this is the prologue leading up to chapter 2. basically just written cos I really wanted to write a scene where Ariadne sits on someone. ;) and a Cobb-cameo! because I hardly ever write him! *sadface*

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"Ariadne, what is that?"

The architect quickly hid the piece of paper she was reading behind her back. "Nothing." she said defensively.

"Aww, come on darling, you can tell me." Eames grinned. "And judging by the way you're blushing, I'd say that it's not nothing."

Ariadne's face grew red and she backed away from him, firmly clasping her hands together behind her back. "I said it's nothing, Eames." Her eyes told him to drop it, but he just couldn't resist; he had to find out what she'd been reading that could make her so flustered.

"Really, now?" he tried scooting around her, to reach the object of interest. She moved too, keeping her eyes firmly on him, refusing to give him any chances.

"Get back, Eames." she warned him carefully. Eames pouted like a little puppy-dog, but Ariadne's eyes narrowed, and he gave in.

"Alright, darling." He began to walk away, and Ariadne had started to let her defense down, when he lunged back at her suddenly, making a grab for the letter. She quickly jerked it out his way.


Eames just stood there, looking frustrated as hell. Ariadne didn't take her eyes off of him until he was back at his desk, on the other side of the warehouse. She made her way to one of the long beach chairs cautiously and sat down, taking out a pen to write more of the letter.

20 minutes later, the letter was suddenly ripped from her hands. Her head shot up to find a grinning Eames, looking as triumphant as an Olympic gold-medalist.

"Give it back, Eames." she said calmly, sitting up.

"And why would I do that darling?" he smirked, waving the piece of paper above her head playfully. "I'm just interested in what you're doing over here with this letter, instead of working like the rest of us. What could be so important?"

Ariadne's cheeks flushed. "I said, give it back!" She stood up quickly, moving towards him, but his reflexes were quick. He held her off with one hand, and tried to read the letter-rather loudly-at the same time.

"Dear...Arthur!" he said in surprise, and Ariadne's cheeks got brighter as she tried even harder to wrestle the letter away from him. Barely 10 feet away, Arthur's head raised slightly, and his eyes settled on the two of them.

"It hurts that I'll never be able to tell you any of this-" Ariadne struggled harder against him, and Eames was finding it continually more difficult to hold her off.

"-but I must let this out. You occupy my thoughts every minute of every-" before he could say anymore, Ariadne had fully launched herself at him, tackling him to ground, and squashing any further words out of him.

The sudden noise drew the rest of their team's attention to the two of them, now wrestling around on the ground, Ariadne trying to grab the letter out of Eames' hand.

They struggled for a good 10 minutes before Cobb wandered over. "Um, guys. What's going on?" He looked down at them.

"Eames has my letter." Ariadne said through gritted teeth.

"Ariadne has hidden feelings for-!" Eames' comment was cut off by Ariadne forcefully slapping her hand over his mouth.

Eventually, the tiny architect had managed to pull the now-crumpled letter from the forger's grasp, and she had retreated back to her desk, where she stuffed the letter into a drawer and bent over her desk top, sketching furiously. Her cheeks were still bright red.

Eames got up and dusted himself off. For a petite little thing, she had a lot of power. He walked to his desk, passing Arthur and Ariadne on the way. He noticed that both of them were staring determinedly at their work, forcing themselves to focus on it. He chuckled.

Meanwhile, Cobb just rolled his eyes and walked back to his workplace as well. Whatever, he thought.

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