Hello, readers :) I making some drabbles with Aizen/Ichi. I started looking through my old drawings and I just wanted to make one shots out of them! I'm going to make them like a movies you see. Not series and shit...I'm busy with my others so I was going to make one shots with my favorite couple! I hope you enjoy it.

Disclaimer: Every Author, including myself, does not own Bleach.

Summary: Ichigo is a babysits his mothers friend's children. Not only he has to worry about the kids, he has to worry about a rapist who is after him now! (A/N: title is cheesy.)

The Babysitter

A young man with spiked orange hair yawned for the tenth time. He closed his mouth and flopped on the couch to rest. The young man was exhausted, he had awaken at 4:30 a.m. and walked down the street to his mothers friend's house to babysit the kids. She had to leave by 5:30 a.m. to her work and wont be back until 3:30 p.m. The boy would have to wait until the mother or the father came home. Mrs. Yoruichi Urahara, his mothers friend, had given the teen basic instruction; when the children woke, he would prepare breakfast, then brush their teeth and clothe them. They would have their play time and to make sure the entire house was organized. It wasn't hard, he had experience taking care of kids. He would just have to feed, clothe and play with them. Yup, this babysitting business was a piece of cake.

"Mama!" Ichigo snapped his tired eyes open. Damn, he thought. The kids had woken up, and Ichigo wont be able to rest.

"Mama!" The young voice sobbed throughout the house.

The older boy whined a bit.

He lazily got up from the soft couch and dragged his feet to the children's room. He open the door, and flick the light on. The darkness in the room was now covered by light. The teen squint his eyes at the brightness and frown. He looked at the two kids, a small girl with black pink tails and an infant with red hair. The infant looked annoyed and glared at his older sister for disturbing is nap.

"Itsygo...wheres mama?" The three year old asked lightly sobbing. Ichigo walked up to her and pat the girl's head.

"She went to work. Don't worry." He smiled.

The girl stop sobbing and looked up at the older person in front of her.

"She not here? Mama gone?" Ichigo nodded, and picked the girl up from her crib and set her down. He went to the other, seeing the baby would not fall asleep.

"C'mon Jinta. You fat chunkers." He picked the chubby baby and took the small girl in his hand and lead them to the living room. Ichigo guide the three year old to one of the couches and set the infant in a play pin. Jinta looked up to Ichigo and made a questioning, hunmm sound. Ichigo smirked then grabbed the remote control that sat on the wooden coffee table and turn the T.V. on. Spongebob was playing. Good, this would occupy the kids while he prepared breakfast for the kids and himself.

"Do you want cereal or French toast for breakfast, Ururu?" He asked the girl.

"I want fwench toast pweaz." Ichigo smiled and head to the kitchen. Ichigo could here Jinta making sound then later the infant wailed. Ichigo knew that the infant didn't like people who were out of his vision, so he quickly made a bottle for the baby and made sure the infant was content. He than resume to the kitchen making the food.

Ichigo wasn't much for cooking, but it was edible. He took a bite of his toast, and look to the small girl eating her French toast. Ichigo wouldn't lie, he didn't like his cooking that much and wanted to know if the girl was content with eating his failure of food. But at least his didn't make people vomit like somebody he knows...

"Is it good, Ururu?" He asked.

"Yes" she squeaked, and continued to eat her breakfast. This made the teen smile and they both continued eating quietly.

When they were done finishing, Ichigo washed the used plates and pans. Once he was finished, he changed the kids clothed and watch T.V. with them. Minutes became hours, and Ichigo had grown weary from boredom. He looked at the children playing only till Jinta hit and bit his sister. More crying and shouts and Ichigo feel and migraine forming.

He sighed.


Ichigo shot up from his seat when he heard the phone ring. He walked to the kitchen and grabbed the phone off the receiver.

"Hello, Urahara residence, Ichigo speaking."

"Ichigo, It's Yoruichi. Are the kids fine?" It was the mother. She had called the teen to see if everything was fine. Ichgio cleared his throat.

"Yes, They're fine." He assured her.

"That's good. I just wanted to make sure. Also, the reason I called was because If the kids and you get bored you could take them out on a stroll to the park. Do you have a cell so I could call you?" She said.

"Yes, I have my cell. I'll give you the number." Yoruichi gave her thanks when the teen had given his number. They both hanged up and Ichigo walked back to the living room only to see Jinta chomping on his sister's arm, while she cried more. Ichigo sweat dropped. Yup, the park sound good.

Ichigo and the children arrived at the large park, packed with many people and children. The area was nice and refreshing and Ichigo enjoyed stating out side and resting while he viewed other people and listen to his Ipod or read. He like the wind caressing his face. It was a bit chilly but it was perfect for the kids to relax and enjoy themselves. Ichigo took Jinta out from the stroller and set it aside. He placed the infant near a small sandbox. Jinta looked at the sand then to Ichigo, wondering what the hell was his babysitter leaving him in a sandbox. Ichigo smirked and looked to Ururu who was looking at other children play. She was tempted to join.

"If you want to play I want you to be where I can see you, okay?" He told the girl. Ururu nodded and ran to the playground. Ichigo smiled and looked to Ginta who had his face stuffed in the sand. It looked like he was eating it. Ichigo reacted and picked up the tumbling baby and wipe the boy's face clean with a rag.

"Jesus, Jinta. I can't glance away without you doing something, how troublesome." The baby babbled away and tapped at Ichigo's chest. Ichigo finished cleaning the baby, and look sternly at him. Ginta stared back. The staring contest begins.

The day was a lovely day, and Sousuke Aizen loved to stroll around the park inspecting people like lambs. It had been awhile that he had been intimate over two weeks and he was off to find another one that was worth his time. The older man was handsome, nearly in this mid-thirties. He had dark brown hair that was slicked back and one strain of hair covering his face. He wore dark grey dress shirt with a loose black tie, and loose fitted jeans. He wore an overcoat that fit his well built frame. He dressed occasional nothing expensive. With his appearance, any single or married mothers would swoon over such a well define man, like Aizen. He smiled at himself.

He walked on the sidewalk and looked at the many children playing, and their mothers and fathers watching them. He smirked. Children were so naive and fragile. He wasn't a pedophile for younger children. They annoyed him, he rather settle with a 15 year old or someone much older. He looked around to find anyone to catch his interest...weather married, single or straight he did not care.

Aizen rose a brow, something had caught his interest.

Aizen look at the person who had caught his attention. The person was male, judging by the physique and structure. He had orange hair that Aizen would have guess he dyed it. Hmmm, a rebel. He liked his partners with a little fight in them. The more he could employ force on the teen. Oh? You didn't know? Well, of course you didn't seeing how you thought as Aizen as a respectable and gentle man looking for the special someone. Aizen was not some gigolo, heavens no. He was a rapist. Every partner he had were his victims. Men, women or teen. He liked them young and feisty, never a willing partner...it was too boring. He like the excitement of over powering his victims and enjoyed belittling them. It made him superior and stronger to play with lowly humans. He enjoyed the feeling of their bodies breaking underneath him. He felt himself harden.

Aizen looked at the boy for some time. The boy was playing with an infant, swinging him in the air. The boy looked happy yet his eyes held domination and aggression in them. A fire Aizen wished to stroke. He smiled. Yes, this one was perfect.

Ichigo played with the infant. He laughed when the baby laughed as he blew under the infant's chubby cheek and chin. Jinta giggled and pulled at the orange hair. Ichigo grunted at the sudden tug and laughed painfully.

"Ow ow that hurts Jinta. Let go!" The boy pulled his head back so that the infant could release his hair. Jinta made a questioning sound. Ichigo looked at him seriously and stared down at the child.

"No, Ginta. No pulling hair." He scowled the child.

Jinta scowled a bit and made a sad face, then began to cry. Ichigo knew that when saying, 'no' to the child, the baby would begin to cry. It made him chuckle inside when he teased the child. He had always said no, just wanted to make the younger cry. Was it wrong to make a child cry just for his own satisfaction? Ichigo laughed at the thought. Yeah, it was!

Ichigo set the baby back onto the stroller and began to take short strolls. He set his sights on the first child, making sure not to go too far, where he couldn't see the little girl, as she played with the many children. Ichigo walked near the pond, and viewed the people feeding the ducks. He turn to look at Ururu, making sure she wasn't out of his sight. When he was satisfied, he turn back to the pond and admire the scenery before him, sending him into deep thoughts. Ichigo wasn't aware of the strange sensation he was having, when he was being watched. He always had a feeling that he was being stared at a lot. Maybe he was paranoid? Though, it wouldn't hurt to look around just to get rid of the suspicion he held.

Ichigo looked around, making sure he didn't act too suspicious that he was being watched and just act he was taking in his surrounding and enjoying it. He looked around and saw people walking around and minding their own business. None too suspicious. Yeah, he was being paranoid. Though, it wasn't his fault...he hated being stared at. It annoyed him when people stop and stare to look at him, thinking as if he was an unknown species.

His eye twitched.

Aizen sat near a bench, observing the teen while the boy rest near the pond and watched the ducks with an annoyed feature gathered his face. He smiled when the boy had an annoyed face as he stared at people. He wondered why, but decided it wasn't really much of an interest. Nothing real interest Aizen. It was all a game to him, to make people submit to him and fear him. Though, he did love a challenge, it was more interesting to see the victim break, but still held hope. The more Aizen wanted to break them until they were crippled.

He chuckled at the thought seeing the boy crippled, when he fuck the boy hard.

It had been a while since the boy stayed in the park with the children, and now it was time from them to depart. Aizen look to see the boy strolling away from the park and cross the street, with the children by his side. Aizen stood from were he was sitting and began to follow the orange hair boy, being very careful not to draw attention and be found out. He didn't want the boy to think that he was following him, and scared the teen. He didn't want this one to slip from his fingers. He would claim the boy no matter what, and no one would stand in his way. He always got what he wanted in the end, and he be damn to let anyone ruin this. As he began to follow the teen, Aizen stop walking and slightly hid himself by a near by tree. He look to see the teen walking inside the house, and closed it behind him.

Aizen smirked.

He looked around to see if there was any witness, lucky for him, he saw none. He smiled a bit. It was time to claim his next victim.

Ichigo had finally arrived home. He set the baby back into the play pin, and folded the stroll and set it the closet. He then walked back into the living room and flopped on the couch, and turn the T.V. on for the children. Ururu sat next to the older teen and began to watch the television. Ichigo grabbed his cell from his pocket, and began to view the text that he had missed. Some were from his friends and family. He text them back, and waited for a response. Ichigo had been texting for a bit until Ururu was hungry. Ichigo set his phone on the coffee table and walked with Ururu within his hand and lead her to the kitchen. Ururu sat on the seat and waited.

"So, what do you want to eat, kiddo?" Ichigo asked.

"I want a sand which." She said. Ichigo smiled and began to prepare a sand which for the toddler. When he was beginning to smear the mayonnaise on the wheat bread, Ichigo heard Jinta cry. Ichigo stopped then walked back into the living room.

"Jinta, whats wrong? I'm here." Ichigo picked Jinta up from the play pin, and soothed the child in his arm. He patted the infants bottom and hushed in his ears. Jinta slowly stop crying until he rest on the boys shoulder.

Ichigo didn't want to set the boy down, for the child would cry. He began to walk into the kitchen but stopped when he notice his cell on the coffee table was missing.

"Where's my phone?"

He set Jinta down on the floor and searched his phone throughout the living room. He checked under the couch, under the tables and every small corner, but he could not find it. He then remember that Ururu might have taken it or something. He walked back into the kitchen with Jinta in his arms.

"Ururu, did you take my phone?" He asked the girl.

Ururu looked at Ichigo with a questioning look,

"No?" She said.

Huh, so she didn't take his phone? Then where could it be? He had remember he set the phone on the coffee table. Maybe he took it and misplace it?

Ichigo scratched his head.

I'll just call it with the house phone. Thought Ichigo.

Ichigo grabbed the phone off the receiver and dialed his cell phone number. With every pushed of the button he could here a pimp sound coming from the phone. Once he dialed the number he placed it on his ears and waited till it rang.

Ichigo sighed as it rang, he looked around to find the sound. He could hear his ring tone but he had to strain to ear it, he tried to find his cell but it was no where. He sighed then dialed again when he heard the voice mail. It continued to ring when Ichigo pass the hall then halt. He could hear the ring tone more clearly. He looked down the hall and he could hear the sound. He walked closer until he was sure it was there.

"It over there? How did it get there?" He did not replace his phone near the hall. Did Ururu put it there? No, the girl said she did no have it and besides, Ururu was with Ichigo when he was making the little girl's sand which. But, how did it get there? He wondered a bit as he walked down the hall. He followed the sound of his ring tone until he reached the staircase.

Up there?

"What the hell is it doing up there?" he asked himself. He walked up the staircase slowl until he reached the top. The sound was getting louder, he looked thru the rooms until he came to the last one down the hall. He open door and the ring tone was heard throughout the room. Okay, Ichigo did not put his phone in the room nor Ururu couldn't have possibly done it since the girl can't climb down the stairs by herself.

Ichigo saw his phone lying down on a queen sized bed and went to grab it. He looked through his phone to find many miss calls and texts from his friends/

"How the hell did my phone came all the way up here?" He whispered. Behind the teen boy the door closed slowly, not making any sounds, until a figure made its appearance. Aizen was behind the boy and slowly approached him. Ichigo was still playing with his phone, he looked through his text and finally snapped his cell shut. He looked at the dark screen looking at himself, then placed his sights on something behind him. Ichigo's eyes widen, he quickly turn around to face the intruder and look to see a very handsome man. Ichigo stepped back and tripped on the bed. His appearance was startled by the unknown stranger.

"Who the hell are you?" He found his voice.

The man smirked at the frightening teen. He observed the boy, he was truly beautiful in clear view. Though, Aizen can see that the boy did not held weakness or sign for that matter.

"You don't need to worry about introduction, my dear boy. For I will be gone until I claim what I set sight for." His hungry eyes scan the boys frame. Ichigo shivered at the older man's stare. He could tell what the man wanted. It didn't take a genius to figure out what the situation was. Ichigo looked to see the man taking what looked to be a blade from behind him. It peeked its way to frighten the teen. Ichigo gulped, sweat was pouring from the side of his face.

"Don't worry, it will all be over soon." With those words Ichigo reacted and tackled the man to the floor. He fought the older man, who was in his way from the door. Ichigo punched he man in the face a few time to let him go. AIzen clenched Ichigo's ankles as the boy tried to crawl away from him. He dragged the boy back, but Ichigo kicked him in the ribs. Aizen grunted a bit and his grip released the ankle. Ichigo quickly stood up and wrench the door open. Ichigo ran down stairs to the kids, who were still ion the kitchen.

"Ururu! Jinta!" He grabbed them.

"Ichi-nii, whats wrong?" Ururu asked.

"We have to leave! Hurry!" He yelled. The boy looked panic in front of the child and tears weld up in her eyes.

"W-What's wrong.." Her tiny voice was soon frighten. Jinta began to cry looking at the rush scenery that was presented. He did not know what was wrong, and saw that the orange hair and his older sister looked scared.

"Ururu, just come!" He yelled. He wretched the girl's hand and yanked her to the door. When he barely exit the kitchen Aizen stood before him, glaring down at the younger. Ururu and her baby brother began to scream and cry as the man made his appearance to the children. Ichigo widen his eyes and step back and ran to the other exit of the kitchen, with the children clutched with his hands.

"C'mon! Hurry!" He yelled. The little girl tried her best to run with the older teen but her little legs could not match Ichigo's long ones.

"Itsygo!" Whined the girl. Ichigo looked to the girl then picked her up off the ground running up the stairs. He ran to a nearest room so he could hide the children while he tried to fight off the stranger. He didn't want the kids in danger, it would be tragic if Yoruichi and Keisuke found out about their children getting hurt. Ichigo didn't know why that this was suddenly happening. Why him? What the hell was this guys motive to attack during broad day light? He didn't know, all he knew was that he had to protect this kids.

Ichigo locked the door and looked around the large room. He marched to the closet, and inspect it. Many clothes and shoes were in the way. He pushed the hanging clothes aside and saw a small vent next to the closet corner. It wasn't big enough to fit an adult or teen, but it was a perfect size for young children. He pulled the caged vent open and tossed it aside. He peered inside. It was big enough for the kids to hide. Ichigo looked back at the crying sniffling kids. Ichigo grabbed Ururu's shoulders and looked into her eyes.

"Ururu, listen to me because this is very important." The little girl stopped crry and looked to the teen's brown eyes.

"Okay..." she said.

"I'm gonna hide Jinta and you in the vent so that man doesn't find you guys. I'm gonna try fighting him off and call for help. i don't want you to leave your hiding place, okay?" He informed her. The girl nodded.

"Okay." She said, and hugged Ichigo. Ichigo embraced the little girl and patted her head. They let go and the teen lead the girl in the small air vent. The little girl climbed inside and sat down, as Ichigo placed Jinta inside as well. Ururu grabbed her baby brother and held him close to her chest. Jinta babbled a bit, not knowing what was going on. Ichigo placed his index finger to his lip.

"I want you to be quiet, and to not make a sound, okay?"

"Okay." Ichigo nodded and stood up and closed the closet door a little giving them a little bit of light so that they wouldn't be scared. Ichigo looked around the room to find any thing that he could use as a weapon. Ichigo founded a wooden sword hanging near the wall. He grabbed it and clutch the handle in his sweat palms. His face full with determination.

"I will protect them...no matter what." He said to himself.

He walked to the door and unlocked it. He slowly turn the door knob and pushed it open. He peered through he halls, looking for any signs of the man. When he was surely sure that it was clear he walked out of the room and grip the wooden sword. He walked slowly down the hall to the stairs. He looked over the railing and found that it was clear and began to descend from the stairs, bat at the ready.

It was quiet, and Ichigo could not detect the person in the house. Did the man leave thinking Ichigo was going to call the cops? Wait...Ah shit! Why was he here trying to protect himself when he could have called the cops! Ichigo remembered that he left the house phone and his cell in the room when he had encounter the older man. Ichigo jogged up the stairs and dashed to the room to grabbed the phones. As he entered the phone, Ichigo hope shattered. Ichigo found the phones had been smashed into pieces. He cured.

"Fuck!" There was only one house phone and his cell was smashed! That was worth 200 bucks! Well, at least he had insurance to replace the damaged one, but now was not the time to morn over a phone! He had to go to the neighbors and call the police, but the thought of the kids alone with the monster didn't set well for Ichigo. Though, they were hiding and the bastard didn't know where the children were. Though the decision was tough but Ichigo had to make the right choice!

Ichigo dashed down stairs and ran to the front entrance. A foot was shot out and swiped Ichigo, causing him to fall face first to the wooden floor. A loud thump, and pain an exploded in the teen's face. Ichigo clutched his face and rolled on the floor cradling his bruised face. Ichigo feel blood coming from mouth, he touched his nips and hissed. He had bitten his bottom lip badly. Blood formed, dripping from the side of his chin. Ichgio looked up from teary eyes and saw the figure above him. He widen his eyes.

Aizen smirked as he saw the frightful look from the teen.

"Going so soon?" He smiled.

Ichigo shot up from the ground and tried to run but Aizen grabbed the back of his neck and wretched him, slamming him onto his back.

Ichigo gasp at the sudden affected from the floor. The pain from his back hurt and Ichigo couldn't breathe. Aizen sat on top of the younger boy and tear at the teen's shirt, exposing the creamy flesh he was presented. Aizen smiled in satisfaction, he glide his hand on the smooth muscular chest. Ichigo whimpered under the man's touch, wiggling free and separately to escape the rapist.

"Stop, you are annoying me." Said Aizen, with an unamused face.

"Then get off of me!" He yelled.

Aizen cocked his head.

"Why would I do that? I came here to get what I want and I intend to." He smirked evilly.

"Like hell you are! I won't let you!" Ichigo punched the man in the face, this only made the older of the two angry as he landed a blow to the boy's gut. Ichigo coughed, his eyes widen at the sudden impact the older man had given him. Ichigo rolled over to his side and clutched at his stomach, all the while Aizen who was pulling the boy's pants off.

Aizen spread the boy's legs harshly, and was received a small gasp from his soon to be victim. Aizen stared at his prize, taking in the delicious view that was presented to him. The boy was absolutely perfect. Aizen's hand caress every angle from the boy's body. He could feel the boy shudder every time he touched a different place. Sometimes he would be rewarded with a small moan. Aizen smirked to himself. Yes, he was going to take his time to enjoy this.

"You really are beautiful..."He said in a sickly sweet tone.

Ichigo glared. "Fuck you!"

Aizen frown from the profanity the boy had used. He would have to punish this unruly teenager. The thought of it excited him. He could feel his own arousal come to life.

"That is what I'm going to do." He smiled as he saw the boy's eyes widen with fear and disbelief. Aizen grabbed the boys limped member, and relinquish the sounds of the boy's gasp and moan as he playful toyed with the other's length.

Ichigo clutched the man's shirt and tried pushing him off as the man was jerking his length. Ichigo did not like what the man was doing to him and tried to fight back, but he felt the pleasure and it weaken his strength. His traitor of a body had succumb to the pleasure and Ichgio moan unwillingly. Ichigo feel the man rubbing his weeping length and toyed with the head. He could feel the man's thumb rolling over his slit and pushing it in.

"Ahhahh!" He cried.

Aizen kiss the boys exposed neck, licking the hollow ditch and sucked on it lightly. He kissed the boys every skin as he could feel the boy's grip tighten. The man smiled against the teen's skin. Aizen stopped his ministration and further southed his finger's in the tight hole. His index finger filled with the teen's pre-cum as he teased the hole and push into the tight ring muscles.

Ichigo gasp at the unwanted intrusion. He began to push the older man off him.

"Stop! Get away from me!" He shouted.

Aizen did not budge and continued the torture act. He pushed his finger in the rectum, and had earn a painful gasp. He slowly moved in and out of the tight entrance and added another finger to fuck the teen.

Ichigo clenched his eyes tight at the pain, as the man finger fuck his hole. The pain was too much for him, and he hated the foreign fingered prodding his insides.

"Stop! Get it out!" He plead, though the man was on deaf ears.

"Don't worry, I just need to prepare you before you can take me. It would be painful if I do not do the initial part." He stated.

Ichigo glared at the older man and began to curse until the finger at penetrated his prostate. Ichigo gave a loud yelp at the sudden pleasure.

Aizen smiled as he found the blissful nub. He took out his fingers from the wet entrance and began to remove unzip his pants, bringing out his large and painful erection. Ichigo widen at the man meat the one had. Ichigo felt a shame and frighten at the same time. No way in hell was that monster going to fit in him! It well hung and thick, yet scary for the teen. Ichigo began to thrash, no way was he going to let that thing be inside him!

"Stop! Let go you, bastard!" He yelled.

Aizen became annoyed at the boy's attempts and pin the boy's arms and spread the boy's legs with his own. He glared down at the boy and Ichigo glared back.

"I am getting very impatient. If you do not stop your foolish attempts, then I will hurt those children you hid." He warned. Ichigo widen his eyes a bit but he never stop glaring at the man.

"You sick bastard..." Ichigo whispered for the man to hear.

Aizen smirked.

"I'm not the only one who is sick...I assure you. Count your blessing that I am not a murderer as well." With that said, Aizen plunged his entire length into the boy, all the way to the hilt.

Ichigo gave a blood hurdling scream. Ichigo could feel the wide, long length inside of him. He could feel the heat and pulse from the shaft inside him and the head that was moving inch by inch. His anus burn from the force intrusion. Aizen didn't not wait for the other to adjust, he preferred to fuck his victims out of his own pleasure, and watch the pain expression on others. He began to pound in the heat flesh relentlessly. Ichigo's legs rising from the impact as the man fuck the shit out of him.

"Ahhh!" He screamed louder at every thrust.





He could hear the slapping of the noise as each thrust and slam as he was being fucked. Ichigo could feel his own blood coming from his anus, as it coated the man's large length.

The force was powerful, and pleasure was produce with pain. Ichigo felt himself drifting out of conscious. He could not endure the force he was given. Ichigo closed his eyes slightly, as Aizen began to thrust in and out of him.

The last thing Ichigo saw was the smiling face of the man who raped him, and then darkness over took the orange teen.

A loud bang on the door was heard throughout the house, and a booming voice with it.

"This is the police! Open up!" Another bang and no answer.

The door was kicked open and was broke off its hinges. The police swarm throughout the house and ranged their guns, inspecting the entire house. The looked up stairs and down as well. The police came to a room where they heard sniffing and crying. The police open the doors and look to see what caught their eyes. They lowered their guns as they saw the kids by the bed. They shift their eyes to a body on the soft white sheets.

The one of the police wipe their forehead with their hand.

"Call the ambulance, this doesn't look good." He said.

Ichigo was laid on the bed, unconscious. His body was bruised with hits and hickeys, sweat had covered his naked form. His head rest on the fluffed pillows, his hair matted on his forehead. Between his legs was a pool of blood coming from his anal cavity. It had made a large stain on the white sheets.

The polices shook their heads.

"Poor kid...looks like the bastard upped and run before we could get here. Neighbors said they heard screaming. Now I see why..."

"Another poor rape victim. Wonder who would be the next?" Said the other cop.

"Let's hope we don't find out."


Ahem, if you have any question or information involving the rapist please contact Detective Trunksters! :D lol how lame, this one shot was alright, but I know I could have done better but I was being rushed. I really wanted to finish this to get on with the other stories. I hoped you liked it, and to see many reviews. But, if you don have information about the rapist report him and I'll handle him personally. *Perverted smile* 'til next time! :D