Eyes of the Devil

Book One: Birth of Evil

Prologue: Name of Misfortune

Pale green eyes blinked, getting adjusted to the change in light as a gray tom entered the nursery. Soft sunlight streamed in to light the den revealing two queens and their day old kits lay in nests of moss and bracken. "Snowfeather, Redfeather," the gray tom purred in greeting, padding his way over to the ginger she-cat.

"Morning Graystorm," the white she-cat, Snowfeather, meowed back in greeting. Her three kits, only four sunrises old, asleep at her belly, eyes and ears still sealed shut.

"I'm glad you came, Graystorm," the ginger she-cat, Redfeather, purred. "The kits are starting to open their eyes." True to her word, the four kits at her belly, 11 sunrises old, were beginning to open their eyes.

"Have you named them yet?" the gray tom asked, gazing down at the tiny kits that he was having trouble with seeing them as his own.

"No, you silly tom," Redfeather meowed with laughter. "I was waiting for you to help me name them when their eyes began to open."

"Oh, well they are opening now," Graystorm mewed sheepishly as he sat down in front of the queen and her litter. He noticed that out of the four kits, none of them were solid gray like him, but one did have blue-grey patches. He than saw none of them had Redfeather's ginger pelt, but he knew it wasn't that odd since Snowfeather's kits didn't receive her white pelt either. He decided not to think too much about it, they were his kits and who was he to question the pelt colors StarClan gave his kits?

"Yes, they are," the ginger queen said. She turned back to her litter of four, her amber eyes examining each and every one of her kits. Her ginger tail tip touched one of the four, a brown tom with tiny amber eyes. "This one. What about Brownkit for him?"

"Sounds lovely," Graystorm purred watching the brown tom wiggle under his mother's tail. "The black kit," he meowed, pointing to a tiny black tom also with amber eyes. "I think we should name him Ravenkit. He'll grow up strong and brave with a name like that one."

"Yes, Ravenkit sounds nice," Redfeather meowed; she turned to the only she-cat in the litter, a little white kit with blue-gray patches and dark blue eyes. "I was thinking about Heatherkit, after my mother."

"I'm sure your mother would be proud," Graystorm told her, reaching over and giving one of his mate's ears a lick.

"What about the white one? He hasn't opened his eyes yet," Snowfeather spoke up from her nest.

Looking down at the white kit, the queen was correct, the kit has yet to open his little eyes. "Should we name him now or wait for his eyes to open, Redfeather?" Graystorm asked his mate.

"Wait, they're beginning to open," Redfeather exclaimed, lowering her head to wait her white kit more closely. A few moments later, her ginger head reeled back and let out a blood-curling shriek.

The gray tom leapt to his feet and moved closer to his mate to see what frieghtened her so much, over the shriek he could hear his kits begin to cry from being disturbed by the loud noise. "What's wrong, Redfeather?" he asked.

"His eyes! His eyes!" the ginger queen sobbed.

Graystorm turned to look at the kit and saw that the white kit's eyes were pink. A shutter went down his spine, he had never seen or heard of a cat with born with pink eyes, he hoped his kit was al right. Before he could say or do anything, the medicine cat came rushing into the den.

"What happened? Is there something wrong with the kits?" Lilyfire, ThunderClan's medicine cat, questioned as she looked over the kits looking for any injury or sign of sickness.

"My kit! My kit!" Redfeather continued on wailing, gathering the Clan around the nursery, but no one dared enter to see what was going on, they were praying to StarClan that the kit would be al right.

The pale ginger tabby she-cat examined the pink-eyed white kit closely, going over every inch of the kit. Finally she lifted her head and stared at Redfeather and Graystorm with her dark blue eyes as she meowed, "He is perfectly healthy, I cannot find anything wrong with him. My mentor never told me about anything like this, we can only pray to StarClan that his pink eyes are a blessing."

"No!" Redfeather yowled. "He is no gift from StarClan! He will bring the downfall of the Clans! He will destroy us all!"

"Redfeather!" Graystorm growled, fur raising to stand up as the words his mate spoke stun him. "He is just a kit!"

"Graystorm is right, Redfeather," Lilyfire meowed. "He is only a kit, he will be like any other kit born to ThunderClan. Let me give you some poppy seeds to calm you down."

"No! He is evil sent to destroy us! He cannot be my kit, he can't be!" the ginger queen yowled.

"How can you say that, Redfeather! You gave birth to him, you are his mother by blood!" Graystorm shouted, trying to make his mate see sense.

"Under the name of StarClan, I give this kit his name; Scourgekit for he will become a plague to ThunderClan and the other Clans as well. From this day forth I renounce him as my kit," Redfeather yowled before storming out of the nursery, still careful not to step on any kit. Whispers outside the den began and sounded like bees buzzing in Graystorm's ears.

"Graystorm, stay here, I will go after Redfeather," Lilyfire meowed and padded out of the den as well.

The gray tom gazed down at his pink-eyed kit; slowly he lay down and curled himself around its tiny body. "Don't worry my son, even if Redfeather has truly left you, I will never to that. I will love always, Scourgekit," he mewed softly to the kit.

"Graystorm," Snowfeather's voice sounded behind him, causing the tom to almost jump; he had forgotten the she-cat was still there. He turned his head and blinked his pale green eyes at the white queen. "I can look after him, if you want. He is only six suns older than mine and surely they will accept each other like true siblings."

"Thank you, Snowfeather," Graystorm purred brokenly. "You are truly a gift from StarClan." The gray warrior stood up, picking up the white kit and letting it down at the white queen's belly with her own litter of three.

"It's no big deal, Graystorm," the white queen told him softly as she gazed down at her new adopted kit with warmth in her blue eyes. "I could never let a kit go hungry."

"Still, thank you," the tom meowed. "I should go try to talk to Redfeather, maybe she was gotten rid of those bees in her brain by now and will take him back." The warrior moved out of the nursery, knowing deep down that Redfeather would not take Scourgekit back, but he refused to believe that; he still hoped his mate could look past the kit's eyes and see him as her kit.

Prologue complete! This one was in the point of view of Graystorm, but that will change to Scourgekit's since the little albino is the main character of this story. I hope you liked it!