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Mom's new boyfriend part 2

A week later

Ichigo had been somewhat cautious the entire week he had moved in Aizen's home. When he first arrive, that night Ichigo had a terrible dream about the older man. It was disturbing at first and Ichigo couldn't find himself to face the man without thinking about that night. He hadn't told anyone about the dream, and he intend to keep it that way. It was wrong to have a sexual dream about your mother's soon to be spouse. The teen had thought it was sexual deprivation. Ichigo was a bit sexually frustrated...he hasn't had a girlfriend; or actually took the time to have one. He was too busy helping his mother supporting the family and helping to pay the bills.

After the dream incident, Ichigo had began to feel a strange presence around him when he was either alone, or in the shower. It felt like he was being watch, peeving eyes lingering on his frame every time he was changing in his room or taking a relaxing shower. He would always try to catch the unwanted voyager, but he found nothing but an empty hall. He had question his sisters if they had also felt the strange sensation he was receiving. They replied with confusion on their features and would assume he was being paranoid.

Coming into a new home could cause some paranoia, he had assume so maybe this feeling would pass when he was comfortable with the large house.

So he had assume.

It had been a week and Ichigo still had felt the strange presence around him. It didn't help when he slept either. Every night he would he his door open, but didn't dare open his eyes. But when he did, he could only see darkness. He had been staring near the corner of his closet for a while, it was the darkest part of his room and his imagination would run while. He would see the shadows moving, the creak of the floors or the glowing eyes pinning his brown ones.

He felt like a scared little kid again when thinking about a monster in his room.

It was ridiculous!

Ichigo could barely sleep and insomnia was welcome into his body.

Ichigo yawned for the tenth time that day, and Rukia was becoming concern or was it annoyance? The boy would ask his friend to take notes than had the galls to sleep during class! Did he not realize there was a test next week?

Rukia decided to ask her friend what had made him tire and sleepy. She poked the boy with the end of her led pencil. Ichigo loll his head a bit and snored slightly. This time she tap the boy on the head.

"Ichigo, wake up." She said.

Ichigo groan a bit and looked up from his folded arms. "What is it, Rukia? I'm sleeping..."

"Which is why I am concern." She said. Ichigo gave her a questioning look and sighed a bit before stretching his arms out.

"What?" He said in mid-yawn.

"You have been sleeping in class for a while. Is something wrong? Aren't you getting enough rest at home?" She asked.

Ichigo place his hand under his chin and nodded slightly.

"Yeah...I guess." He yawn again.

"That's not the answer I was looking for, Ichigo." She shook her head in annoyance.

"I have been sleeping...somewhat...?" He said. "Why do you care? It's not your business, I'm fine..." he assured her, waving his hand.

"Really? Nothing is keeping you up at night?" He asked again. Ichigo nod his head.

Rukia huffed, "All right..." She said and resume her work.

Ichigo nest his head in his arms. He open his eyes and stared at the wooden desk. He knew he had lied to Rukia and didn't want the girl to be bother by his assumptions about his home or the strange presence. He didn't want to bother her by some silly thing. He thought it wasn't important.

He sighed and closed his eyes, taking another short nap.

The bell rang, student's poured out of their classrooms and gathered around the hall heading towards the exit of the school. Ichigo placed his bag over his shoulder and lazily head to the front gate. Once he was about to reach the front gate, a hand tapped his shoulders lightly. He looked over his shoulder to be greeted by his red haired friend; Renji.

"Sup, Ichigo. Damn you loom like crap." He said eyeing the boy's feature. Ichigo snorted a bit and bit back a yawn.

"Can it. What's up, Renji?"

The gang and I are heading to the arcade. Wanna come?" He asked. Ichigo shook his head.

"Nah, I have to catch the bus..." He said.

"Oh yeah, you live on the other side of town...forgot..." Renji scratched his head.

"Maybe next time, dude." He said. Renji nodded.

"Sure. Hey, since ya moved to your mom's boyfriend; mind if me and Rukia stop by sometime?" Renji asked.

Ichigo nodded. "I'll talk to mom and Aizen about it." He smiled.

A honk of a car interrupt the teens' conversations. Ichigo and Renji look to see a dark grey BMW park near the school's entrance. They crouched to see a man with brow waved hair.

'Aizen?' Ichigo thought.

"Ichigo, are you heading home?" Aizen asked. Ichigo nodded slowly, before answering.

"Yeah, I was about to head home." He said.

"Good, I was on my way home from work. Would you like a ride or is your friend driving you?" He asked and looked to the older red hair boy.

"Sure..." Ichigo asked and walked forward to open the car door, he looked over his shoulders.

"Seeya tomorrow, Renji." He got in the passenger seat and rode off. Renji smiled waved good-bye to his friend before they drove off. So that was Ichigo's stepdad? He thought. The guy looked harmful and exceedingly pleasant. No wonder Ichigo allowed the man to date his mother and not had gone to prison for assault.

Renji chuckled and walked off.

Throughout the car ride, Ichigo and Aizen had engaged in small conversations. The usual, 'How was school' or 'Did anything interesting happen today' that sort of thing. Ichigo didn't mind talking to the man, but he felt a little uncomfortable talking to him alone, since the dream incident. He still hadn't got over that.

Ichigo looked out the window, viewing passing cars. The silence was tensing and it nerved him, wanting to get home quickly. His lips would twitch every time he wanted to yawn or sigh.

Aizen had notice the boy's tense behavior; clearing trying to avoid him and smoother himself into the seat.

He might as well make the boy relax with his soothing baritone voice.

"Is something wrong, Ichigo? You seem rather tense..." He looked over the boy. Ichigo wanted to gulp.

"Er...just thinking about next weeks test..." He muttered.

"Oh? I assume the test wont be easy if it is having you stress out..." He said to the teen.

"But I'm sure you have little to worry, since you study for it and are pay attention in class." He finished as he eyed the boy. Ichigo's bod was stiffen.

Damn, he had been sleeping the entire time and hasn't even once payed attention to his teachers. He wouldn't lie to the man that he had been dozing off, but he didn't want to tell him about the situation. Maybe if he asked Rukia or Ishida to explain it to him tomorrow?

"I'm having a little trouble following it, but I'm sure I can manage." He half told the truth.

"Hmm, I see..." Aizen said as he looked to the rode. "Well, just be sure to talk to your teachers if you don't understand they are lecturing about." Ichigo nervously smiled and resume looking back out the window. His eyes scan the passing cars' wheels, his eye lids feeling heavy. Ichigo fought to keep his eyes open, but the soothing of the car drive and the hypnotizing wheels had made the young orange male dozed off into sleep.

A couple of minutes of silence, and Aizen found the boy rest his head on the window. The boy was snoring slightly, indicating Aizen that he was fast asleep.

A playful smile formed on the man's lip.

Aizen kept one hand on the steering wheel and the other caressing the slumbered teen's leg. The hand kept venturing lower to the inner thigh of the boy's leg. Aizen glance to the boy's face, waiting to see if the boy was still sleeping. Ichigo began to sleep, making Aizen's hand moving closer to the crotch area. His slim fingers teasingly touched the boy's crotch, making the boy stir. He than squeezed the boy's crotch lightly and rubbed it slowly, not to cause the boy to wake.

Ichigo parted his lips and moan lightly, pleasure swept through his body. His face flushed and his breathing tensed. It was a delicious sight and the older man was tempted to ravish the boy, but was content on his action for now. Aizen continued grope the boy for a couple of minutes until they reached the house.

The car parked in front of the house, Ichigo felt a hand touch his shoulder and shook him a bit. He groggily open his eyes and looked out the window. They arrived home.

"We're here...?" He groggily replied.

"Come, the others are waiting." Aizen unbuckled his seat belt and open the car door to get out. Ichigo followed soon after until he found that his pants were a bit too tight...

Ichigo blushed tomato red when he realized. He had an erection.

'Da fuck?' He burst in his thoughts.

'When the hell did this happen? I wasn't even dreaming anything sexual! Why the hell am I sprouting a boner at this time with Aizen in the car next to me!' He gasped. Did the man witness his situation? Ichigo began to feel embarrassed if the older man had saw Ichigo's...gulp.

Fuck fuck fuck fuck! He cursed the to the heavens.

"Ichigo?" The blushing teen looked over to the confused man staring at him.

"Is something wrong?" Aizen asked.

Ichigo began to stuttered, "Er..I...I Umm...N-no n-never mind!" He blushed and turn to walk to the door to the house. Ichigo place a palm to his face. He could feel his face heating up.

Oh embarrassing!

As they walked into the house, Ichigo quickly walked to his room and closed the door. Aizen looked up the stairs Ichigo had taken to his room, and a wicked smile grace his lips.

Ichigo lent against his door and huffed. His face was red that could compare to his own blood. His body shook, and his head lowered to see his crotch area. He lowered his hand to trace the peck and gasped slightly. His face flushed and he sighed.

'Damn...why the hell now?' He asked himself.

A knock was heard from behind him, he open it to see his younger sister and her smiling face.

"Ichigo, dinner is ready. Are you coming down?" She asked.

"Yeah, just give me a sec to wash up." He said to her. She nodded and walked away. Ichigo went to the bathroom and turn on the faucet. He splashed cool water to rid of his heated face, he than grabbed a towel a wipe his face. He looked into the mirror to view his reflection and frown. He shook his head and exit the bathroom heading down stairs for dinner.

Dinner was exceptional, they would talk about their day, tell embarrassing stories and laugh like any normal family. Ichigo was silent throughout dinner and not wanting to make eye contact with anybody. He felt himself shifting to his thoughts on what had happen in the car and if Aizen saw this. Maybe the man did and didn't want to make Ichio uncomfortable...or maybe the man himself was uncomfortable to witness his fiance's son sprouting a boner in his car. Oh, the humiliation and not to mention awkward...!

Jesuse, first the dream and now this? Something was defiantly wrong with him...or so he thought.

Ichigo continue to eat when he felt a pair of eye boring into him. He took a quick glance and saw Aizen staring at him. Ichigo blush a bit they glance down to his food to avoid the man's gaze.

Aizen looked to the boy who was silent throughout dinner, he seemed he was in deep thought. Aizen smiled to himself and continued to steal glances at the boy. He knew what the boy was thinking and he couldn't help but to think the boy was adorable when he was embarrassed. In fact, ever since he met the boy he was captivated by the boy's beauty. Soft orange hair, warm brown blazing eyes filled with so much passion, pink full lips that he wore when he scowled, and a thin lethal body. His attitude was stubborn and aggressive, also protective of his family. Though, thru the brute attitude was a selfless and sweet young man he witness as he was with his mother and younger sisters. He was willing to protect his family at any cost (not that Aizen was complaining. He would use this to his advantage.) and would go to great length to keep them happy.

When Masaki first describe her eldest son, Aizen was curiously interested in the boy and when he saw the boy, he was pleased. Not only was the mother beautiful, her son as well held similar trait she had given him. Ah, such luck was on his side. A beautiful fiance and soon to be son he would have access to. He admit Masaki was indeed attractive, but she could not fulfill his burning desires. A scorching desire burning through his skin every time he touched the boy in the dead of night, or stalk him when he was alone. This temptation had increased his being, the boy was obviously unaware of his intentions but that is how he wanted it. It was too soon to reach his goal. He had to make the boy comfortable. Aizen was a patient man, it wasn't in his forte to rush things. Besides, it was so much sweeter and worth it.

Aizen always liked to commit a taboo, and soon he would force the boy, keeping this sinful secret to the grave. Once the marriage sealed the deal, Ichigo has no choice in escaping him.

When the boy caught his stare, Aizen eyed him possessively. He smiled when the boy quickly glance away to avoid his eyes.

Yes, he would soon have him.


Ichigo sat in his room on the desk, taking notes in his text book and quizzing himself for next week's test. He had called Rukia to arrange a study session at the local library in town. She agreed. She told him to take notes in the text book and quiz himself so he would know some of the answers. He was glad he had caring friends who would gladly help him. He had to thank her if he passes.

Ichigo looked at his digital clock. It was 12:10 am.

The teen closed his text book and stretched. He got up from his desk and began to take his clothes off to but on red tank top and sweat pants. Once he was done dressing, he slip into bed and smothered himself into the soft white pillows. He sighed and reached to the lamp desk to turn of the night and fell asleep.

About a few hours later, Aizen slip into the dark room. He viewed the figure in the bed, his feature impassive as he slowly approach the sleeping male. The boy was peaceful as he slept, and the older man inch closer to his face. Both his hands on either side of the boy's head to keep him for support to not topple onto the teen. His lips ghost of soft ones, and drank in the boy's face. His lips brush Ichigo's and gave him a chaste kiss. He than kiss the boy's temble and whispered as husky voice into the fleshed ears.

"Sweet dreams...Ichigo." Aizen back away from the boy and vanished into the darkness.

Two weeks later (skipping a head to get to the main event! ;D)

The days had gone by slow, to Ichigo's point of view. He had felt like a month had passed by and he was beyond bored. His mother was out with her friends; discussing the wedding no doubt. His sisters were probably at a friend's house and Aizen was at was Saturday and Ichigo wanted to call up his friends to head to the mall or the movies, but than he felt lazy and slept through the day.

To pass the boredom he listen to music and stared at his ceilings, bobbing his head to the beat of the music. His eyes glanced to the book shelf. He was bored and decided to read some of the books he hasn't read once he moved in with Aizen. 'Might as well to pass the time...' he thought.

He got up from his bed and made his way to the book shelf. He peered at the books to find something interesting to read. He found one and looked through it. It looked interesting. He scan the book shelf again and his eyes caught on one particular book. He reached to the book, and felt the texture of the book, and he blinked.

"What...?" He said confusing. He grabbed the book and observed it.

This was a fake plastic book. Why was it on the shelf? For decoration?

Ichigo frown when his eyes lingered to the side of the bottom book. He looked closely to see a small hidden camera.

"What the hell...?"

Why was there a wireless spy cam in his room? Ichigo looked around his room to observed. He walked around to find more of the wireless spy cameras. He found them; one in the heater vent, his lamp, his computer desk and in his closet.

He looked at the cameras in disbelief. He had a slight idea who had planted the cameras, but he couldn't believe it.

"Why is Aizen spying on me?" He asked himself. He frown not liking the outcome. He knew he was being watched and that there was something strange going on. Aizen was spying on him. But for what reason?

He walked out of his room to find more of these spy camera Aizen might had planted. He went to the girls' room and ransack the place and found that their things weren't tampered with. Okay, at least Aizen is peeving on his sisters. That would raise suspicion. He continued to search throughout the house and found two in the upstairs bathroom. Both installed in the showers.

Ichigo was beyond freaked. Was this man some type of pervert watching people while they took a shower?

So why Ichigo's room? He narrowed his eyes and stomped down stairs. He came upon another room. Aizen's office. The man would go in their and do 'work' is what he said. Ichigo only been in their once, when Aizen told him to grab his paperwork.

Ichigo grabbed the door knob and found it lock. Huh, as suspected. He grabbed a bobby pin he found in Yuzu's room and used it to pick at the lock. He heard a soft clicked and open the door. He peered the inside and frown. He walked over to Aizen's desk and began to look into the drawers. He wasn't sure what he was looking for but there was gotta be some dirt what the guy did. Ichigo knew he didn't trust the man in the beginning. Something was defiantly fishy.

When he looked through unimportant papers, Ichigo stumbled on a folder. He grabbed it and set it on the desk. He open the folder carefully and his face paled.

His mouth was open and his eyes filled with disbelief and anger.

In the folder were nude pictures...

...Nude pictures of himself. Some of the pictures were him fully clothed in his room and others when he was sleeping and changing. Another he found when he was in the shower.

Ichigo's face redden in anger and disgust.

'What the fuck?' He thought. How did Aizen come across these? He looked at the angle in the picture and his frown deepen. This must be from the spy cams Aizen had installed. That dirty bastard! Ichigo growled in furry. He was sure as hell going to fuck the man up and get him away from his mother and family.

"That dirty old man..." He snarled.

The guy must had been the one molesting him when he fist came here, and was also in his room in the dead of night staring at him in the shadows. It was Aizen all along.

His fist tighten, squeezing the pictures in his hand. He was furious that he hadn't realize another presence was in the room staring at him in amusement.

"Find something interesting, Kurosaki?" Ichigo's was brought back from his thoughts and looked up to see Aizen leaning against the door way. His arms crossing and a cocky smiled in place. The man didn't seem a bit surprise at Ichigo's discovery. It was as if he was waiting for Ichigo to find them and seek him out.

He narrowed his brown eyes, and his frown deepen.

"What's the meaning of this, Aizen!" He said as glaring at the man, wanting an explanation.

Aizen smirked and took his weight off the door.

"You're a smart boy, Kurosaki. You can figure it out." He cooed.

"DON'T FUCK WITH ME!" Ichgio yelled and shoved the folder along with the picture off the desk and onto the floor. Aizen looked down to the photo's near his feet, his face was impassive and glance back to the furious child.

"I should have known that their was something suspicious about you! Pretending to be the good guy so you could gain our trust and then later proposing to my mother!" He ranted in rage. It took all of the boy's strength not to jump over the desk and smash the guys face in.

"Why are you spying on me?" He yelled, demanding to know from the other male.

Aizen smile, "You saw them in the photograph...the proof is right beneath your feet." He said and picked up one of the picture of Ichigo nude. Ichigo tensed as the man's eyes scan the photo. A playful smirk grace the man's lip.

"You know...I had always imagine what it would be like to see your beautiful body underneath me." He hummed a bit and began to picture the boy.

"I wonder if you'd flush when I trace every inch of your body. If you moan as I kiss every detail of your structure, and take you with my passion." He said. Ichigo shivered from the man's possessive words. This man was insane. How could he even think about something like that when he was with his mother. How shameful could this twisted man be? This man didn't have single shred of moral or dignity.

"You sick demented bastard..." Aizen chuckled at the boy's insult.

"I suppose I am sick." His cold lust filled eyes grazed over the boy's feature. Ichigo found himself taking a step back at this predator before him.

"You don't deserve my mother. I won't let you near our family, Aizen!" He promised.

Aizen laughed a bit.

"I can hardly care less about your precious mother. The only reason I'm marrying her is to have full access upon you. Besides, your whore of a mother can't fulfill my desires of you...even though how many times she spreads her legs."

Ichigo snapped and charged at the older man, drawing a fist back to punch the filthy pervert. Aizen dodge the blow and smirked at the feeble attack. Ichigo snarled from the mocking smirk and continued to throw punches at the man, but was dodged each time. Aizen grabbed the boy's wrist, twisting the it behind the boy's back.

Ichigo let out a painful grunt, and found himself pressed against the man's chest from behind.

Aizen twist the wrist, causing more pressure. "AHh!" Ichigo yelped and clenched his teeth tightly to forget the pain. Aizen snaked a hand to the boy's neck, stroking it lightly. He inch closer to the orange hair and began to nuzzle it until he lick the shell of the boy's ear. Ichigo shivered from the wet saliva that was on his ears.

Ichigo began to struggle from the strong grip, "L-Let go!" He barked.

Aizen chuckled, "Such a temper, Kurosaki. Maybe that is the reason I'm so fond of you." He grip the teen's chin and forced the other to look at him. Ichigo glared at the man, looking at the smug face and tent glasses Aizen wore.

"I swear you'll regret this!..." Ichigo threaten.

Amusement shun on the man's lens and a small smile. "I'm looking forward to it..." He replied and lent to catch the boy's lips with a bruising kiss. Ichigo looked shocked and he tried to squirm from the man's grasp. Aizen chuckled. He slowly opened his mouth, his tongue running Ichigo's bottom lip. The boy was unresponsive and stubbornly closed his mouth to refuse the other's. Aizen sucked the boy's lower lip into his mouth, and gently nibbled onto it; warning the other if he did not grant access he would bit down. Still the boy did not give Aizen the satisfaction.

Aizen sighed exasperatedly and sharply twist the boy's wrist which earned him a gasp. The brown hair male took the opportunity to push his tongue in his mouth. Ichigo widen his eyes as he felt the moist tongue from inside his mouth. Ichigo desperately tried to shove the man away from him, but to no avail, the brunette grabbed hold onto the boy's wrist, making sure to leave bruises.

Aizen pulled the other close to his body, his left hand grabbing a lock of orange hair, tilting Ichigo's head to the side, gently exploring the toxic moist cavern. His tongue wrapped around the boy's and began to suck on the tongue, devouring the young one's mouth.

Ichigo felt disgust, he could feel the biles threatening to shoot from his stomach. The kiss was wrong and felt like he was kissing the end of a dog's ass. ( he never liked kissing from the start...) And the fact that this man was his mother's-soon to be ex-was even wrong.

As the tongue continued to explore, Ichigo's eyes narrowed and bit down on the invading organ. Aizen broke the kiss, shoving the boy away and help up his hand to his bleeding mouth. Ichigo soon reacted and punch the man from the side of his face. The brunette's glasses flew off from the impact.

Ichigo huffed and spit onto the ground, getting rid of the man's taste.

"I told you you would regret this!" He growled. Aizen didn't move, but he began to chuckle. Ichigo looked at the man before him, wondering why he was laughing.

Aizen stopped, his bangs covering the left side of his face, his eyes giving a menacing stare to the boy. His brown eyes had a tint of danger and something else, which Ichigo shivered. The stare was cold...

Ichigo took a step back when the man regain his posture. Aizen lift his finger tip to his lips, and wipe the blood. He looked at the blood expecting it and than shift his eyes to the boy. Ichigo stiffen but held his ground, not wanting the bastard to know he was a bit scared.

"You really are a spiteful young man." He advance slowly towards his prey. Ichigo stepped back and found himself against the desk. He cursed as he saw the desk blocking him and trun to stare back to the older man. Ichio's breath itched as he saw Aizen towering over him, his feature was dark and Ichigo wanted nothing more to escape.

He quickly try to punch the man, but Aizen grabbed his wrist. Ichigo used his other free hand but it too was captured by strong hands. Ichigo began to panic. Aizen shove the boy down onto the desk. Ichigo started to thrash.

"Stop! Let go of me!" He pleaded.

Aizen ignored him, and attack the expose neck. Ichigo gasped and twisted his head to get the sickening mouth away from his skin. The older male put his entire weight on the teen, making his struggle cease. He was trapped.

'NO!' He screamed in his mind.

Aizen nip at the boy's neck and along the chin, Ichigo squeezed his eyes shut and grit his teeth. The older man used one hand to hold the thin wrists and the other hand to grope the other harshly. Ichigo yelped and a tint of blush spread his face. Aizen roughly stroke the other's package. He than fumble to open the button and zipping the zipper. Ichigo tried to move his wrist but they were held firmly against Aizen's hold.

"Stop!" He tried again.

Once Aizen grabbed the waist band to pull the teen's pants down, he stopped when he heard a soft click and the doors slamming close. Ichigo thought he heard something and strain to here what it was.

"Ichi-nii we're home!" His sister Yuzu called. Ichigo was relieved but also frighten for his siblings safety.

"Oi, Tangerine! Where're ya at?" Karin yelled.

Aizen cursed his luck and shot a glare at the boy and whispered, "I would advice you to keep silent, otherwise I won't guarantee your sisters'...innocence..." He smirked evilly at the boy. Ichigo widen his eyes. He would not allow this man to even touch his sisters with those dirty hands! That sick bastard!

Ichigo grind his teeth in anger. He had no choice but to protect them from Aizen.

Aizen smiled at the boy's corporation and let the boy go. He began to adjust himself, and gave a side glance towards the teen. "Go to your room..." He ordered. Ichigo tighten his fist and quickly storm out the office room. Aizen smirked and decided to clean the mess and himself off.

Ichigo closed and locked the door. He plant his forehead to the door, his hand squeezing the knob and his body trembling. Ichigo never felt fear before, but he was frighten of the outcome. What would happen now since he found out Aizen's intentions? What would he do if he tried to tell his mother? Oh god...

Ichigo wanted to throw up. He slid to the floor and cupped his mouth, tears were threatening fall out. He couldn't stand to look at the hurt eyes of his mother...not again. He didn't want to betray her and take her happiness. But that asshole...he got her hook to his finger and she was in love with him.

'This never would have happen if dad...' He stopped his thoughts, he didn't want to think it. He wiped his eyes with his shirt.

"This isn't fair..." He whispered to himself.

After the event, Ichigo's mother came home and prepared dinner. As always, Yuzu came to get him, but the eldest teen didn't feel like eating with 'family'...not anymore. He couldn't face that bastard but he didn't want to feel scared or weak. Submitting wasn't in his personality, but he was trapped into a corner. He would have to play along Aizen's happy family for a bit.

As the family ate their dinner, Ichigo kept staring at his plate and avoided everyone's eyes. It was uncomfortable and he felt bit hesitant. God, he wanted to crawl under a rock. This was unbearable! He felt like he was going to slip.

Ichigo felt the older man's eyes on him, but he dared not stare back.


Masaki had notice her son's strange behavior, her son kept his mouth shut and stared at his food, afraid to even touch it. She decided to ask what was wrong with him.

"Ichigo, is something the matter? You barely touched your food." She replied. Ichigo flinched a bit, damn why did his mother have to point it out! He looked up to look at his mother's concern face. He than look to his sisters' and to Aizen's amused one, wanting to know what the boy will say.

"Um...I'm fine...just not feeling hungry..." He muttered.

"Ichigo-" His mother began but he cut her off.

"I think I'm gonna turn in for today." He said and got up from his seat.

"Okay..." His mother replied and watched her son leave to his room. She frown and look towards Aizen. The man looked at her and pretend he hadn't the slightest clue what was wrong.

"Don't worry, Masaki. I'm sure Ichigo is fine..." He assured her. The women nodded and they presume eating their dinner.


Darkness took over the house, sleeping figures in their cozy beds; their security blankets wrapped around them, dreaming peaceful dreams. A faint muffles of cry was heard through the halls, the door closed. It was if walking into the depth of an unknown darkness of depression, alone with no one to hear or help room was pitch black, but the moon's ray shun against the figures on the bed. A man's form on top of the other, and a cry of desperation and fear. The bed creaked lightly and the ruffle of sheets were heard. A pale hand clenched the sheet for dear life, toes curled and dragged the thin white sheets.

Ichigo gasp as the brunette sucked and lick his now erect nipples, teasing it with his tongue sinfully. Aizen kissed along the boy's bare chest, his hand's pinning the other's over his head. He grind against the boy's naked member. Ichigo bit his lips and tried not to let out a disgruntle moan.

Ichigo thought back at how he became in this situation.

He was in his dark room, he knew that the other's went to bed, but he couldn't find himself to fall asleep. The white sheets draped over his body, his knees against his chest and his head place onto his knees. He felt like a child hiding under the sheets. He thought about the day over and over, wishing it was just another dream...or nightmare. But it wasn't, Ichigo wasn't naive, he knew what happen back there and it was real.

When he was in deep thought, a door began to jiggle. Ichigo shot his head up and looked to the locked door. His heart skipped a beat. He knew who it was. He began to shift and press his body against the head board, sinking deeper into the sheets. He was scared. The doors began to jiggle than just for a minute it stopped. He sighed in relief, but soon he heard a click. The door creaked open and the dark figure strode inside. Ichigo had attempt to escape the older being, but the man easily overpower him. Ichigo had tried to fight with hall his willpower but the man whispered into his ears, reminding him of his sisters. He had submitted, but had not surrendered.

He grunted when the man kissed his inner thigh and bit it gentle. Ichigo wanted to cry but damn his pride was still intact and he be damned to admit defeat. He gasped when Aizen mouth engulfed his member. Sucking and nipping at the end of the tip, Aizen could feel Ichigo squirm from the unwanted touch. His breathing became rapid was Aizen continued his tortures maneuver. Ichigo shook his head from side to side. He could feel a tingle sensation from his groin, his sack tighten.


Aizen stop and lowered his tongue onto the forbidden treasure. His tongue swirled around the alimentary canal. Ichigo arch his back at the wet feeling and unwanted pleasure shot through him. The older man kiss the sphincter muscle and his tongue came back to push into the orifice. The boy squirm in discomfort of the feeling of a foreign substance inside him licking side his inner walls.

Fingers soon join the tongue and stretched the portal open, getting more access to devour the pink hole.

Ichigo face redden in embarrassment when he heard the sounds of licking and sucking. It was disgusting.

As the boy was nice and wet, Aizen released his erection from his slacks and position the tip of his head into the orifice. He rubbed at it a little and slowly passed through the ring of muscles. Ichigo stiffen and his body tensed, forcing the unwanted guest out. Aizen sense this and began to push into him harshly. The young male gasp as pain shot through his lower body. The filling of the lethal object inside him burned and he could feel something had tear. Blood swept the now abused entrance, coating the large length.

The brunette had stood still, relinquishing the delicious tighten heat that wrapped around his member. It was positively tight, but the walls surrounding and massaging his glans was pleasurable.

Aizen started moving his hips, until he was all the way to the hilt. Ichigo bit his lips painfully, blood drip down his chin. The thrust were rough and painful, like knives ripping his insides. He wanted to scream, to release the pain bottling up inside. Ichigo could feel the large length seething inside him, the warmth and pulsing cock that slicked inside his anus disgust him. That same cock that had been inside his mother had made his stomach turn. Oh god...he felt sick...

Aizen spread the legs wider, pushing them onto the matters in either side of the boy's head. He was pleased by the boy's flexibility, it was easier for him to shove his length into the easy access; and with this new position made him harder. He groan feeling the wet pleasure, he could see the boy hiding his face into the white plush pillow, biting it and surpassing his cries. Aizen didn't really care, he was only interested in his pleasure and desires, he had avoided striking the boy's prostate. His own sadistic pleasure over the boy. Ichigo was only a toy, his toy and no one else.

Aizen felt possessiveness course through his veins, and his thrusting became fiercer and faster. The bed creaked and the sounds of skin slapping together were loud. Ichigo held his mouth close with his hands, squeezing his eyes shut from the pain and crying out.

Aizen could feel his release approaching, he grabbed at the boy's wrist, wrenching them from Ichigo's mouth and pinned them. His lips crush the boy's in a demanding kiss. With a couple of more thrust the older man ejaculated deep inside the boy's bloody cavern. Semen rushed into the abused cave, and swept out from the orifice, dripping into bloody sheets. Aizen thrust a few more times, getting ride of his orgasm. His lips left the other's and sighed with satisfaction.

Older man withdrew from the orange hair male, getting off the bed and straightening his pants and dress shirt. He looked over to the boy who still had little energy to sit up and glare at him. Aizen smiled.

"That was better than I truly are your mother's son." He smirked at the boy.

Ichigo squeezed the sheets tightly, "Get out." He growled menacingly. Aizen chuckled one more time and turn to leave the trembling and angry boy.

Once Aizen closed the door, Ichigo placed his shaken hands to cover his face, many emotion trembled within his body. But mostly Anger and humiliation. Ichigo could smell the stench of sex and blood mingling with the man's essence.

Ichigo brought his hand to his mouth, he could feel his bile coming from inside his throat. He ran to the trash can and vomited. The taste disgusted him, tears weld up in his eyes but none threaten to fall out. He wipe his mouth with his forearm, and looked down onto the floor.

He crouched down and placed his head to the ground, his knees tucked under him and his hands behind his head as he rocked himself back and forth. Hiding himself in the dark corner of the room chanting,

"Forgive me..."


Well, that was part two! I didn't enjoy the rape scene...idk why. *shrugges* Anyway, I hope you were interested in this long chapter. Hope to read your thoughts about this, whether your opinions are good intentions. Bye and see ya next time in Obsession! :D