You don't need money to drink at Ash's Roadhouse. The pool table, pinball machines and juke box don't even have coin slots. No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service?More of a suggestion than a rule. Just be careful where you step.

The Roadhouse is open 24/7 and you never have to worry about second hand smoke or designated drivers. This is Heaven, after all—and the gang's all here.

Pamela Barnes sits at a corner table, discussing philosophy with a very animated Andy Gallagher. Ansen comes in, and his brother greets him with a high five. He is no longer the Ansen who murdered his own mother. He's the Ansen who fell deeply in love, but was never taught the proper way to express it.

Ava and Jo play pool, debating whether REO Speedwagon would beat Journey in a bar fight. Ellen exits the kitchen with two plates of hot wings. She sits down in a booth with John Winchester and they dig in, all differences forgotten. Ash rules his kingdom from behind the bar, tapping kegs and dispensing words of wisdom from beneath his mullet.

When Jake Talley enters, a scene straight from Cheers ensues. Hugs are exchanged, backs patted. He is no longer the Jake who killed Sam Winchester. He's the Jake who fought for his country and still took time to call his mama every Sunday night.

You see, that's the very best thing about Ash's place. Everyone who comes in the door gets a free shot of redemption.