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Don't Forget About Me

Chapter 1: Amnesia

A loud grumbled escaped from the world famous surgeon as his serious-faced professional assistant dropped a large pile of paperwork on the desk in front of him with a soft thud. Angie rolled her eyes as he kept grumbling unintelligibly as he wrote on one piece of paper he grabbed from the top of the pile. "I hate all this office work."

"Yeah, I never knew that." Angie replied sarcastically with another roll of her eyes as she grabbed her own pile and sat down on the couch ahead, setting down it down on the long, glassy table.

Angie fidgeted with her fingers, her face turning to a shade of pink as she noticed that they were both alone in the office. She took a deep breath, wanting to start a conversation to stop and distract herself from her pounding heart from beating too much and causing her to be too nervous to do her own paperwork. She was surprised that it didn't leap out of her chest, but stayed stationary to where it belonged.


Suddenly, a loud ring-tone went off, echoing inside the office as Derek hurriedly reached for his phone and answered it, having interrupted Angie from what she was about to talk about. But, as usual, Angie would always eavesdrop on nearby conversations out of habit.

"Hello?" Derek answered, his face turning into a confused expression, as if he never expected to hear the voice on the other line.

Angie couldn't hear what the other person was saying, but sometimes, you could tell what people were talking about just from one person. She tried to lean back casually, her ears perked as she strained to hear what he was saying.

"What? Yeah, I'll head over then." Derek said, scratching the back of his head nervously.

This piqued Angie's interest, wondering who in the world had called him.

"Angie, I'll have to finish this tomorrow. I have somewhere important to go." Derek said as he closed the device shut and stood up from his desk, causing her to jump up at his sudden stand.

"Well, you can't really ditch work now, can you?" She asked, raising an eyebrow at him as she turned to face him, curiosity pricking at her like claws.

"I'll just tell Sidney while I head out. I really need to go. See you later." He said as he headed out, closing the softly door behind him. Angie could hear his footsteps fading as he calmly walked towards his destination.

"Where could he possibly be going?" She asked herself, but just shook her head as she sat back down and continued with her paperwork. But the question occasionally popped in her mind, her curiosity fueling her imagination as she wondered who he could be meeting up with. The thought that he was ditching work to meet a girl on a date suddenly made her face turn red in anger.

"Wh-what?" She thought to herself, blinking in surprise. "No! I can't possibly be jealous! I'm only angry because… He's ditching work just to go on a date!" She reassured herself, not believing her heart for one minute that she was jealous about him leaving for a date, something she assumed to herself out of her crazy imagination.

Hours later, Angie sighed as she exited the office, finishing up her and Derek's paperwork out of boredom, simply having nothing else to do while she was still on shift. But right when she was about to exit to head back home, ready to get a good night's sleep, she heard a distant siren out of the open window and the P.A. suddenly turn on.

"Attention all doctors! A large car accident took place nearby! All injured patients are being sent here! Get ready to treat the patients!" A voice reported, alarmed and, apparently, frightened by the way the voice was slightly shaking, also seemingly out of breath as if he just ran a few miles.

Angie's eyes widened at the announcement. But Dr. Stiles was out, and the only doctors still in Caduceus were Dr. Chase, Dr. Clarks, and Dr. Kasal! How could they treat all the patients! Angie slowed her breath, trying to calm herself. She had to cool down and act professional once more. What use would she be if she was just panicking?

She hurried to the O.R, seeing Tyler and Leslie already prepping for five patients in a row. Dr. Clarks had another nurse help him, also about to operate with many patients. However, Dr. Kasal seemed to be about to operate on his own, and she hurried over, silently getting ready to help him operate.

After awhile, Sidney and Angie sighed in relief as they began finishing up the last patient. "Sutures." Sidney said, his right palm facing up as he waited for the tools. Angie handed it to him as she stared at the patient intently, her mind still in a frenzy.

"Antibiotic Gel." He said, quickly applying it as she did so. "Bandages." And the operation was complete. "Phew, glad that's over-"Angie began before a nurse barged in, her eyes wide with shock. "Dr. Kasal! Nurse Thompson!" She exclaimed, out of breath. "D-Dr. Stiles was in the car accident!" Angie gasped, her hands cupped to her chest. Sidney narrowed his eyes with concern.

"Bring us to him."

Derek was brought in on a stretcher, and then placed on a bed in one of the rooms. "He doesn't seem to be suffering any external injuries. Vitals are now stable. Thank god he wasn't hurt during the accident. I think he just went unconscious from all the shock." Leslie sighed in relief as she reported to Angie and Sidney, who just barged in, panicking.

Tyler, Stephen, and Leslie stood in the room, looking at the unconscious surgeon who lay on the bed. Angie gave a sigh of relief.

They heard a slight groan from the bed and turned around, facing Derek. He sat up, rubbing his eyes as he looked at everyone. "Der-! I…I mean…Dr. Stiles! I'm so glad you're okay!" Angie stuttered, tears threatening to fall down from her cheeks.

"H-How do you know my name?" Derek asked, raising an eyebrow at Angie curiously.

He looked around at the people around him, wondering why they were even in his room when only one nurse or doctor was needed to check on one patient. He looked from one person, to another: each looking quizzically at him, as if they thought he was joking around with that statement.

"What do you mean? It's me, Angie, your assistant." She replied, shocked at his response. She cupped her hands to her chest and her eyes grew concerned. Something seemed to be wrong with him, and she hoped he would snap out of it soon. "And Tyler, Leslie, Stephen, and Sidney." She continued, hoping to see a spark of recognition in his eyes as she said all of his colleagues' names.

The surgeon raised an eyebrow questioningly at her, blinking several times.

"Assistant? What are you talking about? I don't remember ever meeting any of you in my life."

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