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This chapter takes place about one week after chapter 2.

Eames suppressed a sigh as the architect made her way past his desk...for the tenth time! She casually walked to Arthur's desk and dropped a note to him, before swiftly moving to their coffee machine to pour herself a cup.

She had filled her cup about twelve times that day, seven cups in the past hour alone, and uni-student she may be, but Eames didn't know anyone who drank seven cups of coffee in one hour.

He looked at Arthur, who was now reading said note. He had a small smile on his face-something rarely seen-and his eyes were not the dark blank pools they usually were. They were lit up, they showed feeling.

Normally, Eames would have been happy to finally see Arthur show some human emotion, but this was much too weird. Ten seconds later, Arthur had scribbled his own note in response. He folded it up into a little square, and flicked it-with incredibly good aim-so that it landed softly in the middle of Ariadne's desk.

When Ariadne got back from getting her coffee and saw the note, the two of them exchanged an adorable, loving look.

This routine had been going on for the past week; Arthur and Ariadne exchanging notes all day instead of working, giggling under their breath, and shooting each other sickeningly cute looks of love and adoration nonstop. They had even been noticed to occasionally disappear altogether; perhaps kissing just outside the warehouse door or behind the wall leading to the bathroom.

As if that wasn't weird enough, it was downright disturbing for Eames to see Arthur in such a happy mood. One day, he had come into work humming.

Ariadne giggled softly. Eames let out a low groan and began banging his head on his desk; a slow, annoyed rhythm.

When he heard Cobb's chuckle, he stopped and looked up slowly.

"So much for it 'wearing off' then, huh?" he smirked.

"Shut up." Eames muttered back.

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