Title: The Bloody Battle

Author: Ito ED

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Pairing: JD/Cox

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This story was inspired by a series of drabbles written by Sissysage3000. The title of that story: Fairest, A Scrubs Book Fic.

Sissysage3000 did give me permission to use her story of drabbles as my inspiration. This is a chaptered story, even though it could be read like a one-shot. This is my first time posting to this site, and I'm hoping everything turns out okay.

The battle had been long and bloody, we won though. But I can't help but wonder, at what price?


They'd had a fight, that much anyone could deduce. He came in storming and she, before taking off with the pool boy, had made a brief appearance to bad mouth him. 'No joke, no lie. The pool boy.' He raged and stormed at everyone for two consecutive shifts before leaving for his day off.

Of course I was volunteered to go and talk to him because, as Turk put it, "At least you can recuperate for a couple of days. Good luck!". He added with the last part with false cheer, slapping me on the back.

At least Carla was nicer, "You'll do fine bambi. All you have to do is check on them, and don't make Dr. Cox mad.". She patted my cheek before seeing to a patient.

I saw Elliot once on my rounds, but I haven't seen her since. That's probably a good thing though, she seemed kind of mad.


I wasn't really looking forward to being here right now. Not after being called Nancy and Bethany and Belinda all day. But here I am, I just wish I could figure out why. I took a deep breath before knocking on his door. I was trying to think of something to say when the door flew open.

"I told you already, I'm fine Car-" He stopped short at the site of me on his doorstep. "Why are you here?"

I bristled slightly at the tone. "Everyone else had to work."

"And they sent you Betty?"

"Look, seeing as how you obviously don't need anyone, I'll just g-"

"D!" I was interrupted as, what seemed like, a small pile of clothing hurled itself at my leg. I bent down to talk to it face to face.

"What are you up to Jack?" I plucked a pair of Mickey shorts off his head.

"Bed!" He smiled at me.

"Getting ready for bed?"


"Sounds like fun. But I'm going to let you in on a little secret, less is more."

"'Kay! Stay!" Jack attached himself to my hand and started to pull.

"I'd like to, but I need to g-"


I looked at Dr. Cox for help, there was a strange look in his eyes that disappeared when he caught my gaze. I looked to him for help in the situation, he shrugged. "Stay if you want."

"I'll stay!" I cut across Jack's next wail.

He gave one last sniffle. Then, "'Kay!" before wandering in the direction of his room.

I took a tentative step into the inner sanctum before I looked at him again. That look flashed in his eyes again, but didn't leave this time. I caught a whiff of mouth wash before jerking backwards when I saw how close we were standing. Of course I just had to trip over a stray blanket from Jack. I ended up flat on my back with a weird wet spot spreading across my scrubs.

"Newbie, are you okay?" Dr. Cox asked from above somewhere above me. I nodded. "Then open your eyes." I did. "What's on my back." I asked, carefully sitting up.

He looked. "Milk."

"What's that smell?" I asked not really wanting to know the answer.

"Bad milk." He answered anyway. "The bathroom's through there." He pointed to the left just as Jack walked out of his room.

"Ready!" He stood where he was holding out his arms, in nothing but a diaper.

"That'll work." He walked over to pick his son up. "Just bring those out here when you're done. I'll put

them in the wash." With that Dr. Cox went to put his son to bed.


'He's here.' That's all my mind could comprehend as I put my son to bed. 'He's here, and Jordan's really gone.' I could picture him in the bathroom trying to get the rotten milk off his shirt, I could see him and Jack sitting on the couch watching a kids movie, I could also see him under me, his body moving with mine, skin against skin, lips meeting, tongues fighti-

"Daddy! D stay?" I jerked back into reality at my sons voice. 'Not the time to think about things like that, Per.' I silently lectured as I answered Jack's question.

"I don't know Jackster, D has his own home." He was already knocking out. "Night buddy."

"You bote stay. Togever." Jack mumbled in his semi-conscious state. I watched until he was fully asleep, trying desperately not to think that my son had just given me the best advice I had gotten in a long time. When I was sure it wouldn't disturb him, I got up and went back into the living room. I heard a soft curse come from the bathroom. 'He must not be able to get it off.' I thought, setting out to clean up the spoilt milk mess. It didn't take long, and I went to put the dirty things in the washer. I heard him come in, I just couldn't bring myself to turn around.


I tried to get as much of it off as I could, but it still reeked. I guess I took a long time, because when I came out of the bathroom the milk mess was gone with just a faint tinge of the odor in the air. I didn't see Dr. Cox anywhere and Jack's bedroom door was closed. So I went "exploring" looking for him. I found him in the kitchen standing next to the washer.

I cleared my throat as I walked over to him. "Here." I whispered handing over my smelly scrubs.

His eyes raked over my bare chest as he took them from me. I really tried not to notice, but it did something to my insides, that look in his eyes. I watched as he turned away to put my clothes in with the rest of the load. It seemed to me that his every move was carefully made. I slowly brought my hand up to rest on his arm. He set the washer before turning to look at me.

"J.D.." Was all he said before leaning in to place a soft kiss on my lips.


I didn't hide what I was feeling when I looked at him. I don't think I could have, so I quickly took his top and put it in the machine, concentrating on putting in soap and setting the right settings when I felt his hand on my arm. I set it and slowly turned around. The look on his face did me in. "J.D." I whispered, leaning in to kiss him. 'Need to get closer!' My mind screamed at me. I complied by reaching out and grabbing his hips, bringing him closer as his hands threaded through my hair. The moan he let out made me harder than I already was. The kitchen table started to look inviting.


The kiss was soft and nice and, I really wanted more. My hands had moved up into his hair, while his moved down to grip my hips, bringing us closer together. I moaned at the initial contact before violently jerking back, away from the warmth.

"I want you so much, I'm sorry. I want this to happen, but I can't be the rebound or weapon you two use. I won't." I wrenched away, "Perry."

"J.D.." My name came out as a low growl from the back of his throat. I looked over my shoulder and shook my head.

"I just wanted to say it." I whispered before going in search of my bag, hoping beyond all hope that a shirt had miraculously appeared in it since the last time I had looked.


'DON'T LET HIM GO!' My mind screamed over and over again as he walked out of the kitchen.

"J.D.. J.D.. J.D.. J.D.." I said his name over and over again as I came up behind him. He threw his bag down and turned around.

"Don't you DARE! I won't be used!" He tried to take a step back, but was trapped by arms around him. I'm not quite sure how or when I had done that, but I'm glad that I did. "Stay. Stay here with me. With us." I ran my hands gently over his back, bringing him closer again.

"Perry." I shuddered as he whispered my name. He took a deep breath and I knew I wouldn't like what was about to be said. "What about Jordan?" He asked.

"We're done. And we have been for a while now. John." His head snapped up at my use of his name.

"She's not coming back. I promise."

"Yes." He nodded, leaning in to kiss me. "One condition though."

I froze at his words. "What?"

"J.D., not John."

"Okay. But just so you know, you're still Nancy at work." I smiled at the look on his face.


"Professionalism." I kissed him when he took a breath.

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