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My jaw was still on the floor. I couldn't believe what had just happened. In fact, I'm not entirely sure what just happened. I turned to look at Perry.

"What the hell just happened?"


"That HARPY! She has no right to take my son! She's the one that walked out. AGAIN! I deserve to be happy!"

"I'm sorry! Maybe this wasn't a good idea."


I knew I was grinning like an idiot. But I was so happy that I just couldn't control it.


I laughed as I put the last dish away. I was almost to the living room when I froze.

"No. Gandhi's gone. Gandhi. GANDHI. GANDHI! He is not "Turk!" damn it. No. I refuse!" I sighed as sat on the couch.

J.D. plopped down nest to me. "Jack's down! Lets watch a movie!"

I turned to look at him. "We're alone. And you want to watch a movie?"

I watched him dance over to the TV.

"Of course! We can make out." He turned and smirked. "Good idea isn't it?"

Then Jordan had blown in shouting about taking Jack, saying he wasn't going to end up like us, yelling that I'd never see my son again. She wouldn't "allow it" to happen. Waking Jack up with her screeching.

While JD went to calm Jack down, I tried to calm Jordan. Nothing worked.

I'm not sure when I started pleading with her or how long I had been at it, but JD finally came out carrying a calm Jack. She ripped Jack from his arms the moment they were within reach and marched out with the parting shot of me not being a good father.

I'm not sure how long I stood staring at the door with the echo of her words attacking me, but JD's words finally sank in.

~end flashback~

"Why are you sorry? Jordan being the spawn of Satan is not your fault. It was a good idea! We are a good idea! And she won't keep Jack from us because you're a better mother than she could ever be!"

"Thanks. I think." He snorted while wrapping his arms around me. "It'll be all right. I'm going to call to my friend Jon."

"Jon a lawyer?" He laughed.


"No. But he did marry one. And before you ask, Marty is one of the best there is in custody cases." I pressed my lips to his cheek trying to offer that small amount of comfort. "I better call him now."

"Why are you worried? What aren't you saying?"

"I'm not lying when I say Marty is one of the best, but I am worrying because of that."

"You think Jordan might have…?" I watched him sink to the couch as everything started to process.

"Yes, if taking Jack was her plan. But Perry? I don't think she planned on taking him. I think that Jor… Well, I think that she didn't know she would find us like that. Also, I think some form of papers is supposed to be involved. Lawyers love giving out paperwork more than Kelso does."

"Are you sure about this?" I knew he was asking about more than the lawyer.



It seemed to take an eternity for "Marty" to show up. JD laid the ground rules while we sat and waited.

"No lies. No omissions. Start from the beginning and tell the truth. Steel and Graham have minions who check everything. They both worked in the Public Defender's office, loved defending the innocent, hated defending the guilty. It's why they both went into private practice. This may not be innocent or guilty, but it is best or worst. If she says yes, know that it's not about you, me, or her. It will be all about Jack. Full custody, shared custody, visitations. We. Will. Listen. Marty knows what she's doing."

I held up a hand to stop him, "She?"

"Marty, short for Martha. She says that Martha is too uppity. Next question."

"Would she have agreed to see us if Jordan had hired her?"

"No. That would be unethical and a huge deal when it was found out. And it would be found out."

"Okay. Is that it?" I saw the hesitation spark in his eyes before it was quickly buried. One of us probably wasn't going to like what he had to say.

"I know for a fact that we don't know everything about each other." I nodded. True. "Marty will pick at every last detail." I nodded again. Okay. "If there's something you don't want me to know, or that you feel uncomfortable sharing, I want you to tell me to leave."

"You're right. We don't know everything about each other." I shifted to look at him straight on. "Yet. But one thing that I do know about both of us is, we've both fucked up in the past by keeping secrets. I don't want to do that again."

"I don't either. Perry? You do know that telling secrets actually involves talking, right?" I was lucky the buzzer sounded, because I couldn't stop the smile.


Everything moved at lightning speed after she walked through the door. She wanted to know it all. When did we lie, cheat, fight, work, fuck. Marriages, divorces, friends, relatives, neighbors, coworkers, ex's.

Jack. Hair color, eye color, weight, what he was wearing last, what he last ate. Birth date (March 31, 2003). Could she see pictures, explain what was going on in each, take these ones. His favorite toy, movie, song, game, book, bedtime story. Every cut, scrape, bruise, allergy, medical condition.

It was a mind jarring, body numbing, soul wrenching interrogation about a lost child.


"Why should I help you ?"

"Because we love him. Jack needs a stable home. A home where one parent doesn't leave for days or weeks on end with a stranger because they're unhappy. He is Jordan's son, but Jack is our son too. And we want him home."

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