them.

Having scared away the tormentors, it slowly shrank sown to its original size and went to the downed man, it had already reach the decision of temporarily bonding to him so as to aid his healing, though there was one thing about him it found curious about his behavior, at first glance at the situation he was apathetic about it the woman's fate at her would be captors, so why did he come back and faced them? Why would he risk himself knowing full well he would not win?

It decided to view his mind while he was unconscious so as to get a better grasp of him, though first it had to shield its own mind, it would not do to repeat the same mistake Venom had made and open itself up to so many raw emotions after being weakened which no doubt led to its current state of mind.

It crawled onto the young man an entered his body through his wounds preparing to heal it at best it could, while it did this it heard an approaching vehicle near the entrance of the alleyway, it gave of single siren blast before stopping, it took notice that the siren did not hurt as much as it should have, possibly it was stronger than its predecessor in that regard, but whether its other weakness to heat was the same would have to wait.

Three people stepped out of the vehicle two from the front clearly in uniform and to its surprise the woman who the person it was helping had rescued her distress was quite evident in her voice.

"Quickly officers he could be really hurt or worse." The woman said.

"Easy Mrs. Parker we have to make sure it's safe to going first, Joe cover me." The first officer spoke to Joe.

"Got it, Paul." Joe replied.

Paul slowly stepped in front of the squad car and headed in, a minute later he called out to his partner and the Parker woman.

"Joe, call an ambulance the guys alive but it looks like they worked him over pretty good." Paul ordered his partner.

"Mrs. Parker wait!" yelled Joe at the red head who rushed at her wounded savior upon hearing his condition.

Upon reaching the downed figure she saw that he was face up and though she couldn't see his body she had a very clear idea that there were horrible bruises underneath them, however his face drew her attention when she saw that his left eye was swollen shut and right face had a purple yellow bruise his lip was busted and he had a terrible gash on his forehead it.

"Oh God, is he going to be all right?" she questioned Paul.

"I don't know Ma'am, but it would help if you talk to him keep him aware that his safe."

She did as told and gently placed his head in her lap as she spoke to him, through her tears she thanked him for saving her told him that he would be all right.

Her voice somehow allowed him a brief moment of consciousness and looked at her through his one good eye and spoke to her.

"You're welcomed" he said before darkness took him again.

"I'm going check if he has any I.D. ma'am." Paul said to the woman who was still brushing the young man's head in a soothing manner.

Checking his jacket, he found nothing there so he checked his pants starting with his pant leg pockets, it was in the one on the right that he found the wallet, he opened it saw some of the usual things like miscellaneous business cards, a blockbuster membership card, 10 dollars worth in singles and finally a drivers license the name Ronald Dean Stoppable on it with a picture that showed a very neutral face, quite a contrast to the bloody and beaten one he was currently sporting.

"Joe, we got a name Ronald Dean Stoppable, looks like he isn't a local from the license, says he's from Middleton, Colorado, no contact information, also we got blood type AB negative."

"Got it, ambulance should be here in ten, looks like he's going to St. Helen's, it's the closest, how is he?." Joe asked a bit concerned for the young man; he had a son who was about that age, going to ESU right now, he worried about him especially because of the things that happened in the city not with the regular criminals, but the super powered set, those guys were monsters in his opinion, thinking just because they got the power they could do whatever the hell they please, he was one the few thankful for the heroes except maybe the Punisher, he just felt sorry for that guy.

The rest of the force just saw a bunch of hot shots making a name for themselves or believed the thrash from the buggle, he wondered why they always took the negative on guys like Spider-man or Daredevil, those were pretty much on their own on the streets, sometimes they had to tackle big hitters like that Magneto or that maniac Venom, now there was a nightmare for ya, where were the Avengers or the Fantastic Four when those nuts were lose? Off in space or partying while the street level guys were getting the shit beat out of them while saving lives, that's we he gave those guys their dues, they deserved them.

"He's in pretty bad shape nothing too serious but those creeps really messed him up good, he was conscious for a second but he was out like light right after." Paul answered.

"I wonder though, the lady said one of them had a knife." Joe said to his partner.

"Yeah? What of it?" Paul questioned not seeing where he was going with the question.

"Well, if they had a knife then, why did they leave him alive? I mean look at him they just beat the crap out of him for messing up their "fun" and leave it at that? Hell there isn't any sign of them at all, we got here in like what 5 maybe 10 minutes after she found us, they should still be here."

"You think one of the capes got here before us?" the officer questioned.

"No, if they did they would of taken him to a hospital." He replied.

"Think the guy has powers? He could be a mutant for all we know" Joe said to his friend, no malice in his words just curiosity, he didn't have anything against mutants, so long as they respected the law then he wouldn't have any quarrel with them.

"I doubt it, though the hospital will probably check him just in case, just hope there aren't any FoF around if he is, god I hate those assholes." Paul spoke with disdain at the well known Friends of Humanity; to him they were nothing but a bunch of racists with a lot of resources despite being made up by a bunch of less than honorable members.

"I hear that, and speaking of it sounds like the ambulance is getting close." Joe said as he tilted his head and indeed confirmed the approaching vehicle.

St. Helen General Hospital.

In the waiting room of the hospital, was the woman who Ron Stoppable had rescued at great personal risk to himself, who was waiting on news of her savior after giving all the information she could to the police, though not officially family she felt she needed to be there to reassure herself that he would be fine.

"M.J.!" "Mary Jane!" two voices that called out her name, voices she recognized immediately and got up to meet the most important people of her life.

"Peter, May" she spoke to the two as she went to them.

One was a young man with brown hair and eyes, around his mid twenty's wearing a denim jacket with a red shirt underneath and blue jeans, to most he would look average by his appearance but despite this he held a secret from the public, he was Peter Parker the amazing Spider-man and Mary Jane Watson - Parker's husband.

Next to him was an elderly woman of 60 with cropped hair that was white with age, and face full of kindness and strength, wearing a flower patterned dress and white sweater vest, this was Peter's aunt May Parker.

They had received a call from Mary Jane from the hospital where she informed them of the attack and her rescue, as well as the reason of her stay in the hospital.

"Oh Mary, how are you?" May asked her niece in law, though she saw her more as a daughter.

"I'm fine May really, it if weren't for that young man, who knows what could of happened." She replied to the woman she considered a second mother.

"I'm so sorry M.J I should have gone with you or called or something, if anything happened to you I..." Peter said to is wife, the mere thought of losing her, was too much, he barely survived losing Gwen, to lose Mary Jane would kill him.

"Easy tiger, I'm fine, right now I'm more worried about Ronald, that his name, Ronald Dean Stoppable." She told them.

"Wait a minute that name sounds familiar." Peter said as he placed his hand on his chin as he tried to remember where he heard that name before.

"Do you know him Peter?" M.J asked.

"I think… Yeah now I remember, he was the partner of that teen crime fighter, what was her name?" "snap" "Kim Possible, that was it, they came here to stop some Doc Doom wannabe in a lab coat and some lady with a skin condition and mean temper from stealing some new invention from Reed Richards lab, of course they didn't get past the front door because of the security, Spider-man and those two, he even asked for a picture and Spider-man's autograph after everything was over.


Peter Parker currently in his Spider-man persona was swinging through the air on one of his few days off from the bugle and it's eternally embittered publisher one J. Jonah Jameson.

It was one those rare days were everything seem calm as if the criminal element had decided to give pause to their less than legal activities, something he was quite thankful for, of course if life had taught him anything is that anything that can happen will happen.


Case in point, the large explosion that came in the direction of the Fantastic Four's headquarters, the Baxter building, he wondered if he should aid the four seeing how he was good friends with them when he remembered that they were currently out of town, something about Namor getting pissed again about thrash in the oceans or something like that, or at least that's how Johnny had put it in his own words, so with that knowledge in hand he went in to protect his friends property, already running through a list of potential foes he had encountered with them.

"God I hope It isn't Doom, I rather take on the Sinister Six, than that windbag, guy can't go two seconds without a rant about how he is soo much better than Reed, maybe I'll get lucky and it will only be the Frightful Four or that big bug with the glowing collar what was his name Annihilate? No Annihilus that was It." the Hero thought as he began to head in the direction of his friend's home.

At the Baxter Building

"Cough" Well "Cough" that when well, so now that we've proven we can't get in by either a) blasting are way in and b) using explosives that more than likely will have police, if we're lucky "which given our track record is highly doubtful" or the capes that live here, so I as ask what do we do now Dr. D?" Said the green skinned and raven haired woman known as Shego who was dressed in her signature black and green jumpsuit.

The man she questioned dressed in a dark blue ensemble with a black belt, boots and gloves; his face was strangely blue for some reason with a scar circling his left eye.

"All right since plan A and B have failed, we go to plan C." Dr. Drakken spoke to no one in particular.

"Which is…?" his assistant questioned.

"You both surrender and go to jail." A young female voice suddenly spoke.

"Who dares…?" Drakken questioned.

"Ugh, it's the princess and the buffoon."

"The name's Kim Possible, Shego." Kim said to her long time foe, she was a long haired auburn haired girl around 16 to 17, she khaki cargo pants and a long sleeved shirt that clunged to her figure.

"And Ron Stoppable with my ever trusty partner Rufus." "Yeah, yeah", Ron spoke after his long time friend, he wore the same outfit as her except more suited for his male form except the shirt was more baggy than hers and wasn't tucked in, pocking out of his pants pocket was his ever faithful pet Rufus, a naked mole rat.

"Like I care who you are loser." The villaness spoke harshly at him.

"Hey! You can't talk that way too him." Kim yelled at her for speaking ill of her best friend, who smiled at her.

"I'll talk however I want to him, l mean he can't even defend himself, all he's good for is wasting space." Shego countered.

"Well aren't you a ray of sunshine, or maybe your just green with envy" a new voice spoke.

"Who the h…?" "Twhip" "MMMHPPM!" she was about to ask when she received a glob of webbing to her mouth.

"I think we've heard enough out of miss back talk." Voice revealing itself to be Spider-man.

"OH MY GOD! KP its Spider-man!" Ron said excitedly, Kim just rolled her eyes at her friend's antics.

"Who?" Dr. Dracken asks.

"Dude, he is the amazing Spider-man, his like one of the best heroes in this city, heck we're not even in his league." Ron said to the villain

"Hey! We go around the world stopping world threats he just nabs purse snatchers." Kim said a bit offended at that last remark.

"Sigh" "Oh Kim, how little do you know, sure he goes after the low level guys but he also faces off against guys who are stronger, faster and meaner than he is and still finds a way to win, like against the Sinister Six, six of his worst bad guys together, that just makes him more awesome." Ron said with absolute confidence.

"Ah, stop it; you're going to make me blush." The hero said as he rubbed the back of his head to show his embarrassment, though he was happy to hear someone praise him for a job well done.

"Besides not even you or Shego would last against his bad guys there just that bad." Ron felt the need to point out.

"He has a point." Spider-man said.

"Fwoosh." Was the sound of flames being lit.

"That is it! Nobody trash talks about me! ESPECIALLY Kim's lap dog or wall crawling freak!" An enraged Shego said after burning of the webbing that kept her silent.

"Like I haven't been called that before, you mind if I have a go with the Hulk wannabe?" the superhero asked.

"I got no problem with it dude, you Kim?" Ron asked his partner.

"Be careful she has mean left hook." She said to the man, despite the comments provided by her partner, some of which she would be discussing later with him in private; she felt the need to warn him.

Spider-man would have thanked her had his spider sense kick in.

Kim saw him suddenly tense and took that as cue to get out of the way, she was proven right when a ball green super heated plasma impacted where they once stood.

She looked for the hero when she saw him sticking to a street light upside down, though that didn't last long as he flip back down, slightly hunched as to keep his center of gravity low, his right arm extended forward while his left was in a perpendicular position (MVC pose) and his feet separate and moving preparing in case of a sudden attack.

An attack came suddenly when the villainess lobbed three more plasma balls at the man; he dodged them with a combination of grace and agility that could rival a Olympic gymnast by flipping and twisting in the hair as if it was the most natural thing in the world for him, which after years battles and many years swinging through the air, it was.

"Arrg! Stand still, you bug." The green skinned woman spoke.

"Technically, spiders are arachnids not insects, so the correct phrase would be"stand still you spider or arachnid" or whatever floats your boat lady." The masked hero said in order to further aggravate Shego.


"Don't you ever shut up!" she screamed at him as he evaded another of her long range attacks.

"Boy if I had nickel for every time someone said that." He quipped again.

That was the last straw for Shego who finally gave up fighting him from a distance and charged at him hands ablaze and ready to tear into him.

This of course was what he was expecting, so he simply somersaulted her while extending his arms with his index and ring fingers in both on the center of his palms were press the hidden sensor mechanism that shot his webs at her, who unfortunately for her was too distracted to counter, once he had her trapped and immobilized he grabbed her and through at her employer who throughout the fight was too distracted to do anything but watch up to the point of having her thrown at him and into a wall behind them knocking them both out.

"And that's a wrap people." The hero spoke to no one in particular.

"See KP, I told you he was awesome." Ron told his friend who had to admit he was very impressive.

"All in a day's work, so who are you guys anyway? In all the excitement I forgot ask." Spider-man questioned the teens.

"Oh, I'm Ron Stoppable, this is my buddy Rufus and my best friend since Pre-k Kim Possible." The blond teen said to him.

"Hello." "Hi" both the girl and pet spoke.

"Um, did that naked mole rat just speak?" the hero question as he pointed at Rufus.

"He's smarter than your average Mole Rat." The red head said.

"Well I guess now I've seen everything, no wait I have yet to see a talking Dog or Bear." He quipped.

At that moment Kim's kimmunicator chimed.

"Sorry I have take this, go Wade" she spoke into the device were the image of a young African American 10 year old boy, known to them as Wade Load appeared.

"Hey Kim what's the sitch with Drakken and Shego?" the boy genius asked.

"Their down for the count Wade, thanks to some unexpected help." She answered.

"Really, who?" he asked.

"Look for yourself." She said as she turned the device towards Spider-man who was standing next to Ron.

"Ron, please tell that is who I think it is." Wade said wide as he looked at the masked vigilante.

"Indeed he is Wade, say hello to THE Spider-man." Ron said with pride.

"Hello." He waved at the boy.

At which point Wade fainted, sadly it caused the line to disconnect.

"Wow never have gotten that kind of reaction before." He said.

"Ah don't worry he's just a big fan like me, in fact I got a scrapbook with all your best action shots back home, man I wish I brought one I'd love to have an autograph." Ron said to his hero.

"Well I'm flattered, in fact if really want one you can give me your address and I can mail it to you I have some friends who help me out with stuff like that." The hero said to the teen.

"Really? That's great can you send me two so I can give one to Wade?"

"Anything for a fan."

"See KP, he is amazing." The blond said to his friend who already was giving him his address, she just rolled her eyes at his antics.

End Flashback

Peter smiled at the memory, it was one of the few times somebody actually appreciated what he did, the few times they came to New York and he could catch up to them he witness how the boy would often get caught in his opponents traps by mistake as well as saving the day by sheer luck, other times his screams his head off but when he sees his friends in trouble he rushes in without a thought or concern for his own safety, in his opinion he had potential but that was constantly overshadowed by the actions of his friend, most reporters didn't even pay attention to him at all, which was kind of sad, given how hard he seems to try to help, now here he was in the hospital for taking a brutal beating while saving his wife.

He knew he couldn't be everywhere, save everyone but that didn't it doesn't hurt less when someone he cares about is in danger because he wasn't there or when innocent people get hurt in his absence.

Just then the doctor attending the young man came in and headed toward them, usually this not allowed as they were not family, but the fact that he had no contact numbers and his identification showed he was not a local, he would have to make adjustments in his case, besides the woman he rescued wished to know his condition, and frankly he couldn't blame her, aside from the masked heroes both vigilantes and public, very few people I this would have done what he did, which made what he was about to tell that that more harder.

"Mrs. Parker? Mary Jane Watson-Parker?" the doctor asked.

"Yes, I'm here doctor." She said as she approached.

"Hello, Mrs. Parker, my name is James Porter; I'm the one in charge of Mr. Stoppable's case." He said as he extended his hand to shake hers.

"Hello, this is my husband Peter and my in-law May." She said to the physician as she presented her family.

"Hello, doctor" "Good evening or morning whatever the case may be." They both said as the shook his hand.

"Pleasure to meet you both" he replied

"So how is he?" she asked.

"Well, he wasn't in any danger despite his initial appearance, but he did receive some serious injury, his ribs on his right side are slightly bruised, he has a fractured rib on the left, he had to get stitches for the gash on his forehead, and he has numerous bruises around his face and mid section, he had a rather nasty bump on the back of his head but thankfully surgery was not needed and we've managed to keep the swelling down." The doctor said as he finished informing the Parker family.

"Is he awake? May we see him?" May asked hoping to thank the young man who had come to Mary's rescue.

"We have him sedated right now, as well as some minor pain suppressants to help manage his wounds, as for seeing him you will have to wait tomorrow when he regains consciousness, and hopefully he can provide some answers for me regarding some rather unsettling information." Doctor Porter said.

"If I may, what kind of information doctor?" Peter asked not liking the images that his mind was binging up.

"Well under normal circumstances I wouldn't reveal this information to non family members, but since he isn't a local and searching for them may take time, I can wave it off for now, you we did a toxicology study in case he was allergic to any medication we could give him and discovered traces of several over the counter anti-depressants in his blood, we also found some scarring on his right wrist which leads me to believe he has attempted suicide before." He finished.


"Good Lord, why on earth would he do such a thing?" asked May Parker, she very troubled by the news, being very spiritually conscious she began to wonder could have happen to the young man to have taken such a radical decision.

"I can't really say as this is something out of my field of expertise, but from what I've heard from certain colleagues it could be because of any number causes though in most cases it's because the person suffers some sort of mental trauma, one strong enough to render that person in a state where he or she feels it is the only viable solution to put an end to their suffering." The doctor explained calmly though he too was a bit disturbed by the revelation.

"Is he in any risk right now to cause himself harm again?" Mary Jane asked.

"No, I don't believe he is right now the scar indicates that he had plenty time to attempt again but didn't as well as the medication shows he took steps to prevent a relapse." He replied.

"Is there any chance we could see him now doctor Porter?" Peter asked quite worried for the young man he only met a few times yet seem very likeable after only a few encounters.

"Not right now I'm afraid, he still needs his rest, but came back during visiting hours he should be awake by then." James answered.

"All right, ladies lets go home and rest, will come back and talk with him when his awake." Peter said to his wife and aunt.

"Yes that sound like a good idea Peter, you especially need to lie down dear, since you've had a very trying ordeal." The elderly woman spoke to her surrogate daughter.

"sigh" "Yes your right, there's nothing more we can do except wait, please call us if there is any change in him please doctor." The redhead said.

"Yes of course, I'll notify you immediately if there is any changes, have a good night."

The trio said their goodbyes and slowly left the hospital, all the while Peter thought back to all his encounters with Team Possible and ask himself one thing: What caused the boy to take such drastic measures?

Unknown to him the spawn of Venom that currently inhabited the young man's body was currently looking through his mind in search of answer towards his behavior not knowing he would uncover the cause of his pain.

At first it could only feel certain emotions running through his mind, fear, anxiety, anger those being tied with his current situation, but it also felt relief and happiness in knowing he had at least succeeded in helping the woman, so it delved deeper into his mind.

There in the part where his oldest memories were, it began to see who Ron Stoppable was, what made him do what he did and his pain.

Ron was at first a very lonely and strange child; he acted more mature than most children though still within the boundaries of innocence, that all change when he met the person who would become a vital person in his life.

This person was a small freckled girl by the name of Kim Possible, she had her hair in two pony tails and was wearing a green dress, his first encounter with her was during Pre – kindergarten, recess to be more precise, she was alone and he went to play with her, from that point on they were inseparable for many years, when the girl had gone on her first mission he was there supporting her, when they went global he faced his fears for her, faced terrible foes for her.

During all of this the symbiote bared witness to the changes he went through during his adventures, throughout his learning in the placed called "Middleton High School" he was considered the outsider and outcast to all but his best friend Kim and his pet Rufus and the techno genius Wade, he never let it get him down for long, in fact he embraced it with a smile and a never be normal attitude, something that kept him strong in his unique lifestyle.

During one of his adventures he was empowered with the aid of some mystical items brought together by a man who would become HIS arch foe, a man named Montgomery Fisk AKA Monkey Fist, gathering four statues with the aid of Kim Possible, who was unaware of his intentions or the purpose of the items, he gained the mystical monkey power said to be linked to the mythic Monkey King of ancient Chinese lore, however when Kim was indisposed Ron stepped up and confronted the genetically and mystically altered man and he along with his pet obtained the power and defeated him.

The memories continued to flow, and the alien creature watched him make new allies and new enemies, and what the young man considered a pivotal moment for him, one of his partners enemy's had devised an intricate plan for his goals of world domination, using technology developed by the girl's father a renowned scientist, a toy design and taking over his favorite fast food franchise (a fact that apparently still galled him, if his emotions were not mistaken.) he would succeed in unleashing an army of robots on the world and no one not even his nemesis would realize until it was too late.

He also distracted his teenage foe by giving her a perfect decoy, an android made to her desires; she was wooed by it and was too distracted to think about the mad scientist evil plot, during all this the boy felt something he hadn't felt before jealousy of the as of yet unknown automaton, he wished it was him with her, and with that realization came the truth, he had fallen in love with his best friend, sure he had often thought of what could be but he never considered himself worthy of her affections, still it galled him that "Erick" as he was called, had her undivided attention.

Ron eventually stumbled quite literally into the plot and raced to warn everyone, at first no one believed him and even his friend doubted him but eventually she conceded to check things out, at that moment the assault had begun, the mad scientist and partner eventually lured the heroine to their lair by kidnapping Erick, still unaware of his nature she went after them, naturally so did her partner to watch her back, even though she was armed with new weapons and a advanced combat suit, he would still help as best he could.

They confronted the villains, and for a moment victory seemed at hand but then Erick's deception was revealed, this led to their capture and the young heroine was terribly shaken by the lie, but his partner would not allow her to wallow in pain in misery, and it was in that moment he confessed his feelings for her, she was surprised and did not answer immediately because Rufus appear and released them from their bonds.

Once again the battle took place and this time it was quite personal for them both, and with new determination and vigor they charged head on to the confrontation, and after grueling battle finally they had saved the world and ended their night with a song, a dance and finally a kiss.

Things were looking up for the pair, with one their major opponents locked away they could relaxed a bit and explore their new feelings for one another, even though his assistant was on the loose they could still handle missions, that is until Drakken was released by a new player in the game one who would come back to caused trouble again, her name Warmonga, an extraterrestrial from the planet Lorwardia, a species the symbiote did not recognize but still from the feelings it could sense from the memories regarding her and one called Warhawk, they were a credible threat.

Kim and Shego were forced to work together to stop her the first time and still she proved too formidable to the women, until both Ron and Kim's brother's Jim and Tim Possible fooled her into believing the one she searched for was on another planet, making her leave for the moment.

Memories continued to flow; Ron slowly went up the unusual class system of Middleton High to proved worthy of his love, he became the star of the football team, elected king by the school and more, he had gained a sister who was tied to his mystical powers, gained employment all the while he dated the girl of his dreams.

But those dreams were threatened by a coming event, graduation, he knew his girlfriend was destined for greatness he was not, another problem was vague warnings from his ally In Japan Master Sensei about an impending threat.

The threat turned real when the warrior Warmonga had returned with her battle mate Warhawk to get revenge on Kim and Drakken and conquer earth, they kept the heroes of earth occupied while they captured the duo, Ron however would not allow this to go unpunished, he along with Shego went after them, and once they infiltrated the mother ship and disabled it they raced back to earth with the infuriated aliens in tow.

Drakken had conceived a rather radical plan, one that had been previously used and backfired on him resulting in him gaining control over certain plants as well as looking like an overgrown flower at times, though the tendrils were nothing to scoff at, using his plant formula and his abilities he defeated their army of robots, unfortunately, the aliens were not as easily defeated, once again the women faced off against them and once more was overpowered.

Ron was the last man standing, this was HIS moment, HIS time, and so he unleashed the full force of the mystical monkey powers on his foes, in the face of this new force they were nothing and after manhandling them he launched at their doomed vessel and were destroyed along with it.

The world was saved once again, only this time it was not Kim Possible who had defeated the villain but Ron Stoppable, of course no one knew this, and to him it was better that way, Drakken received a pardon for his past crimes along with being awarded a medal for his part in the defeat of the aliens, Kim and Ron had graduated and the world was safe once more and the two were still together.

From an outsiders point of view things were going well for the young man, but the symbiote knew better, the memories that came next showed that the universe always sought to balance the equation, for having been given happiness it was time to give him pain, what came next was the slow gradual increase of it.

The pair continued their relationship, while the girl still debated at which college or university to go to, given the amount of invitation she had received it was understandable, he had yet to receive an answer from his choices, but he was hopeful at least the cooking academy's would call, they seemed content with one another as they basked in each other's presence.

However Ron was not entirely well, his parents and girlfriend didn't notice but his pet and sister did, he wasn't sleeping well often waking in the middle of the night in a cold sweat gasping for air, the reason was because he was plagued by nightmares of his victory over the alien duo, in his dreams he could hear them screaming in agony, asking them why they deserved death and not his other enemies, everyone he knew called him a monster and a murderer asking when they were next or if he was going o torture them like he did Warmonga and Warhawk, Kim ran in terror from him, and sometimes he could hear the mad laugh of what he called his evil persona Zorpox taunting him to use the power to take whatever he wanted.

After those nightmares he rarely decided to access it, fearful of what he might unleash if he should do so; he kept his fear and anxiety it well hidden, as he did not want to bother anyone with his problems, being that was his nature to bear the burden of his problems and sometimes of others as well.

Then came the time when Kim would leave the city to continue her studies, they promised one another to stay in touch and see each other whenever possible, she was worried about his current situation, but he assured her that he would find a way to get ahead in life and still be there to watch her back.

So time went on and true to word they still saw each other when she visited, they sent each other letters and packages, talk well into the late hours of the night, he tried to keep his promise to her by trying to get into some form of higher education but none would take him because of his below average test scores, the ones that specialized into the area of cooking didn't take because of the incident involving his restaurant at school and the allegations that letting Rufus in was unsanitary, Rufus took quite an offense to that, but still he tried, once more to show he was capable of the feat.

However after six months, things changed all contact between Kim had ceased, not on his part but hers, no letters, no calls nothing, he went to her parents house and they assured him she was fine but to busy lately to contact even them, he believed that after all why would they lie to him, they had always treated him like a member of their family.

Time flowed once more, one month to be precise, he was walking towards the Possible home to chat with the Possible parents seeing as how Jim and Tim were still in high school, when he had asked why not do what Wade did and graduate ahead of everyone, they replied the wanted to enjoy their time there and see if anything would pop up like when he was there, besides they school still needed the heirs to the Mad Dog Ron Stoppable.

He chuckled at the memory, he was a block away when he stopped suddenly, there in front of the garage door was the Kim's car, he would recognized from anywhere, he then found himself running towards the house, he thought about knocking on the front door but decided that coming in through the back to surprise her would be a better idea.

He crept slowly, nearing the window he heard voices, Kim's mother was easily identified so was the one of the person he cherished, Kim, but there was a third voice this one to seemed familiar, but from where?

He peered in carefully to see who was it, and to his surprise it was Josh Mankey, what was he doing there?

He kept out of sight as he watched and listened, waiting for the right moment to make his presence known, eventually Josh left the room to use the facilities as he said, leaving Kim and her mother alone in the room. He was about to make his entrance when they began to talk, he decided to listen in, despite how rude it was.

"So Kim, have you thought about our last conversation?" Anne Possible asked her daughter.

"Sigh" "Yes I have mom, it's just I can't figure out a way to tell Ron the news without him freaking out." She replied.

"News? What does she mean news? And what could she tell that would make me freaking out?" Ron thought.

"I know sweetie, but he is just going to have to accept the fact that you don't love him that way anymore." Her mother said without realizing the subject of the conversation was only a few feet away an expression of pain and anguish emerging slowly on his face, if one listened closely you could hear how his heart was slowly breaking, however his torture was not yet over.

"Still, maybe it's better that you found Josh, he is certainly doing wonders for you, you're father and I certainly approve, and frankly Ron seems to have hit an impasse in regards to higher learning, like he's accepted that high school is just as far as he can go, I don't think that's right for you, you need someone who won't just quit when he comes up to a wall, and I'm afraid Ron just isn't right for you anymore." Kim's mother finished, every word was another dagger into his chest.

"I know mom, and frankly there were times when I wanted to scream at him when he messed up on the missions, it was like I was babysitting not saving the world, I mean when we started dating he did step up and once I told him what I needed for us to work out he came through but looking back at it, he never really showed initiative when it came to us, but with Josh I don't have that problem, sure in high school we didn't work out because of me having to spend so much time foiling Drakken or Dementor or whoever showed up, but now that GJ is backing me up things go quicker and smoother, I get to spend more time with him and he sometimes surprises me when I really need it, I'm really happy now more than when I was with Ron." Kim said.

At that point Ron just couldn't take anymore, so he quietly left making sure not to make his presence known, and walked home ignorant of the tars that flowed from his eyes in a never ending stream.

He was slightly thankful that his parents and Hana weren't home and Rufus was at a pet spa for the day, he trudged his way to his room, locked the door, and sat on his bed staring straight ahead at nothing in particular, that's until he turned and saw the picture of him and Kim he lost whatever control he had gained on the way back, he grabbed the picture and threw it as hard as he could at the wall, he ignored the breaking of glass and wall and lets loose cries that would pull at the souls of men who knew his sorrow.

When his family returned they found hi curled up on his bed still crying, they tried asked what was wrong but he would not speak of it and begged to be left alone.

The coming days were bleak for him, he only left his room to use the bathroom, he hardly ate and hardly spoke to his family or his pet, they tried the few friends they could get into contact with, but they couldn´t reach him either, when they brought bringing Kim to see him he just cried and pleaded not to let him see her, they understood this as he didn´t want to see him this way not realizing she was the cause.

Another month had passed, there was still no change, he had overheard his parents worried talks about what to do, his mother cried as she asked if they failed in being good parents for him, his father just comforted her.

That night he decided to put an end to his pain and suffering as well as release his parents from an unwanted burden, so when all were asleep he crept into the bathroom with a pair of sharp scissors, the thought about leaving a note with his reasons for why he was about to end his life had crossed his mind but frankly what he was about to do would hurt too many people already, so he sat neared the tub, he didn´t want to leave a mess after all, he said a quick prayer in Hebrew for forgiveness, he made a shallow cut on his right wrist, not life threatening just to get a feel for it.

He was so concentrated on the next swipe he didn´t feel the presence behind until a voice cut through his haze.

"Ron" the soft voice spoke.

He quickly turned to face the source of the voice, feeling his heart hammering a mile a minute, his trying to come up with some plausible explanation, unfortunately that all went out the window upon seeing the last person he wanted to witness his self inflicted demise.

"Hana" he whispered as color slowly drained from his face and not because of blood loss.

From the knowledge it had gleamed form his mind the alien suit knew that Hana Stoppable was no ordinary infant, and did in fact have ties with both the ancient ninja school Yamanouchi and the mystical monkey powers.

As she stood there watching her brother in all but blood see her with fear and shame, she launched herself at him, and landed on his torso, she look towards his face and said only two words with tears slowly emerging, two words that shook him from his shock.

"Don´t go" she said with sadness deep in their conveyance.

Ron was pole axed at his sister´s words, and these words gave him an epiphany of sorts as he stared at her small form clinging to his chest.

He wrapped his undamaged armed around and softly reassured her he was not going to go away, at least not in the way he envisioned, after he managed to calm her down he cleaned and wrapped his wound, and spent his time with his sister in her room telling her that all would be fine.

After managing to get the small child to sleep he went to his father´s study, and be gan to write a note to his family.

"Dear Mom, Dad, Rufus and Hana

There is no easy way to explain to you

why I have been acting the way I have for the past month

all I can say is something happen to me that hurt me in a

way I never really knew was possible, and it left a very deep wound

one that may never heal, you and everyone who CARES about me

tried to help me, and I like a fool turned them away, for that I am

deeply sorry, I am also sorry for my next action, which is to leave

Middleton so I can find myself, I will clear out whatever savings I have

from my account and cash in one of my royalty checks, so you don´t

have to worry anymore than you are probably are going to, I will try

to stay in contact as much as I can and come back and explain everything

once I return, and I WIL return, until then now that I love you all.

Ron Stoppable."

Once done with the letter, he went to his room and quietly packed some clothes so as not disturbed his pet, he left his letter on his pillow, he went to see his sister and parents one last time without waking them up, finally he went to the garage and there he stood in front of his graduation gift one fully restored black with red racing stripes 1967 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 courtesy of his parents and in complete working order thanks to Wade, Felix and the twins, no gadgets unless he requested them.

He lifted the garage door and pushed the car out, locked the garage, pushed the car onto the pavement, and finally got in and drove away to find his place and heal.

At that point the symbiote had seen enough, and reviewed all it had seen and felt, this young man had wander through many cities before reaching New York, he also helped some people along the way, never asking for anything in return, he was so close to going down the same path as its parent´s host yet he strive to find peace of mind.

It had come to a decision then, this young man, this Ron Stoppable had the quality's it was looking for in host, he need direction and it needed someone of his caliber, the question now was would he accept? For first time in the history of its species it prayed that he would.

To be continued…

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