My name is Dante Black and this is the story of how I saved the world secretly. What I mean by secretly is I took an entire operation issued by the U.S Government, alone. That no one knew about which ended up with me accidently saving the world so to speak. Well I should probable give some back ground and start the story before I was picked for the operation so you're informed on how it all happened. You already know my name so I should describe myself right now, at age 23, I am 6 ft 7in, I have inky black hair that's kind of long, I am skinny with nicely defined muscles, and I am a vampire but I am a real one not like that Edward Cullen guy, he is nothing like us. A real vampire has godlike strength, can move faster than the human eye can perceive, cannot eat anything but blood, and can change between bat, wolf, human and shadow. I know you're going to say only werewolves can change into wolves, but if your read Dracula or any vampire history that's true.

Now here is a brief catch up of my life. Well my Dad, Jason Black, is a bad ass, General in the army but I never see him much because he is always overseas. My mom died when she gave birth to my sister, so I never knew her. My older sister, Lucy Black, she is 2 years older than me but she is the best she watches me and my other sister, she looks nothing like me, though she has snow white hair and she has a face and a body like a modle. My other sister, who technically speaking, is my twin Jacky Black but goes by Jack, because that's her real name. I know that makes her Jack Black, go ahead laugh it up. Anyway Jacks a little different somehow Jack has hormones like a girl which makes her think she is her. Let me guess you're like what, well Jack is a he just gender confused because of the hormones, but she can pull off looking like a girl very well, she kind looks like young Lucy. You may think that crazy but try growing up with your best friend think she's a he and your sister thinking he is a she, you won't think it's weird. My best friend is Zander which is short for Alexandra and if I have to repeat what I just said in the last sentence I am going to be mad. Anyway, Zander and I are so close because we know everything about each other and have shared every experience together, even our first time and when I can out, those events did not happen all at once.

Well I guess that should suffice as far as information goes. Well I hope so. Looks like I have to go. Next log in the real story starts. This is agent 0000666, Dante Black signing off data file 006972345 Black D.

Authors note: dear reader,

I know this probable wasn't very good but it doesn't matter I wrote it in an hour. I have tried a lot of other sites to post stories on. I Hope I get some positive feedback and useful constructive criticism. Oh yeah if an one knows who the real Lucy black is leave me a comment and one hint she's a character from a semi famous comic book. Leave my all reviews in the comment.