So, I recently saved a copy of this entire story onto my hard drive. I'll print it at a later date, after editing, but it's a whole whopping 54 pages! Isn't that amazing? Now, that's 54 pages of single spaced, size 12 Times New Roman font and margins of 6 in x 9 in. I'm happy, so onto the next chapter of my full length novel size story. :D

"Let's say there's a box and inside this box is everything the normals want, everything that is balanced, everything that makes sense, everything that is simple, fragmatic, okay. Let's call it sanity. Now, if you're insane, don't you want that? If you're within the confines of normality, you want to be insane, it makes the most sense."
-Uncle Yo from the New York Anime Festival, 2008

Another Utopia Falls
Chapter Fifteen

Lena was annoyed-no, she was pissed. She could feel the four Countries within her city. She's been able to feel them since they arrived. It felt wrong, like they were invading. She wanted them out of her city and back to the surface. Why couldn't they just leave? But, then again, no one down in Rapture could leave. Oh, sure, people have tried, but they never got very far.

If Lena focused on the individual signatures of the invading Nations, she could find their location in her city. Two were down in the main areas of the city, moving towards Pauper's Drop where the other two energy signatures remained unmoving. That was where she needed to go.

Lena glanced around outside her hideout in an alcove above the Medical Pavilion. The young City couldn't risk getting caught by any of Ryan or Atlas' minions. Even after her warning to Ryan, he would still try to catch her to do his bidding, and as much as she looked up to him, she was being pulled away from her mentor by Atlas.

Lena wished she was still small enough to fit into the Hidey Holes as she ducked out of her hiding spot and onto the balcony overlooking the lobby.

"Bring me two specimens or I'll cut you up," Tyron mocked. "Meh, meh, meh. Why can't he get his own damn bodies to cut up?"

"Let me go or I'll light the bag on fire!" A voice cut through Tyron's thoughts, drawing his attention to a tall, muscled blond-haired man walking with a squirming canvas bag swung on his back.

That was perfect. The guy had that gleam in his eyes, the gleam of an EVE user, an EVE user who didn't know his own limits yet. Steinman didn't have many people that were at that stage of plasmid use. Usually, they were just insane.

Tyron flexed his hands, electricity racing up and down his arms. He dashed forward and sent a shock at the duo, knocking them out cold.

He walked over to them and looked down at their prone figures. Now, to get them back to Steinman. He pulled the larger blond (the one not inside the bag)…well, tried to pull him. Tyron was almost pulled off his feet from the weight of the man.

"Shit." He needed Telekinesis. He knew buying the tornado one was a bad idea. He hurried over to the Gatherer's Garden two rooms over and bought the plasmid, immediately injecting it into his veins. He thrust his hand at the two blonds and they jerked over to Tyron, almost slapping him in the face. "Damn," he muttered. "Gotta be careful with that."

He wandered off back to the Medical Pavilion.

Alfred squinted his eyes against the bright light shining above him. Thick straps wrapped around his body and held him to the cold, metal table. His head throbbed and his muscles ached. He tried to speak, but someone had filled his mouth with cotton. He couldn't get his tongue to form the words he wanted it to. Alfred's hand twitched, but no fire came out. He couldn't feel the EVE anywhere inside him, like he had run out. Fear consumed him: he was strapped down stark naked on a table without Texas and he was out of EVE. He didn't want to go through withdrawal symptoms again.

A blur moved to the right of his vision and he turned towards the movement.

"Oh, you're awake, good, good. You are going to be so beautiful, I just know it," the man in doctor scrubs said. He smiled, lifting the mask across his face up with the movement.

The man smiled and grabbed Alfred's chin, forcing his head to stretch backwards and strain his muscles, a gasp of pain escaping the blonde's mouth. He took a marker from his pocket and started marking Alfred's skin.

"I'll cut here and here. Oh, this has to go." He pulled Alfred's face back down, staring into his eyes. "Need to fix the eyes, too. I can't let something that will be as beautiful as you wear such ugly glasses."

Alfred's chest was heaving at each shuddering breath he took. He was terrified. This man was insane. There was nothing wrong with him and the crazy doctor was going to cut up his handsome face. This could not be happening. It was just a dream, just an EVE induced dream. That's it. All Alfred did was take one too many hits at once since he hadn't in a while.

The doctor's grin widened as he held the scalpel over him, showing the gleam of the light.

"Isn't it pretty? I'm going to make you beautiful. You are going to be a work of art," he boasted.

Alfred increased his struggles to get free. His thoughts of this just being a dream flew out the window. He was going to die.

The doctor frowned. "Hey, now, if you struggle too much, you'll break the bonds. Tsk, tsk, tsk, we can't have that." The doctor grabbed a syringe from the table next to him and tabbed the bubbles out. "Now, I usually prefer my patients to be one hundred perfect conscience for my procedures, but I can that you'll be a bit more trouble than I'm used to. He jammed the syringe into Alfred's clenched arm and plunged down the plunger, sending the calming agent into his veins.

The drug took effect immediately and Alfred calmed, his movements ceasing. His thoughts were sluggish and he couldn't keep the doctor in focus.

"That's much better."

The doctor lowered the scalpel to Alfred's skin and increased the pressure, cutting into his face. Blood pooled out of the wound down onto the table, staining the doctor's apron a darker crimson. Pain erupted from the cut and Alfred screamed.

The door exploded inward.

"Alright, where's the American?"

The smoke cleared and a brown haired teenager in a red polka dot dress holding a grenade launcher stood in the doorway. Behind her stood a red-eyed Feliciano holding a wrench with a pink tinted flag, and Kiku holding his katana out in front of him, ready to swing.

"Yippee-kai-yay, mother fucker." Ludwig stood with a pistol pointed at the doctor's head, rope hanging limply from his wrist, manic gleam in his eye.

Lena sighed in contentment, eyes drooping, pleased grin on her face as she removed the EVE plunger from her arm. It was a nasty way to deliver drugs, but the glowing blue liquid burned its way down the throat and left an ache worse than the EVE withdrawal. She would take injections over drinking it any day.

It had taken her the better part of a day to make her way down to Pauper's Drop without getting caught, but she still had to defend against some of her stupid citizens that tried to attack her.

Lena's footsteps echoed down the hallway. The lights flickered as water dripped into the circuitry, sending shadows around the broken doorways and ruined furniture scattered around. She side-stepped the dripping blood falling from the man impaled by a chandelier and crushed some glass under her feet. Lena held her head high and knocked on the door.

It creaked open.

"Who are you?" an accented voice asked.

"Lena, well, you'd know me as Rapture."

The door opened wider and a short Asian man stepped out, sword in hand. "I'm Kiku Honda, Japan. What do you want, Lena-san?"

She leaned down and put her face inches from his, the blue veins on her face reflected onto his face, giving his face an eerie glow.

"You four out of my city."

The man gulped and nodded. "We want to leave, but there is no way out. Also, Alfred and Ludwig are missing."

The City leaned back and sighed. "They're in the Medical Pavilion. Dr. Steinman is probably looking after them."

"Looking after them?" a brown-haired man asked from the room Kiku left.

Lena nodded. "He's brilliant. One of the best medical men in all the world."

"We need to get them out of there!"

"Who are you?" Lena asked.

The man gulped. "Feliciano Vargas, North Italy. I've heard the Splicers whisper of him. They say he can 'fix' their deformities."

Lena nodded. "Normally, I would let the good Doctor have his fun, but not this time. I don't want that dirty American blood spilt in my city. So, let's get going. Either of you have a grenade launcher?"

Well, been into Doctor Who lately and I've been reading some of the novels and as Series 5 and 6 are timey wimey, it's leaked into my writing style. I'm sorry. But It's so much fun to write like that. And it's not as bad as dw, really. I mean we didn't meet a character who was dead before the other characters even knew who they were! (River Song) XD lol but shes my favorite.

'Yippee kai-yay mother fucker' is from Die Hard. I felt like Germany needed to say that lol

Anyways, thanks for reading. The next chapter will prolly be a while because college is starting soon and I need to focus on that.

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